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Changelogs - Pet Evolution

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Recently, there has been some drama regarding bug abuse of Cash Points.
After investigation, the decision of wiping all Cash Points on 1st Feb is confirmed.
Please spend all your cash points, before that date,
and yes, you can hate me as much as you'd like, but I do this to make sure LimitRO will be here forever.


  • Pet Evolution ~~ More details will be published on guides section!

Bug Fix

  • Fixed cannot enchant&unenchant star stones and deco stones from Costume Garments.


Future News

  • Encourage everyone who have use for Cash Points to use them up now, before 1st Feb. We will make Cash Points wipe to clean up some mess. Encourage all to spend them on cash items now before 1st Feb. 1f642.png1f642.png!
  • All old retired Donation Hats is now called "Retired Hat, Retired Flu Mask, Retired Mask and Retired Sunglasses" ingame, and will be removed from server 2018.02.01 - Encourage everyone to spread this to those who still haven't recycled at their Retired Donation Hats at NPC Mato Mato, to do it now! 1f600.png1f600.png

Website Features

  • Item DB now displays ingame item descriptions
  • Vendor page now displays more details of the items i.e. what enchants / cards etc.
  • Added birthdate display on Control Panel.


  • Revamped deRefiner to remove 1 refine level only instead of all refine levels.
  • Fixed potential exploit in Gladiator where you exit the room before die will not need to pay 100m.

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