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Monthly Task 002

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Monthly Task 002


It's time to tell the world who you are!
Tell LimitRO who you are!
Maybe, just maybe things will change and maybe just maybe you will make new friends!

Mission In Possible

  1. Join our LimitRO Social Group on Facebook ~~
  2. Make a new post in that group with following form:
    • Char name:
    • Favorite job:
    • Hangout place:
    • Goal in LimitRO:
    • A little self intro:
  3. Tag GM Lai so he see's your post ^^ You are also welcome to tag other friends :P 
  4. Optional: A screenshot of your character ingame ~~


  • Please don't make fake facebook accounts, need to have at least 100+ friends and regular activities on facebook.
  • I will check everyone's post and decide if give the reward or nada! >:D
  • 1 person / post!!!!!! 
  • Please be honest, ok....I  trust you! <3




  • Ends 2018.03.31


Thank you so much! Taaaaaaaaaack!!


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So.. If I'm active on Facebook but only have like.. 20 friends, I can't participate, right? I only accept people as friends, I really know, that's why It will never be like 100+. @@

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@ByunMiina, add me on considering me as your friend and yes you are participate ~~

Having 100 or not is just a way to minimize the risk of "double agents". But you seem legit ^^ 

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• Nickname: MariaVanGerad
• Favorite job: AB, SC
• Lovely places: Al De Baran, Asgard
• Main target on LimitRO: GW & Fun
• Small info: Support main in every game i played. I love to collect headgears in RO. And i really love to play in a big company! :3  Really love guild BlackCatRampage ❤=^_^=


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