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LRO February Roundup - Fiery Fun!

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ūüístHappy lunar new year! You better believe it when we say the fire dog is sharing its blessings here in LimitRO. With a growing server population and huge weekly updates,¬†we're bringing you a breakdown¬†of what you possibly missed!¬†ūüíst


Let's face it: we know you're busy. Playing here may not be your top priority, and that's why we want to make sure your stay is worth it. Our server gives truth to the saying the more the merrier! Introducing the Hourly Donation Tokens!


We added Cairn NPC in Asgard cash area to convert Donation Tokens into Cash Point:


And another BONUS update: we added 10x Quest EXP Rate!

  • More value with doing daily quests and other quests.¬†Another way to level up than just farming/hunting!¬†


Patch up! We have new costume garments :)


  • Reduced usable/other¬†item prices in Cash Shop.
  • Added new usable items.
  • All cookies box now cost¬†20 CP instead of 30 CP.
  • Revamped Cash Pets:¬†boosts and added special pet food and cash pet packages.
  • Deluxe Pet Food Box will not be random;¬†you will be able to choose which pet food you want after using it.
    • 1 Box will allow you to obtain 50¬†pet food¬†of choice.
  • Removed Ghost Weapon Scrolls.
  • Removed Gemstone Box (Black)
    • Reduced prices for all Gemstones.
  • Reduced price for Star Stone Box.
  • Reduced price for Deco Stone Box.
    • Reduced price for individual Deco Stone.
  • All Cash pet eggs are now tradable.
  • Added preparation patch for coming Hugel Race update.
  • Added a fix for when you enter Bijou instance
  • Added mini maps for Nidhoggur's Nest instance
  • Added new Item Description patch.


  • Monthly Share 001
  • What is Love?
  • Family Reunion
    • Talk to Grandma in Asgard, (234,200) to gather her children.
  • Reunion Feast
    • Held at 0600, 1200 and 1800 Server Time.
    • Talk to¬†Grandma in Asgard, (234,200) to help her prepare for the feast.
    • Dishes served at feast depends if Grandma's target has been reached.
  • Ang Pow & Beggars
    • Ang Pow rain occurs every 2 hours in specific town (1 minute pre-announcement).
    • Locate beggars in Gonyrun, Louyang, Amatsu & Payon (either indoor or outdoor) and donate Ang Pow to them for rewards!
    • Note: There are some "fake" beggers who run away when you talk to them.
  • Malangdo Spring Festival
    • Join in the octopus grilling sessions on the Island.
  • Reluctant Cupid
    • Talk to the lonely girl, Cindy in asgard (167,218).
    • The lonely men she asks for are either indoor or outdoor.
  • Gladiator vs Monster event time changed
    • 00:10 to 00:50
    • 15:10 to 15:50
  • In gladiator, Nasarin replaces Eremes




  • Added Castle region warp to Warper NPC.
  • Added¬†Transport Device¬†to Asgard - it will warp you to map dali/dali02 Dimensional Rift.
    • Plan to remove direct warp to dali/dali02 out of Warper NPC in near future.
  • Added Mid Headgear Socket Enchant NPC Andrey at Asgard Cash Area.
  • You may now complete the 15.1 & 15.2 main quest in a day! (Aureth part has been modified).
  • It's much easier to create Costume Hats from CE Girl NPC in Asgard now!
  • Added¬†Mage Nillem¬†to Asgard ~~ (Part of Episode 16.1) ~~
  • Added¬†Rockridge Mine Expert¬†NPC to warp you to Rockridge mines in Asgard. You can use it after completing the main quest!
  • Added save to Rockridge kafra NPC.
  • Added 4 card check to Admiral's decard option.
  • Added Ash Vacuum (Mid Camp) Munkenro¬†extra warper in Asgard.
  • Added extra Manuk and Splendide coin reward into Ash Vacuum quests.
  • Manuk & Splendide expansion with¬†
    • Manuk Merchant
      • Selling equipments for Manuk Coin.
    • Splendide Merchant
      • Selling equipments for Splendide Coin.



Website Update

  • Removed item script for public use, prevent people to steal our custom item scripts.

VIP Donation

  • Added two new packages
    • 2000 SEK = 250 VIP Coins (~1USD = 1 VIP)
    • 6000 SEK = 800 VIP Coins (~0.9 USD = 1VIP)

Instance Update

  • Skywave max 101 waves.
  • Added more Costume Box (Boss) into instance bosses - also increased the drop rate.

Guild Base Updates

  • Removed plants from Guild Base
  • Allowed monster teleport.
  • Added extra warp to Guild Base.
  • Fixed¬†@gopvp to work in GB.¬†

Silk WoE update

  • You can wear Amulets & Costume Garments inside Silk Maps but their effects are¬†Disabled.



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