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Changelogs - 2018 Game Client released!

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Hey! A week with very exciting news.
Today, we release the 2018 latest official game client. Cannot get closer to official than this ~~
I hope you like this update! Thank you for all the support and being part of LimitRO! <3


  1. In order to connect again, you must download:
  2. Then extract the .rar and copy paste the files into your current LimitRO folder, to replace the old files.
    • image.png
  3. Then patch up LimitRO.exe as well!
    • image.png

Event Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Admiral giving too much EXP ~~ Reported by @dputtomatti
  • Fixed Charleston Crisis giving 30x parts instead of 10x.
  • Fixed minor bug in Magician Nillem, not opening the dimensional portal to the Old Prontera. Reported by Jevita

Item Updates

WoE Updates

  • Removing WoE TE, decided by community, over 95% voted to remove.
    • We will see where we can add those TE treasures, maybe new schedules.
      • image.png

Instance Updates

Limitless Island Updates

  • Deep Mines, has chance to trigger Dwarf Shop while mining.
    • You can sell your ores to him.
    • He offers other supplies ~~


  • Added a big item description patch.
    • "You will notice minor term changes and spelling corrections etc."
  • Updated random option description
  • Updated skill description
  • Added support for Pet Garm Baby
  • Added support for new monsters / NPC
  • Released file support for the new 2018 game client.
  • Removed Prontera castle zoom restriction.


Client 2018 Update

  • *Max 2x client
  • *Removed custom hairstyles.
    • image.png
  • *Fixed zoom issue - you can no longer SUPER ZOOM Out - we use official zoom out +50% now. Before we use +75%
  • Added hourly game warning - in Korean <.< Forgot to make it to english...oh well.
  • Posted details in this video.


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