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Changelogs - All Illusion Dungeons

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, it's me GM Lai! ~~
I hope you like today's Changelogs <3

Content Updates

  • Complete release of following dungeons.
    • Illusion of Vampire
      • Entrance somewhere in Geffen.
    • Illusion of Abyss
      • Entrance somewhere in Alberta
    • Illusion of Frozen
      • Entrance somewhere in Rachel
    • Illusion of Teddy Bear
      • Entrance somewhere in Einbech
    • Illusion of Luanda
      • Entrance somewhere in Comodo
    • This makes us having all Illusion dungeons available <img src=
  • Equipment Crafting NPC in Asgard - Walk Street.
    • image.png


Job Updates

  • Star Emperor & Soul Reaper Job level increased to 60.

Limit Group HQ Updates

  • Added a Photographer guide NPC.

L-Phone Updates

  • Removed some useless features.

Event Genie Updates

  • Improved our ingame events, dialog, layout etc.
  • Each auto event gives now additional 60 Donation Tokens as reward.
  • Added 14655.pngCostume Box(Genie) to Genie Shop.

Commands Updates

  • Added @hold command.
    • This commands makes you stand still on/off.

Hugel Race Updates

  • Reduced the claim prize time from 3 minutes to 2 minutes.

Lucky Roulette Updates

  • Lucky Coin (Silver) now gives 2 Silver Points.

Website Updates

  • image.png

LimitRO Patcher Updates

  • Added updates for Monster size + effect.
    • Example Spider Chariot fixed size and aura.
      • image.png
  • Also added "kRO new MvP aura" to the field / dungeon mvps.
    • ONLY aura, not actual changes, they are same as before!!
    • This is for future purposes.
  • Added new Violet Halo Wings.

Battleground Updates

  • Winning BG 4 (novice BG) will reward you Novice Token (previous mt).
  • Added Novice Machine, you can play it by insert 1 Novice Token.
    • Located in BG Lobby, chance to obtain:
      • Tasty Pink Ration
      • Tasty White Ration
      • Military Ration A
      • Military Ration B
      • Military Ration C
      • Daehwandan
      • Taecheongdan
      • War Badge
      • Classic Badge
      • Lucky Coin Bronze
      • Event Point Scroll S
      • Costume Box (Classic)
      • (1st Class Shadow Box)
      • image.png

Limitless Island Updates

  • Neko Meido offers exclusive items in exchange of Royal Servant's Badge.
    • image.png

Cash Shop Updates

  • Previous week sale ended.
  • Added
    • image.png
  • Violet Halo Wings on sale: Limitation 10x.
    • image.png


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