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CE Combinations - Fashion Show

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Gaming became boring nowadays mostly to those old player like me, and I'm kinda busy too IRL making a living, so right now I'm on to collecting CEs and use them to suit my desired look for my characters, but I'm not that rich so I only have few CEs tho. 

here's mine btw

soviet "conscript" look from red alert 2 lol

Red beret + biogas mask




fireman or "Remover"mob look

Fireman+ biogas mask



lich lord skull + wonderful beast ears (to make it look more pointy)

+gold cross to suit the "knightly" armor



owl duke silk hat for my vendor

i was planning to get  cube mask for the combination but its

kinda hard to make so its just alarm mask for now



here's my other vendor

Cat santa CE + santa's bag (armor)




so that's it for now, post yours too!

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