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Changelogs - New Treasures

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First week of the year 2018 has passed, are you still living up to your promises? ;D 
Cause, I'm not :P



  • Refiner - added a "unrefine option" for people who wanna "remove their refines from items."

Bug Fix

  • Fixing Angry Bunny comobo with Piamette Garment instead of "Ribbon low hat".
  • Fixed Limit HQ's Eve Dialogue not stating she gives +5 and +6 certs by random chance.
  • Pocket Watch Fix
  • Faceworm & Dark Faceworm Card Fix
  • Sky Fortress - Added another Key Keeper at final spawn


  • Removed Safe refine ores until 1st Feb.


  • Rune Knight Alternative outfit added.
    • image.pngimage.png


  • All 1-day and above coooldowns now reset at 4am server time.
    • e.g. ET will reset 3 days later at 4am.
    • So easier for players with different CD to do instance.
    • Easier to remember when CD resets.


Deepsea Treasures Update

  • 19114#Sting Silk Ribbon
  • 28492#Thief's Recommendation Vol.1
  • 20816#Yoichi's Shawl
  • 22120#Judgement Shoes
  • 22119#Cursed Boots 
  • 28410#Sapphire Wrist
  • 28372#Imperial Ring 
  • 28433#Blue Luminous Stone
  • 18934#Fox Ears Bell Ribbon
  • 18813#New Wave Sunglasses
  • 18564#Love Piece
  • 15145#Evil Dragon Armor


Future NEWS

  • All old retired Donation Hats will be removed from server 2018.02.01 - Encourage everyone to spread this to those who still haven't recycled at their Retired Donation Hats at NPC Mato Mato, to do it now!


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