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Changelogs - More newbie friendly!

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Lately our population has grown a lot, and most of them are new players.
It's never been better time to give attention to the new players that LimitRO is a good place to settle down <3

👼 Newbie Friendly LimitRO

  • Reduced the cost of Costume Boxes from Genie significant ~
  • Reduced the cost of Costume Boxes from BG Stores.
  • Added more Costume Box(Boss) into instance bosses - also increased the drop rate.
  • It's much easier to create Costume Hats from CE Girl NPC in Asgard now ~~

🎉Event Update

  • Gladiator update
    • Removed Eremes, replaced with Nasarin.

💵Cash Shop

  • Deluxe Pet Food Box will not be random, you will be able to choose which pet food you want after using it.
    • 1 Box will allow you to obtain 50 pet foods of choice.
  • Removed Ghost Weapon Scrolls.


  • Added Mage Nillem to Asgard ~~ (Part of Episode 16.1) ~~
  • Added Rockridge Mine Expert NPC to warp you to Rockridge mines in asgard, you can use it after completing the main quest ~~
  • Added Cairn NPC to convert Donation Tokens into Cash Point.
    • image.png
  • Added save to Rockridge kafra NPC.

  • Added 4 card check to admiral's decard.


🐛Bug Fixes


  • Added preparation patch for coming Hugel Race update.
  • Added a fix for when you enter Bijou instance.
    • Spoiler

      Resource File Loading fail

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