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Changelogs - Happy New Year

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I wish everyone a Happy New Year ~~
2018 shall be the boom year of LimitRO, we gonna raise up up up in the population like we used to be! <3


  • Zeny display and creating announced disabled in CE Girl quests.


  • New Year MvP Summon event ~~
  • All Christmas related events end ^^ 
    • Until Xmas 2018 :D:D:D
  • New Gladiator Tournament
    • Highlight: Silk mode, if dead no re-entry, 1 kill 1 point!


  • Added fix patch for Merchant Girl costume hat, error on female chars.


  • Mato Mato recycle new pricing:
    • Top = 230CP
    • low = 90CP
    • mid = 90CP
    • mask = 180CP
  • All old Donation Hats are now replaced with 
    • Retired Smile Mask,
    • Retired Flu Mask
    • Retired Sunglasses
    • Retired Hat
    • You can recycle them at Mato Mato.
  • Removed Cash Point Coin from Event Genie Shop.

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