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Changelogs - Archbishop Patch & New Helpers

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Past week, I opened a team recruitment topic with not a big hope.
Surprisingly, many applied and it fired me up with happiness!
~~ Today, we introduce the new Helpers ~~

Skill Updates

GM Team Updates

Race Updates

  • Added a new RC_Doram to all Doram race.
    • All items with description effecting "Dorams" works for Dorams race.
    • Example: Damage reduce against Dorams by 5%.

WoE TE: Update

  • Disabled use of Slim Red, Yellow & White Slim Potions
  • Increased efficiency and reduced weight of TE Slim Potions. (Buyable from NPC)

Limitless Island Updates

  • Deep Mines - unique mining system.
    • Entrance Fee 500,000 Zeny.
    • Total 10 level of mines.
    • 5 types of Pickaxes.
    • Special ores to craft epic gear.



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