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Changelogs - Soul Reaper Skills

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~~ First server to fully implement Star Emperor and Soul Reaper ~~
~~ We should all be proud of LimitRO, our beloved server ~~
Special thanks to @Inkfish, @Caphleo,@Cj, youtube, google.

Limit Academy Updates

  • Improved the academy with even "None RO Player" tour experience.
    • This means, even if you're are first timer in RO, you won't get lost.

Limit Group HQ Updates

  • Added new Pet Egg collection quest (Ghosting NPC).
  • Modified Admiral inside HQ to be more Newbie friendlier. (Only has Change Job and Reset Stats/Skill options.)
  • Dally Queen now has chance to give 32017.pngLucky Coin(Bronze)

Lucky Roulette updates

Limitless Island Updates

  • Bounty Board A and S, now rewards you with Stripe Tamago Hammer.

Bug Fixes


  • Added new login screen.
  • Added support for new headgear.

Pet Updates

  • Metal Dragon - will reduce 8% Neutral damage received.

Hugel Monster Race updates

  • Changed the time based game start into player based.
    • 6 players can start up a hugel race, at any time. (voted by community on FB group).
    • no cool downs.
  • Shortened the each race waiting time.
    • 2 minutes to place a bet
    • 3 minute to claim the price.
  • You can no longer warp into the Racing track using Warper NPC.
    • He will now warp you to the outside of the Racing Track.
  • Removed the "double racing", we have now only 1 type of Race.
  • Fixed some bugs and correct NPC dialogs.
  • Each bet costs now 30.000 zeny only.
    • If you win and want to claim the prize costs additional 270.000 zeny.
  • Updated wiki guide.

Melon Farm Updates

  • Removed MvP Guardians.
  • improved the Watermelon farming feeling ~~
  • Increased capacity of your fruit basket from 20 to 50.
  • Now need 5 people to start the farm.

WoE New Schedule Updates

  • Payon Castles (American WoE)
    • Saturday 04:00 to 05:00
  • Geffen Castles (American WoE)
    • Sunday 04:00 to 05:00
  • Prontera Castles (Asian/Mix WoE)
    • Wednesday 14:00 to 15:00
    • Saturday 14:00 to 15:00
  • Other Times are not affected, for full list please visit:

Soul Reaper Updates

  • Released All Soul Reaper Skills (except Soul Explosion and Division), example here:
  • image.png Soul Collect
  • image.pngSoul Reap
  • image.pngSoul Energy Research
  • image.pngSoul Unity
  • image.png
    • Shadow, Fairy, Falcon and Golem Soul Links.
  • image.pngSoul Revolution

Star Emperor Updates

  • Released All Star Emperor Skills, some examples: 
  • image.pngDocument of Sun, Moon and Star.
    • documentofsms.gif
  • image.pngLunar Stance
    • lunarstance.gif
  • image.pngNew Moon Kick & image.pngFull Moon Kick
    • newmoonkick.gif
  • image.png Light of the Moon
    • lightofthemoon.gif
  • image.pngStellar Stance
    • stellarstance.gif
  • image.pngUniverse Stance
    • universe.gif
  • image.pngNova Explosion
    • noveexplosion.gif
  • image.pngGravity Control
    • gravitycontrol.gif

Cash Shop Updates

  • Special Offer
  • image.png
    • Gundam Wings
      • Limited Amount: 30
      • Cost: 200 CP
      • image.png
    • Deco Stone (Soul)
      • Limited Amount: 10
      • Cost: 350 CP
      • image.png
    • Deco Stone (Wings)
      • Limited Amount: 5
      • Cost: 350 CP 
      • image.png
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Battleground Updates

  • BG Novice Event ended,
  • BG 1 and 2 is reverted to normal.
  • Added @joinbg 4 (Novice only BG)
    • Updated the Useable skills selections.
    • Balanced the Role attributes.
    • Need 10 Novices to start.
      • Kill enemy Crystal to win.
    • Added Novice Token for the winning team.
      • Useful item, for obtain 1st Class Shadow Box and other items ~~
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