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Changelogs - Instance boosts & Thanos Random Options

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This week I had a lot of free time, to work on LimitRO, and as you can tell...
We aim to make LimitRO more and more friendlier towards the public.
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Limit HQ Updates

Limitless Island Updates

Item Feature Updates

  • Released Ghost Palace Thanos Equipment random option enchants.
    • image.pngimage.png
    • Talk to Researcher Mettos in Dimensional Rift F2.
    • He will add random option to your Thanos weapons.
    • Each time, will overwrite the previous options.
    • Costs 50x 6672.pngShard of Gray.
    • Possible options are
      • Attack Speed
      • Attack Speed Rate
      • Elemental damage
      • No Size Fix
      • Unbreakable weapon
      • Race damage
      • Range damage
      • Attack damage
      • Attack Rate
      • Critical damage rate
      • Heal Power
      • Reduce cast delay
      • Race magic damage
      • Casting rate
        • image.png

Instance Boost Updates

Event Updates

Feature Updates

  • Quest EXP Rate increased from 10x to 100x - now it's worth doing quests ingame :)
    • image.png
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