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Cap's Noob Guide to Battle Bishops


I've always been fascinated with Battle Priests ever since pre-renewal days. But I just couldn't get into them because they're so hard and tricky to play and. Specially with pre-renewal gears and stats.

Now, though, we have access to more gears and better stat distribution, and I found myself thinking of playing one myself (I did it a couple of years back, but  we still lacked some equipment back then to make the build shine).

Again, like my other guides, this build isn't really for everyone. You have to have patience, and you have to have zeny to even start playing. Equipment are expensive, and some of them hard to make. I really wouldn't suggest trying out this build if you are new because it might just turn you off, seeing as how little damage you're doing.

This isn't a build where you'll see big damage flying around. Although it's really fun watching a Healer Class whack monsters on the head.

Damage is decent. That's all I can say. You can do solo low-level instances (up to mid-level if you're geared well enough). You have your own buffs, own way of healing, and some debuffs for monsters. This is a pretty self sufficient build. Just don't expect too much.

There used to be 3 basic builds for Battle Bishops, but with the crit update, 1 of those became obsolote. I'm only gonna cover 2 of them, but mainly focusing on 1 (which is my current build).


Crit Build

This build can deal high enough crit damage, supplemented by gears. Although I haven't tested the extent of this build myself. This build shines on 1vs1 fights, but it has a really weak crowd control ability.

Another downside is Arch Bishops don't have access to  a really good weapon that will stand on its own, since all you're gonna do is whack monsters with that weapon.

STR - 90~100
AGI - 110~120
VIT - 100 total for stun immunity
INT - 1
DEX - 1
LUK - 120

Auto Caster

This is the same as other auto caster builds. Not really much variance except for a few gears here and there.

This build can reach higher INT for more MATK.

The downside is if a monster has NPC AGI UP, or just has high flee, you'll have some trouble hitting it.

STR - 1~50
AGI - 110~120
VIT - 90 (100 total for stun immunity)
INT - 100~120
DEX - 80~100
LUK - 1~30


Crit Caster Hybrid

This is the build I'm playing with right now. In the immortal words of Hannah Montana, "You have the best of both worlds!"
You have crit to counter high flee targets, and good enough crowd control ability.

In my opinion, this is the Goldilocks build.

STR - 30~50
AGI - 110~120
VIT - 100 total for stun immunity
INT - 90~100
DEX - 1
LUK - 120



Upper Headgear

19197.pngRacing Cap(Archbishop) [1] - Auto casts Adoramus when refine is +11, also increases Duple Light damage.

19134.pngWickebine's Black Cat Ears [1] - Completely bypasses mdef when it procs. The unslotted version is also good, but you're gonna need the slot for combos.

18856.pngWhite Drooping Eddga - For crit builds exclusively. +25 ATK per refine when it procs.

18539.pngSkull Cap [1] - A decent enough headgear to increase matk.

5464.pngBacsojin Doll Hat [1] - Decent matk gear. Although needs to be high refined to be effective.

18848.pngFresh Roses [1] - Good matk gear. Needs refine tho, but can be enchanted with Spell 9.

18849.pngCeline's Ribbon [1] - Really good when high refined (specially when the combo gets released here), can be enchanted up to Spell 9.

4583.pngEngkanto Card - If you're gonna go up against Poison Monsters. +30% physical and magical damage to said element.

27109.pngJitterbug Card - If you're up against Neutral Monsters. +200% physical and magical damage to said element when it procs.

4556.pngFenrir Card - For general matk increase. And for that slow AF cast time.

4374.pngVesper Card - For the matk builds. Bypass 30% mdef of boss monsters.



5918.pngGambler Seal - ATK/MATK/Crit Increase, as well as crit damage.

18823.pngImperial Feather - +1 ASPD

2202.pngSunglasses [1] - Extra slot

18874.pngMonocle [1] - Cheaper than Sunglasses

Same cards as above if you chose to go with slotted mids.



18666.pngCD in Mouth - Auto Casts level 3 bolts. Pretty much to go-to lower headgear of any auto cast class.

5462.pngSpiked Scarf - +35 ATK

There really aren't that much option for lower headgear. I'd just stick to CD. More damage and for added hitlock effect.



15146.pngRobe of Flattery [1] - Really good for magic builds.

15147.pngRobe of Abuse [1] - For the pure crit builds.

15173.pngCursed Mail [1] - +10% ATK/MATK, and some elemental redux. I just don't see the appeal of this armor tbh. Maybe when the full set is released.

You can also use any spare slotted armors you have for elemental armor cards.

4652.pngNightmare Amon Ra Card - A given when you're gonna go up against dark/demon/undead as a magic class.

4408.pngGloom Under Night Card - For physical builds.

Any other cards you might think that's gonna be beneficial for your play style. It's also good to carry multiple armors with different elements on them.



16018.pngEmpowered Mace of Judgement [1] - If highly refine, one of the best maces auto casters can use.

16013.pngMace of Judgement [2] - If you can't afford to make en empowered version.

16029.pngNoble Cross [1] - Auto casts Turn Undead on undead monsters, has a matk bonus.

1540.pngGrand Cross [1] - A Noble Cross without the matk bonus. Still good if you can't afford to make a Noble Cross.

16017.pngBloody Cross - Auto casts level 1 Hell Inferno. Downside is there's no matk bonus.

16051.pngValkyrie Hammer [4] - A ridiculously expensive mace. It's good. But just ridiculously expensive.

1548.pngVeteran Hammer [2] or 16056.pngVeteran Hammer [3] - Decent for Crit Builds.

4147.pngBaphomet Card - Good for mobbing.

4685.pngTrue Margaretha Sorin Card - For the auto Adoramus build with racing cap.

31025.pngImmortal Wind Ghost Card - Auto casts Killing Cloud.

31024.pngImmortal Cursed Knight Card - Auto casts Ignition Break.

4399.pngMemory of Thanatos Card - For pure crit builds. It's a waste tho. lol

4579.pngLaura Card - For crit build.

There really aren't that much option for weapon cards. Use what you have and what you think would benefit you more.



28901.pngCursed Mad Bunny - +5% ATK/MATK, Additonal ATK/MATK when refined to certain levels, and +3 ASPD.

Any other shield if you're gonna use a card.

Mostly, you can go with no shield if you don't have a Cursed Mad Bunny. ASPD penalty for wearing a shield really hurts.



20860.pngBattle Surcoat [1] - A really good garment for both builds. Grants Double Attack and Triple Attack, which both can crit.

2589.pngFallen Angel Wings [1] - Next best option. Although I rarely use mine. I just stick with my Surcoat.

4596.pngAntique Book Card - For magic builds.

4594.pngPetal Card - For crit builds.

4595.pngCenere Card - If you're still lacking ASPD

4572.pngRandel Card - For switching. Level 3 Auto Guard.



Any variant of the Temporal Boots that is fit to your build. Mostly Luk Boots tho.



2980.pngEvil Glove [1] - Has a lot of auto casts. My main accessory.

2978.pngGentle Heart [1] and 2977.pngWounded Heart [1] - If you can't afford an Evil Glove

2854.pngAlchemy Glove [1] - Auto casts Fireball and Firebolt.

2678.pngRing of Flame Lord - For physical builds.

4505.pngScaraba Card

4508.pngGold Scaraba Card

27125.pngHeadless Mule Card - For auto Adoramus build.

27262.pngDwigh Card - Increases magical damage of Neutral and Shadow property. Really good since Duple Light is forced neutral.

27107.pngPlaying Pere Card and 27108.pngSinging Pere Card - If you're gonna use Jitter combo for Neutral monsters.


Costumes and Shadow Gears

30226.pngSpeed Lv3 - Kinda a given.

30225.pngAlmighty Lv3 or 30221.pngDestruction Lv3 - You choose.

For Star Stones

ATK, MATK, Crit, whatever you have, really.


24292.pngArch Bishop Shadow Weapon

24305.pngArchbishop Shadow Shield

24273.pngPriest Shadow Armor

24260.pngPriest Shadow Shoes

24248.pngAcolyte Shadow Earring

24252.pngAcolyte Shadow Pendant

You can look up each other them and see their effects. Mainly, the bonus you get from the set is +10 to all stats and 50% def/mdef bypass on normal monsters.



I'll only be listing the skills you shouldn't skip.

65.png Mace Mastery - Pretty important skill. You don't really need much from other skill branches anyways.

361.png Assumptio - To mitigate some of the damage you receive.

2054.png Duple Light - Probably the main source of your DPS. Now that the damage has practically double thanks to the AB improvements kRO implemented, this skill is really worth maxing.

2053.png Expiatio - Provides up to 25% bypass of Def and Mdef.

2047.png and 2048.png - The two Lauda skills should be maxed. One provides +10% MaxHP boost, and the other one adds +20% Critical Damage.



Use every consumable you have to reach 193 aspd. lol



Tip: Just stick to Jitterbug combo cards. You'll barely need any healing. lol




OGH Normal


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Hi @Caphleo, everyone.

I got an in-progress Autocaster Battle Bishop. Mainly doing Duple and Auto-Adoramus, then relying on other autocast proc

What do you think can be improved in my planned equips?

  • // +11 Racing Cap(Archbishop) [Mistress Card]
  • // Gambler's Seal
  • // CD in Mouth
  • // +9 Cursed Magic Mail [Sweet Nightmare]
  • // +15 Empowered Mace of Judgement [Baphomet OR True Margaretha Sorin] - which do you think is best?
  • // +9 Cursed Mad Bunny [Hodremlin]
  • // +9 Battle Surcoat [Petal]
  • // +9 Temporal LUK Boots [Dark Lord]
  • // Evil Glove [Headless Mule]
  • // Magician's Gloves [Headless Mule] OR Celine's Brooch [Headless Mule] - which do you think is best?

Costume Headgear [Speed Lv. 3 x 4]

Shadow Set: Acolyte-Priest-Archbishop

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Hi again @Romester, XD

- Headgear: No doubt for racing capt, but try to enchant it if it is possible. Greater Sanare or Jitterbug (depend on what you put on ACC)
- Mid Low: Mob Scarf (extra Slots - and you can put Mistress here). Eventually you want to boost your magic power more. Or yeah, you can use CD on mouth, and any other mid slotted gear for your extra card. 
- Armor: Illusion Gear B enchant Double Magic ACD. Card: Nightmare Amon Ra (it is practically a must for Adoramus build)
- Shield: CMB/CMB [1]. Although I recommend to use PKS (shit is expensive tho), but you get extra ASPD plus you can enchant it
- Weapon:There are 3 options that I can suggest and all this are 2 slotted weapons so u can use both of the cards on your list. 
1. Exorcist Bible [2]. Drop form Solar, boost Duple Light, increase afterdelay attack, Book Type of Weapon (enchantable)
2. Saint Spectre. Drop from Solar, boost Adoramus + Holy Damage, Mace (enchantable)
3. Uilto-OS: Quest 17.1, Bost Adoramus + Holy, increase  after delay attack, Mace (enchantable)
-Garment: if u need ASPD, then yeah Battle Surcoat. But should you get 193 already, change to FAW/GW/ Temporal Mant (int/agi). Depends on what you wanna boost (Crit or Magic)
- Shoes: Temp int/temp luk. With enchant Spell + Runaway magic. 
- Acc, varied from your build (more auto cast magic, or boost your adoramus)
1. Celine Brooch + Evil Glove (more magic)
2. Mir Max ATK, or Illusion battle Chip (INT, LUK, SHARP, Spell, Magic Drain enchant, the options is yours)
card: headless mule to boost your holy damage, pere set if you use jitterbug, the mvp EL1-A17T autocast hell Inferno, jewgeliant, auto cast phsycic wave level 1

No issue on Shadow set, prefer the whole AB set..

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Hey mentor! Haha! Thanks a lot - again!

I feel like AB equips are much more expensive.

For now I gotta work on getting PKS and check on Uilto-OS. All good for the others.

Question though, say I have these base stats... ...

STR - 50

AGI - 110

VIT - 100

INT - 110

DEX - 1

LUK - 120

... ...Would you recommend that for my gears+cards that I boost my MATK, or CRI?

Planning to do Margaretha and Bapho on my weap, and will most likely do the Jitter and Mob Sets



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i would not invest much on luk - i know the idea of crit AB is fun, but lets face it, this aint not melee class - unless u really in it for fun. The thing with renewal is that, it is really skill oriented..
If u notice on the video, the one that really killed the mobs was the Psychic Wave, not the crit itself XD
As you said that u wanna use mob set, better allocate some dex as mob set (int+ dex) bonus is superb...
This guide was written when Mob set combo was not existed yet..

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Hello guys,

I know it has been too long for this topic, however I am really inspired by this guide and now building the Battle AB with Crit Caster Build above. Nearly half way but I wonder how can you reach 183 ASPD with those equipments? I made an estimation and it can reach to around 189 - 190 (already with Concentration Potion and Enrich Juice, without AGI food), it can be mostly up to 191-192 ASPD with Temporal AGI boost but will lack of damage without LUK boost though. Just my thought.

So, I would be grateful that can you help me to identify which equipments/consumables to reach 193 ASPD? Thank you so much!

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