LimitRO Dev Todo

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LimitRO Dev Todo 
second half of 2018

A topic to give us a clear image of what is coming, and what we are working on ~~

Me, @Yuuki and @Inkfish

3 Man dev team for now ^^ 

This is a public and live list, means that it will be updated as we accomplish our set goal and when we add new todos ~~


Current Todo 

  • Homunculus Updates
    • This is a patch that added to kRO last yea october, when kRO decided to remove "AI custom from their clients."
    • These are the things we will apply to LimitRO
      • Homunculus will receive 10% of player gained EXP. Added 2018.07.09
        • Homunculus killed monster EXP will all goto the player. Added 2018.07.09
      • ALT + Right Click will make a Homunculus attack a target. Added 2018.06.25
      • Homunculus won't initiate battle mode even the master is under attack. Added 2018.06.25
      • Homunculus S max level extended from 150 to 175 Added 2018.07.09
      • EXP Table updated to official
      • Endow won't work on Cart Cannon anymore.
        • The only element you can use are the elements of your cannon balls and fire from Pyroclastic. Pyroclastic will also overwrite any cannon ball you have equipped to fire. (This one isn't confirmed yet.)
      • Homunculus Physical and Magical damage formula are changed, physical and magic damage are increased.
      • For base Homunculus (Lif, Amistr, Filir, Vanilmirth) skills, Global Cooldown will be replaced by Skill Cooldown.
      • The max level of some Homunculus S skills are extended and the balance is adjusted.  Added 2018.09.03
      • Homunculus automatic feeding is added. Added 2018.08.20
    • More info here: Homunculus Updates
  • Soul Reaper and Star Emperor Skills
    • Working on adding the skills, we plan to add branch by branch to make sure at least 1 type is playable as soon as possible.
    • Fully Added Star Emperor Skills Added 2018.07.23
    • Fully Added Soul Reaper Skills Added 2018.07.23
  • Rockridge compeletion
    • Daily Quests Added 2018.08.20
    • Rockridge cards Added 2018.07.09
    • Calf weapons Added 2018.07.09
  • Archbishop updates
    • Skill balances Added 2018.05.xx
    • New skills Convenio and Vitupretum Added 2018.07.09
  • Illusion Dungeons
    • Illusion Abyss Dungeon Added 2018.08.06
    • Illusion Frozen Dungeon Added 2018.08.06
    • Illusion Vampire Dungeon Added 2018.08.06
    • Illusion Luanda Added 2018.08.06
    • Illusion Teddy Bear Added 2018.08.06
    • Illusion Moonlight Dungeon Added 2018.02.xx
  • Client Side
    • Adding additional Achievements
    • Adding Attendance feature Added 2018.08.20
      • This is image.png a daily claim reward feature, like our "Summer Calendar and Xmas Calendar" ~~
    • Adding Private Airplane feature
      • It's like an instant warp thru world map ingame.
      1. image.png
      2. image.png
        1. Then select a field, town or dungeon etc, and "MOVE" then select payment and POOF you will be teleported to that place.
        2. This can be opened at any where ~~ More convenient than our current Warper NPC ~~
    • Fix the Search store feature
      1. image.png
    • Episode 16.2 Terra Gloria 
      1. Main Quest and 2 instances - added 2018.10.30
      2. Daily quests and sub 1 time quest + dungeon not added yet.
    • Comodo Headgear updates.
      • Added 2018.09.xx

Future Todo

  • Max level increase for 3rd jobs to 185/65
  • Official Skill balances
  • Episode 17.1 "Illusion"


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@Komari AB, no, we will not remove Warper NPC.

This is simply an additional feature, that will require some ticket, maybe I add it to Supply Shop sell for zeny.

Only different with Private Plane and Warper is...

  • Can use Private Plane on any map.
  • All private Plane destination is random spawn for players.
  • Private plane cost ticket.

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We have fully working and tested Star Emperor skills will be applied to main server on next maintenance ~~

Star Emperors, ready steady go! ;D 

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On 7/2/2018 at 6:00 AM, Lai said:

Max level increase for 3rd jobs to 185/65

Does this mean none 3rd jobs like Dorams, Rebels, etc. will stay at 175/50 and 175/60?

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New Todo

  • Illusion Dungeons
    • Illusion Abyss Dungeon
    • Illusion Frozen Dungeon
    • Illusion Vampire Dungeon

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Yes, indeed, it's just a placeholder :P


1st april was 4 months ago :P

But, we are gonna release something that is, useful, will not disturb economy, and appealing for both new, mid and end gamers <3 

Really haaard! :*(

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You know the changes for the Homunculus. Is there no way to ever again made them auto attack a monster? Even when we the player are attacked?

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@Yoosei, never say never...

Let's see, maybe in 2019 they will be supported again...

Who knows <.<

But for now, there are no way :( code totally removed by kRO.


btw, the Homunculus Skill update will be published this coming MT ~~ 

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We have all up to the date.

BUT, last week, I think they release a new Maze forest illusion dungeon. ....

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@Lex Luthor Charleston updates are the erm......enchants on the pile bunker weapons right? anything else? :o 

Friday Instance, will be part of Limitless Island in the future.

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