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LRO March Roundup - Moonlight in March

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How time flies--DST is over, and we're on the third month of 2018, but updates here on LimitRO just won't stop! As we cook more surprises for you in store like Limit Island, be sure to patch your client to to experience our latest game additions this March.


Truly a fan favorite even on her pre-renewal days, our beloved Moonlight's so special she just got her own update!



  • Added preparation files for Easter 
  • Added preparation files for Illusion Dungeon
  • Added mini maps for Instances / Castles

Cash Shop Update



Item Update

NPC Update

  • Added a Cat Hand Agent to Limit HQ

Monster Update

Quest Updates

  • Additional 6304.pngSapha Certification reward for El Dicastes daily quests
  • Minor customization of Episode 13.3 quests



Forums Updates

  • Added extra Editor tools, example:
    • image.pngTable making.

WoE Update

  • Each WoE will be reduced to 2 Castles

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