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Changelogs - Hourly Donation Tokens

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Big things happens in February ~~


  • Released the remaining Avenger weapons.


  • Family Reunion
    • Talk to Grandma in Asgard, (234,200) to gather her children.
  • Reunion Feast
    • Held at 0600, 1200 and 1800 Server Time.
    • Talk to Grandma in Asgard, (234,200) to help her prepare for the feast.
    • Dishes served at feast depends if Grandma's target has been reached.
  • Ang Pow & Beggars
    • Ang Pow rain occurs every 2 hours in specific town (1 minute pre-announcement).
    • Locate beggars in Gonyrun, Louyang, Amatsu & Payon (either indoor or outdoor) and donate Ang Pow to them for rewards!
    • Note: There are some "fake" beggers who run away when you talk to them.
  • Malangdo Spring Festival
    • Join in the octopus grilling sessions on the Island.
  • Reluctant Cupid
    • Talk to the lonely girl, Cindy in asgard (167,218).
    • The lonely men she asks for are either indoor or outdoor.
  • Gladiator vs Monster event time changed
    • 00:10 to 00:50
    • 15:10 to 15:50


  • God Items are now tradeable.
  • Star Stones, Gemstones can be sold to NPC for good amount of zeny.


  • Added Castle region warp to Warper NPC.
  • Added Mid Headgear Socket Enchant NPC 'Andrey' at Asgard Cash Area.
  • You may now complete the 15.1 & 15.2 main quest in a day! (Aureth part has been modified)

Instance Update

  • Skywave max 101 waves.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed Silk Mode bugs.
  • Fixed Owl Viscount & Owl Marquis should drop Monocle [1]
  • Fixed 2901.pngMorrigane's Pendant [1] not giving Crit +3.

Cash Shop

  • newgarments2018v1.png
  • Reduced usable/other item prices in Cash Shop.
  • Added new usable items.
  • Revamped Cash Pets ~~ boosts and added special pet food and cash pet packages.
  • Removed Gemstone Box(Black)
    • Reduced prices for all Gemstones.
  • Reduced price for Star Stone Box.
  • Reduced price for Deco Stone Box.
    • Reduced price for individual Deco Stone.
  • All Cash pet eggs are now tradable.

New Feature


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