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Changelogs - Brand new Costumes

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Next Monday maintenance 29th Jan, I will wipe all Cash Points and all items that gives Cash Points. (except VIP Coins)


  • Decreased the zeny fee for entrance to Nightmare Clock Tower
    • From 100k to 10k and 500k to 50k
  • Event Genie Store
    • Fishing Rod now costs 100 EP
    • Worm now costs 5 EP
    • Deluxe Ticket now cost 50 EP
  • Added Firework to ETC Shop in Vending Harbor.
  • Added Event Point Scroll (S) to Vote Shop.
  • Removed "Town" warp options from Warper (useless, since we have go command).


  • Introducing Infinity Space [Easy & Hard] Modes
    • Easy Mode
      • Very low chance for Mini Boss to appear
      • Lesser monsters
      • MvP with low HP
    • Hard Mode
      • Higher chance for Mini Boss to appear
      • More Shattered Magic Stones from treasure boxes
      • Decreased MvP HP from current IS Mode.
      • More monsters
    • Fixed Infinity Space camera view ~~ (Patch)
    • Common
      • Treasure boxes now drop much more Shattered Magic Stones
      • Treasure box now has chance to drop Infinity weapon
      • Decreased MvP Exp by 60%.


  • Unlocked all features for 32143.pngL-Phone for free for everyone.
  • Hourly point give out changed to Vote Point.
  • Added Rockridge to go command.


  • Added support for following coming soon costumes ;)
    • image.pngimage.png

Bug Fixes



  • Official Sarah Fenrir istance behavior.
    • Sarah now plant type.
    • Fenrir will reduce Sarah's HP to 200 at certain interval.

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