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Changelogs - Magic Geffen Tournament Cards

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The gap between new and old player is getting bigger everyday, and as the administration, we need to work hard to make sure the balance is kept.
The new expansion and customize of Episode 13 Ash Vacuum / Into the Unknown will bring people back, more use of Manuk / Splendide Coins.
Limit Academy > Limit HQ > Asgard > Episode 13 is the new guideline for new players :)
Enjoy and welcome to LimitRO!

🎴New Cards Release


  • Added 10x Quest EXP Rate.
    • More value with doing daily quests and other quests ~~ Another way to level up than (Hunting :P)
  • Guild Base Updates
    • Removed plants from Guild Base
    • Allowed monster teleport.
    • Added extra warp to Guild Base.
    • Fixed @gopvp to work in GB. (Reported by Bula)

    💵VIP Donation

    • Added two new packages
      • 2000 SEK = 250 VIP Coins (~1USD = 1 VIP)
      • 6000 SEK = 800 VIP Coins (~0.9 USD = 1VIP)

    🐛Bug Fixes


    • Added Ash Vacuum (Mid Camp) Munkenro extra warper in Asgard.
    • Added extra Manuk&Splendide coin reward into Ash Vacuum quests.
    • Manuk & Splendide expansion with 
      • Manuk Merchant
        • Selling equipments for Manuk Coin.
      • Splendide Merchant
        • Selling equipments for Splendide Coin.
      • More info on 



    • Completed Ash Vacuum  & Into Unknown quest guides.


    • Added mini maps for Nidhoggur's Nest instance ~~
    • Added new Item Description patch.

    Silk WoE

    • You can wear Amulets & Costume Garments inside Silk Maps but their effects are Disabled.
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