Monthly Task 005

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Monthly Task 005


What the hell! MAKE some NOISE!
We are a famous server, and we need to keep it that way!
Must not become too silence!!!!

New Trend!
A simple share from you, a warming thank you from me.

Mission In Possible

  • Login to your facebook and SHARE on you Facebook wall, including an intro of our server and what you think of it ~~
  • Then TAG ME and AS MANY AS YOU CAN ~99 others! <3 (Do your best)
  • Please also include this month's highlight video, so everyone knows about this great feature ~~

Mission Accomplished

  • After doing the task, please reply to this topic.
    • Character Name
    • Facebook Name
    • Shared FB content Link



  • Please don't make fake facebook accounts, need to have at least 100+ friends and regular activities on facebook.
  • I will check everyone's submission and decide if give the reward or nada! >:D
  • 1 person / submission!!!!!! 
  • Please be honest....I  trust you! <3



  • Ends 2018.07.09




Thank you so much! TACKKKKKKKKK!!

First 20 people to share receives 1 extra box and scroll!

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