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Hey, I hope you enjoying a stable server <3
The following improvements for server has been done during the past 2 weeks ~~

Star Emperor Updates

  • image.pngSolar Stance
  • image.pngProminiance Kick
  • image.pngSolar Burst
  • image.pngLight of the Sun

Homunculus Updates

  • All homunculus will gain 10% of players gained EXP.
    • homunexp.gif
    • Homunculus killed monster EXP will go to Player.
  • Updated Homunculus EXP table to official kRO
  • Increase Homunculus S max level from 150 to 175.
  • When Homunculus S reaches high HP, it will turn into PERCENT display. 100/100 % HP ~~
    • image.png

Guild Window updates

  • Added member last login feature.
    • image.pngimage.png

Bug Fixes

Pet Updates

  • You can once again bring Pet's to WoE / PvP etc.
  • Scatleton bonus has been nerfed - Halloween event bonus is long overdue. (wonder why nobody mentioned -.-)
  • Metal Dragon bonus is now - Gain 3 SP when dealing physical attack.

Skill Updates

  • Release image.pngConvenio skill for Arch Bishop
    • conveniofinal.gif
  • Released image.pngVituperatum skill for Arch Bishop.
    • vitufinal.gif
  • Removed Eucharistica skill.

Item Updates

Vending Updates

  • Removed MAX 3 auto vendor restriction. (you can setup more vendors now, like we used to have.)

Housing Feature

  • Removed this feature from LimitRO for the time being, until we come up with a better one.

Limit Group HQ updates

  • Improvements to NPC dialogs ~~
  • Improved Bounty C and B quest rewards. (Note: our Quest rate is 100x - so you can do the math :P )
  • Moved Bounty A and S to Limitless Island.
  • Clan Feature
    • Removed the Clan Daily Quests.
  • Mercenary 
    • Nerfed HP of human mercenaries. (Don't complain plx, needed some handicap balance. ~~)
  • Added new items to Iris shop ~~
  • Correct and improved NPC dialogs plus indicators ~~
  • Fairy Lottery no longer require 5 million zeny to open Armory Box.
    • Now requires 2x Tickets to open.
  • Fallen Angel Wings enchanter.
    • Reduced the Zeny fee by a lot for reset.
    • Removed the 1m zeny fee to enchant.
  • Archangel Wings enchanter.
    • Reduced the zeny fee to enchant to 500k.
    • Reduced the reset zeny fee of reset but added 1 silvervine requirement for each reset attempt.
  • Improved daily quests inside HQ.
    • Cooking Quest, now even teaches you how to cook.
      • Replaced level 5 and 6 food quests with level 1 and 2.
      • Improved the quest rewards (35 Limit Merit Points)
    • Added cooking supply shop in HQ - easier for new players to get hold on cooking ~~
  • Weapon Supplies Michael updates.
    • He now enchants Awakening version of the equipments.
    • Rewards Limit Group Coins after completing his daily Personal Request.

PvP Updates

  • Using @gopvp will warp you directly to pvp room
    • Day room variations:
      • Monday room 1
      • Tuesday room 2
      • When the day ends at 00:00 pvp room will warp out all ppl inside.


  • Added new item description patch.
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