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Hongbao & Beggers!

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Hongbao & Beggers!
2018.02.05 to 2018.03.05

Help a homeless man, with sharing one Hongbao.

During festivals, even the beggers will come out and seek for help.

It's a good time to do a good deed as Buddha is always watching!



Hong Bao Rain

  • Buddha will rain down 50x 30008.png2018 Red Packet
    • Every 2 hour
    • In 1 of following town
      • Payon
      • Louyang
      • Amatsu
      • Gonryun

Help the Beggers

  • There is begger in following location:
    • Louyang
    • Amatsu
    • Inside Gonryun
    • Inside Payon
    • Payon
  • Note: Watch out for the FAKE Beggers ~~
  • Helping the begger will give you one of the....
    • Old Purple Box
    • Old Blue Box
    • Splendide Box
    • High Weapon Box
    • 19951.pngHong Bao in Mouth (low chance)






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