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[Spring Festival] Grandma's 18 Children

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[Spring Festival] Grandma's 18 Children


It's the time of the near where we all gather together for a festival feast.
The Grandma will always be the busiest person in the family, to make sure all children gathers.

Lend her your assistance, and find her 18 children as they are in different cities for work.



  • image.png
  • Location: Asgard


Normal Re-Union Feast

  • A regular Re-union feast, when Grandma has to do most work herself, since she lack time, this feast isn't significant.
  • Player's will be able to participate and take a bit of certain food.
    • Reward
    • 8x random +20 Food.

Luxery Re-Union Feast

  • When everyone has contributed and worked together, bringing 2018x of each ingredients.
  • Grandma will have plenty of resources and time to make a super Re-union feast.



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