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Changelogs - New Hugel Race

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Event Updates

  • End of Valentine and Spring Festival related forum events.
  • Zombie Invasion now plays out in Moonfild instead of random town.



  • Added mini maps for Instances / Castles ~~

Forums Updates

  • Added extra Editor tools, example:
    • image.pngTable making.

Item Updates

NPC Updates

  • Added a Cat Hand Agent to Limit HQ ~~

Bug Fixes

WoE Coming Update

  • Plans to reduce open castle per WoE, poll on LimitRO FB Group - right now leaning towards 2 castles per WoE in the next week maintenance.
    • Max 2 castle per WoE
    • The Godly castle will not be removed and the owner will be kept.
    • Will only remove 3 none godly castles from the game.

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