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Project Improvement of Works: Arch bishop. 

1 - New Skills: 

A) Agreement:

To jump the continuous expense of giant fly wings a new skill is added to the work arch bishop. 
Now you can use this ability to bring the whole party to the same place as your arch bishop.



                         Example of Use


B) Vituratum

Add the possibility of using lex Aeterna on an object and this splash the ability affecting the rest with the lex Aeterna ability. 
The higher the level of skill, the higher the splash range is added.


2 - Improvement of Skills: 

A) Adoramus:

The work arch bishop can be considered a work of magic and as such your cast must be consistent. 
Adoramus skill a great magic skill with a lot of damage but only affects one target. 
For that reason the ability is modified to AoE. 
However, when you switch to AoE, your damage will be less.



B) Renovatio:

Renovatio is a skill that gives the option to regenerate HP for a while, but its long cast and that only affects a goal that makes the experience very poor. 
That's why now the ability is changed to affect the entire party at the same time and changing the HP regeneration capacity from 3% to 5% every 5 seconds. 

C) Expiatio:

Now also add that ignore the magic defense. 

D) Lauda Agnus:

Now at level 5 its effect is 100%, apart from that, the increase in VIT status is changed by MHP% increase.


E) Lauda Ramus:

Now at level 5, its effect is 100%, apart from that, the LUK status increase is changed due to an increase in critical damage.


F) Ancilla:

Now it will consume only 10% of your MSP when it is created, apart when you use an ancilla as an consumable it will increase the healing power and increase the regeneration of SP for 60 seconds. 


G) Judex:

At level 5 the damage is increased from 400% to 570% of your MATK. 

3) Elimination of an ability. 

Due to the little use of this skill and that the users do not want it we are going to remove it from the work of the arch bishop eucharistica will no longer be available.

2 - Taekwon Update:

The development of these new classes was finally completed. 
We are working very hard to do the internal tests necessary to have it available for the users as soon as possible.
We also have available to test the new frames for these new jobs (under the article Boarding Halter)


Skill Tree 

Star Emperor


Soul Reaper



3 - Visual Update Summoners. 

We are working to add a new color palette to the clothes of the summoner. 
Apart we are also adding costumes in garment position so that they can be visualized when you equip them in a summoner.



4 - Ilusion Of Comodo. 

Illusion of comfortable dungeon will also be added new version illusion kit for this map ^^.


5 - Episode 17.1. 

It will be the direct continuation of episode 16.2 related to several events that happened in that episode.


6 - Booking Party System Update: 

A) Now you can register directly with the head of adventures in party.


B) Now you will see in an interface the users that are in that party


C) The interface window will be related to the level range you are .









NEW UPDATE 04042018

1. Arc Bishop skill improvement work
Job improvement project! Arc Bishop improvements are updated.
1) New skill
We are currently in the process of improving Arc Bishop skills. 
It will be updated as soon as the test ends in May. 
Below is an overview of the improvements.
2. Illusion of Luanda Update
The development of Illusion of Luanda is underway and will be updated in April.
<Illusions of Luanda will be updated soon!>
3. Sultry & Soul Ripper Update
The development of Sunglip and Soul Ripper is underway, and the work of the former quest work and the character image work are going on now. 
Once all of these tasks are completed, they will be subjected to internal testing again and will be updated within the second quarter. 
Below is the content under test (character images are still in production and we use temporary images).
                         <Top Jobs of Star Emperor>
                 <Soul Linker's Top Jobs: Soul Ripper>
he content that was introduced in the last 2 quarter update contents is not currently under development 
, so I will introduce it through developer notes and announcements in the future.

@Lai @Yuuki

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3 minutes ago, Cj said:

@Caphleo Ahahahahahahaha, they slightly reduce damage for Adoramus because its to OP.


well, they only said "slightly". So I'm guessing it's still gonna be above 1000% magic damage. And based on the screenshot, it looks like it's gonna be 9x9 (7x7 minimum). 

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NEW UPDATE 05022018

5072.png.ad9f586cd596ef4e08f1549c84b44d96.png 5072 (NEW SKILL)


Add the possibility of using lex Aeterna on an object and this splash the ability affecting the rest with the lex Aeterna ability. 
The higher the level of skill, the higher the splash range is added.

Requirement: Epiclesis 1 / Expiatio 1
Type: Supportive.
Description: Allows double damage to enemy years affected by it.
When you use the skill, it consumes a blue gem, at lower level of consumption of SP and less speed in the cast.

[Lv 1] : Splash Range 3
[Lv 2] : Splash Range 3
[Lv 3] : Splash Range 3
[Lv 4] : Splash Range 5
[Lv 5] Splash Range 5


5073.png.7ab521b0277408cb51cd854993fae2b0.png5073 (NEW SKILL)


Skill Requirement: Ancilla 1 / Oratio 5
Type: Supportive

Description: Invokes the entire party that is on the map in the center of the one who invokes them.
Can not be used in areas of PvP is activated.
The ability is only active if the arch bishop is the leader.

To jump the continuous expense of giant fly wings a new skill is added to the work arch bishop. 
Now you can use this ability to bring the whole party to the same place as your arch bishop


2038.png.167864ae4916e63fbc569697ce7e4dea.png 2038

MAX Lv : 5
Skill Requirement : Turn Undead 1
Skill Form : Holy Property Magic
Description : A magic attack that deals Holy
attribute damage to a target and all enemies
in the surrounding 3 cells.

[Lv 1] : MATK 300% = 340%
[Lv 2] : MATK 320% = 380%
[Lv 3] : MATK 340% = 420%
[Lv 4] : MATK 360% = 460%
[Lv 5] : MATK 400% = 500%

2039.png.ea03bbd53c49225dba84fa372b456d96.png 2039

MAX Lv : 1
Skill Requirement : Clementia 3
Skill Form : Create Ancilla
Description : Create Ancilla, the magic stone.
10% of SP and 1 Blue Gemstone.
If caster's weight is over 90%
this skill can't be used.

When using Ancilla, you gain 15% healing rate for 60 seconds and 30% increase in SP recovery ability.


MAX Lv : 10
Skill Requirement : Judex 5, Ancilla 1,
Magnus Exorcismus 1

Skill Form : Holy Property Magic
Description : A powerful divine light damages nearby targets within range and range, further reducing darkness and agility. Consumes 1 blue gemstone. If you have a priestly occupation right next to you, do not consume Blue Gemstone, your assistant's SP will be depleted, and your caster's consumption of Adoramu's SP will decrease. You can not do damage to targets on land protectors.
[Lv 1] : MATK
400% / Effect Range 3 x 3
[Lv 2] : MATK 470% / Effect Range 3 x 3
[Lv 3] : MATK 540% / Effect Range 3 x 3
[Lv 4] : MATK 610% / Effect Range 3 x 3
[Lv 5] : MATK 680% / Effect Range 3 x 3
[Lv 6] : MATK 750% / Effect Range 3 x 3
[Lv 7] : MATK 820% / Effect Range 5 x 5
[Lv 8] : MATK 890% / Effect Range 5 x 5
[Lv 9] : MATK 960% / Effect Range 5 x 5
[Lv 10] : MATK 1030% / Effect Range 5 x 5


Lauda Agnus
MAX Lv : 4
Skill Requirement : Recovery 1
Skill Form : Recover
Description : Recover Freezing, Stone Curse and Dark Curse of all party members. Max HP bonus when casting on normal condition party member. 
[Lv 1] : Success Rate 70% / MHP + 4%
[Lv 2] : Success Rate 80% / MHP + 6% 
[Lv 3] : Success Rate 90% / MHP + 8%
[Lv 4] : Success Rate 100% / MHP + 10%

2048.png.b9c029e7ebeb7bd479011ef7824d143c.png 2048

Lauda Ramus
MAX Lv : 4
Skill Requirement : Lauda Agnus 2
Skill Form : Recovery
Description : Cures status effects Silence, Sleep, and Stun Curse from all party members. Critical Damage bonus when casting on normal condition party member.
[Lv 1] : Success Rate
70% / Critical Damage + 5%
[Lv 2] : Success Rate 80% / Critical Damage + 10%
[Lv 3] : Success Rate 90% / Critical Damage + 15%
[Lv 4] : Success Rate 100% / Critical Damage + 20%


MAX Lv : 1
Skill Requirement : Coluseo Heal 3
Skill Form : Heal
Description : 31 X 31 When you regenerate 5% HP per 5 seconds for yourself and your party members in the cell, It has no effect on party members who are immortal.


MAX Lv : 5 
Skill Requirement : Oratio 5, Duple Light 5
Skill Form : Supportive
Description : Give Holy power to the
caster's weapon and have certain chance to
ignore the target's defense rate in a melee
physical /
magically attack.
[Lv 1] : Ignore Defense / Magical Defense +5% / 150s duration
[Lv 2] : Ignore Defense / Magical Defense +10% / 180s duration
[Lv 3] : Ignore Defense / Magical Defense +15% / 210s duration
[Lv 4] : Ignore Defense / Magical Defense +20% / 240s duration
[Lv 5] : Ignore Defense / Magical Defense +25% / 270s duration


Duple Light
MAX Lv : 10 
Skill Requirement : Aspersio 1
Skill Form : Active
Description : Summons two sacred lights, Violet Granium light and yellow Merriam light, assisting the Caster in battle. When caster attacks in melee, the target has a chance of taking additional physical and magical damage
[Lv 1] : Physical ATK + 165% MATK + 440% / 90 sec. duration 
[Lv 2] : Physical ATK + 180% MATK + 480% / 120 sec. duration 
[Lv 3] : Physical ATK + 205% MATK + 520% / 150 sec. duration 
[Lv 4] : Physical ATK + 210% MATK + 560% / 180 sec. duration 
[Lv 5] : Physical ATK + 225% MATK + 600% / 210 sec. duration 
[Lv 6] : Physical ATK + 240% MATK + 640% / 240 sec. duration 
[Lv 7] : Physical ATK + 255% MATK + 680% / 270 sec. duration 
[Lv 8] : Physical ATK + 270% MATK + 720% / 300 sec. duration 
[Lv 9] : Physical ATK + 285% MATK + 760% / 330 sec. duration 
[Lv 10] : Physical ATK + 300% MATK + 800% / 360 sec. duration


Thanks to all source:




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NEW UPDATE 05302018

Sakray Test

Soul Reaper 


Soul Reaper is "soul energy" is the core of the operation of energy. Fight "Soul Energy", which is earned for each set time (seconds)
Depending on how you operate in combat support, you will be able to determine whether you can continue to use combat or combat assistance.
Sustained combat / combat aids are likely to be impossible for naturally acquired soul energies. This is called "soul harvest."
Skills and souls that do not consume energy through the attack skills will be possible.

Soul energy is needed even more in combat, but if you do not participate directly in combat,
Because it is impossible to maintain a continuous battle, you will have to take part in the battle.
So, this test focus of Soul Ripper focuses on the operation of soul energy.

Star Emperor


The Star emperor operate the skill of each series based on the three poses of the sun, the moon and the stars, and the "Fighting" of Taekwon,
How to use effects is the focus of play.

You need party members for maximum effectiveness of "Fighting", but if you use "Specified" skills and utilize the "Light" buffs of each series
You can get some efficiency even if you do not have a party or you do not have a party.
In addition, the "universe" series of skills that utilize space energy as a saint, have been added. In the case of the space series,
It is designed to be utilized. 
Especially in the case of "Stand of the Dimension", you can ignore the cooldown of the skill which can cause immense fixed damage.
You can get a "Defense Sphere" effect that ignores the effects you can do or certain damage.

Also, the "Gravity Adjustment" skill adjusts the gravity of the target to float the enemy, or the enemy is in an emergency situation.
It has an effect that can be removed.
(Of course, you can safely lower your ally that has been adjusted gravity)
Therefore, the focus of this test is on the battle balance of the solar / moon / star series during normal play, and between the other occupational groups in PvP
PvP 1vs1, 1vs Many, many vs many combat balance is the focus.






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NEW UPDATE 06202018

1. Soul Reaper and Star Emperor


Is being tested in the current server (Sakray) goes Star Gladiator and Soul Linker Top occupations of "Star Emperor " and " Soul Reaper " will be updated on the official server on the  June 20th 2018 . 


2. Update of New Recovery Items

Four new Syrup items, a new recovery item, will be updated. 
There is a higher price than a potion sold by an existing tool trader, and there is a usage level limit / reuse time
The amount of recovery is set higher than that of existing potions, and most of all, SP recovery items are sold
There will be various changes such as equipment setting, skill utilization and so on. 
These new recovery item syrups can be purchased through the new NPC from the tool shop.
3. Siege Emblem Border addition function.
If you use emblems in the siege area in a transparent way or add small points,
We are accepting.

To make it easier to identify the opponent by marking the emblem itself with a border, the function is added to the game setting. 
(The / frame command makes it easier to turn it on and off.)

<Game setting window You can turn the emblem frame function on / off in the Advanced Setting tab>


<You can see the emblem of the small figure on the transparent background at a glance>

4. Change of Sacrifice Skill.

Sacrifice skill was a Paladin skill that only allows close-up physical attacks.

Sacrifice Skill is changed now under physical range damage it will not work, A summoner that hits range uses the skill and is no longer affected by its HP, or its damage.

It adjusts to what is the physical damage melee skill .



4. About Safety Wall and Pneuma .

Safety Wall and Pneuma skill works

Safety Wall
1 Ignores near misses (including skills)

2.Ignores range attacks (including skills)


5. Awakening System (Level 185)


A image of Guillotine Cross Awakening to Level 185, Where we can watch the new aura.




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I'm kinda disappointed with Soul Reaper's ES mechanics. The method of collecting souls is a big downside of the class dps-wise. I hope they improve it before it's released in the main servers. 

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Summoner Skills Update Sakray Test

Adjustment are added to the summoner skills.

Scar of Tarou 

Debuff bite wound (Scar) now recovery under Coluseo heal.

Lunatic Carrot Beat Skill & Silvervine Root Twist Skill.

These skill's can't longer overlap their debuffs.

Silvervine Root Twist Skill

When the caster throws this skills (SRT) and the enemy was affected this one , din't visualize if it attacked (attack motion view) , now who cast can see it.

Spirit of Savage

Simply put that the range of damage will now be clearer.

Spirit of Land 
SV Root Twist increase the player's Matk depending on Base Level for 3 seconds.

So if you cast often this ability doesn't overlap the Matk increment.

for 3 seconds we could have 20%+20%+20%  = 60%.

Catnip Powdering

You are in party and use CP skill several summoners in different seconds the buff wasn't renewed.

Under berserk effect, some recovery skills of the summoner , HP could recover. It will be corrected so that it isn't allowed.

Bunch of Shrimp

Now it doesn't allow the effect to homunculus , elementals (Sorcerer) and mercenaries.

Tuna Belly 

Change will put in the Icon that regenerating from HP depending on the level.

Tuna Party

Several summoner in a party, one throws level 1 and a few seconds later another throws level 3, now you can get level 3 without being blocked at level 1.

Spirit of Savage

Target friend under shift etc and you have enemy in the same line you cast the skill, you don't hit your guildmate and if  there are enemies in the same line you hit the enemies. 

Bite Wound 

Bite wound scar under certain circumtances it does not allow canceling said debuff and will be corrected.

Sprite Mable

You can disable visual spheres under / mable command.


Adds recovery deep sleep effect.

Beast Bane (Ranger Skill)

Beast charge and ranger main skills increase damage vs brute monster.

Now this skills increase damage vs summoner targers.

But ranger main no add defense vs summoner.




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