Room of Consciousness [100+]

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Room of Consciousness

You will see and under everything!


Instance Entrance Location 

  • Invaded Prontera (prt_q 247/78) 

Cool Down

  • Daily at 4am.

Difficulty Level (1-10)

  • 4

Obtainable Reward

  • Fight boss Bijou

Step by Step Guide

  1. Enter the instance by generating an instance at Nirlem and enter thru Unstable Space.
  2. Inside, speak with Fenrir
    • image.png
  3. Then walk into the alter of the room and speak with Iris.
    1. image.png
  4. There are two waves of Enhanced Skeletons.
    • image.png
    • image.png
  5. Once the waves of monsters are done, speak with Iris.
  6. It will spawn a Renovated Amdarais. It isn't too hard to defeat.
  7. Talk to Iris once it's defeated, and then Bijou will attack you herself. She'll attack you with a very weak version of herself. Then she will attack again with her normal boss self.
    Note: You can lure the monsters to Iris and Fenrir, and they will do a small portion of damage to the bosses.
  8. Leave the Old Memoir of Royal Family room by exiting down the hall to the west.

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Is Iris and Fenrir only supposed to spawn once? Ive seen videos in which they respawn to help kill both Bijou and Amdarais, but they don't respawn after the first time when I went in.

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