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Changelogs - Star Emperor & Soul Reaper

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What a stressful week.
We need to cool down our updates frequency, starting with 2 weeks 1 maintenance.

17 Hours compensation

  • After reading most replies and we decided to boost our Rates to
    • 200x200x35x for 2 weeks! ~~
    • Claim a free Costume Hat ingame ~~

Feature Update

  • Increased Max Char slot to 21.
  • Job change to Star Emperor / Soul Reaper is now available ingame thru Admiral.
    • Note: NO skills released yet. (Still under dev.)
    • Note: HP/SP and Stat bonus are all customized for now.
  • Added @refresh command.

Client Bug Fixes

  • Please patch up LimitRO for the fixes to apply.
    • Fixed the cannot login if your ingame friend is online.
    • Fixed Character Deletion issue where you can't delete a "ready to delete" character.
    • Fixed client Font style/size (patch up if you don't have this fix yet.)
    • Fixed "Nameless" issue.
    • Fixed the client zoom.
    • Fixed logout from char select closing client issue.

Command Updates

  • Disabling @storeall command for the time being.
    • Due to many "item lost ever since people started to use it."

Instance Updates

Skill Updates / Bug Fixes

Limitless Island Updates

Banquet of Heroes

  • Added Ruined/Invaded Prontera dailies.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed WPS not available in certain castles

LimitRO Patches

  • Patched in the Star Emperor / Soul Repear job change quest maps.
    • image.png
  • Patched in Star Emperor / soul Repear new skill effects.
    • image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.png
  • Patched in the job changer NPCs sprites.
    • image.png
  • Patched in new Wings of Gabriel.
    • image.png

Homunculus no AI Update explained.

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