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Changelogs - WoE & BG 2018

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Finally, we have secured all Cash item and donator values.
Now it's time to move on and be 100% secured that there will be no way in future that cash items can be abused and gained for free.


War of Emperium 2018

  • New Silk Mode
  • New Schedule
  • Official WoE: Training Edition & related quests

Battlegrounds 2018

  • New mode: 3 v 3 Death Match (joinbg 3)
    • Pay 100k Zeny to join
    • Winners get 150k Zeny.
    • Losers get nothing.
  • Arena 1 and Arena 2 new setting (joinbg 1 & joinbg 2)
    • Skills won't consume their item requirements inside these Arenas.

Gladiator Revamp

  • Designed for PvM fans.
    • No longer a PvP tournament
    • There will be waves of Monsters.
    • Kill monsters to obtain points.
    • Survive, if you die, cannot re-enter.
    • Requirement lvl 175 +


  • Cash Points wiped.
  • Removed all recycle features and stone melt and pet egg recycle.


  • Fixed Doram Female cloth color issue.

Instance Drop ~~

Bug Fixes

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Turned off Pet Evolution for now - it was causing server crash, we will fix it and turn it back ~~

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  • Infinity Space - Hard Mode now gives more exp than easy mode.
  • Easy mode primarily for farming Shattered Shards, since it gives low exp.
  • Infinity Weapons now tradable.
  • Sky Wave now capped at Level 101.

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