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Changelogs - Solar Temple

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Many bug fixes this week, and adjustment/boosting of previous episode contents!
Also the release of the first Dungeon on Limit Island.


Quest Updates

NPC Updates

  • Mercenary Merchant in Limit HQ now rents Monster mercenary for zeny & LMB instead of Loyalty.


  • Sky Wave instance
    • Now if you have unkilled monsters, they will count towards the "escaped monsters" if they are still alive when the next round starts.
    • Doesn't affect you if you are the type to kill the monsters immediately once they spawn.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a minor bug in enchanting rings at Master of Relics (AB rings) where you get INT +1 instead of INT +2 enchant.
  • Fixed Artifact Researcher enchanter NPC, it didnt give the correct max enchants.
  • Minor bug fix of Infinity Space mvp HP.
  • Flattery Robe combo with Survivor's mantue fixed.
  • Mace of Judgement holy property fixed.
  • Noble Cross holy property fixed.
  • Fixed a bug on enchant reset where EoE could be removed.
  • Fixed WoE map guild count bug. Reported by NinjaInPyjama on Discord.
  • Added a level/jobcheck for Limit Academy, prevent "higher levels to use this map."
  • Added a minor check on Wave mode instance, to prevent monster stacking up.

Skill Updates

PvP Updates

  • Normal Battlegrounds are NO longer 1 Boss card restricted.
  • Death match aka BG 3 will reward 10 random badges to the winner team. (3v3)

Limit Island Updates

  • solardungeon.png

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