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Dying Will & Workers Guild = fun/farming Guild

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Dying Will Guild: GL Ms Hanatan and VGL: Abyss

Dying Will Motto: Lets Have FUN!

Lemme show you how to do it, where to find it, how to use it. But we "wont give you any items or zeny".

Dying Will dislikes: Asking for items and zeny.

Dying Will Agenda:

ABRA, ET, OGH, CBD, MORA, Battle Grounds and other Party Oriented Quests.



Workers Guild:

Workers motto: Lets Make some zeny!

Farming Guild,

Ingridient farming for Food +20 +10 +9 stat foods

nidhogur's garb farming

Rune Material Farming


Dying Will is saved at el dicastes or @go 30


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