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Changelogs - Rockridge Dailies

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LimitRO is a great server, because we have nice, gentle, talented, smart, good, friendly, nice players <3

Yey ~~ We reached 800+ <3 <3 <3
Hope you will like the changes, we made!

Bug Fixes

Homunculus Updates

  • Added autofeed for Homunculus.
    • image.png

Rockridge Updates

  • Releasing all Rockridge daily quests.
  • Improved daily Rockridge Coins reward amount.
  • You can enter the Underground Rockridge thru Joe NPC.
    • You can hunt example Brown Rat there.
    • image.pngimage.png

Feature Updates

  • New feature Attendanceimage.png
  • image.png

Battleground Updates

  • Novice BG role balance.
    • Now each role gives you 3 skills and re balanced the bonus.
    • Note: Marksman gives trap skills.
      • Spoiler



    • Increased the chance to get 1st Job Shadow Boxes from the Novice Machine.

Vending Harbor Updates

  • Added 2 new vending lanes to the Harbor.
  • You can setup selling / buying vends on other places, but @autotrade only works in Vending Harbor.
  • Autotrade has now 7 days limit. (previous 12 days.)

Forum Updates

  • Enable access to all LimitRO members to upload image to the Forum Gallery.

Cash Corner Updates

Limit Group HQ Updates

Pet Updates

  • Changed evolution for Moonlight flower pet material from mvp card to 30x 25375.pngMighty Soul Essence
  • Evil Nymph can evolve into the new Bacsojin.
    • Because we had old veresion of Bacsojin, I have no choice to remove the old Bacsojin from the game :'( You will find that your egg is gone, and taming items gone, etc.... :'( Please dont blame me.... this is update by kRO :'(
    • New Bacsojin has improved stats.
      • image.png
      • image.png
  • 14444.pngBowl of Fresh Meat is taming item for Phreeoni
    • image.png
  • Now we have 3 mvp pets in LimitRO ;D Phreeoni, Bacsojin and Moonlight Flower :P <3 

Patch Updates

  • Added new Deco Stones
    • image.png
  • Added support for new Digital Egg Scroll
    • image.png
  • Added new dimension rift mini map.
    • image.png


Gladiator Tournament Updates

  • 150 + to join.
  • Suitable for mid geared PvM players.
  • Obtain Gladiator Points by killing the beasts, the last hitter get the point!
    • Kill 5x Coliseum Beasts = 1 Gladiator Point
    • Kill 1x Special Beast = 1 Gladiator Point
    • Kill 1x Ultimate Beast = 10 Gladiator Points
  • There will only be 1 Ultimate Beast per round.
  • Gladiator Manager will now reward you when you reached the requirements:
  • Spoiler

    Undead Beasts

    • Ancient Mummy
    • Grudge Of Royal Knight
    • Drake *new*

    Neutral Beasts

    • Alarm
    • Bow Guard
    • Phreeoni *new*

    Water Beasts

    • Aqua Elemental
    • Wild Rider
    • Garm *new*

    Earth Beasts

    • Alnoldi
    • Maya Purple
    • Maya *new*

    Fire Beasts

    • Banaspaty
    • Salamander
    • Eddga *new*

    Wind Beasts

    • Acidus
    • Immortal Wind Ghost 
    • Lady Tanee *new*

    Poison Beasts

    • Ancient Worm
    • Stalker Gertie
    • Nasarin

    Holy Beasts

    • Cornus
    • Archangeling
    • Randgris

    Shadow Beasts

    • Banshee
    • Excecutioner
    • Atroce *new*

    Ghost Beasts

    • Bloody Knight
    • Ghostring
    • Evil Snake Lord *new*



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