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LRO December Roundup - Gift-giving for the new year!

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Hooray for holidays! Christmas-exclusive events and rewards welcomed players to the last month of the year...



Whether you're a returning player to the server or you're a totally new to RO, we've prepared these Tutorials to help you out! And to help you even further, monster count has been increased by +50%!


Christmas event quests!


  • No point loss upon death
  • Increase re-entry delay to 5 minutes


  • Released God Quests Okolnir, tested and all works, also made guide in Essential Quest Guides on forums.
    • Wish Maiden in Okolnir drops several equipments
  • All Refine Tickets are now tradeable
  • Added more Costume hats to monster drops
  • Rockridge Costume hats released
  • Added new Amulets to Cash Shop
  • Removed VIP Shop NPC
  • Added VIP Shop related items to Cash Shop
  • 32014.pngVIP Coin will now give you 10 Cash Points when you double click it
  • All Deco Stones now has a bonus of All Stats +2 (God Deco has +3 All Stats)
  • Costume Hat unenchant will cost 1 VIP Coin (instead of 5)


  • Added feature where you can view item description (double click) of materials in the following shops:
    • Professor Butte
    • Costume Girl Alice
    • Mr Wise
  • Updated some miss information NPC dialogs for some NPCs in HQ
  • Lucky Fairy now has two more Boxes for you to choose, with additional rare equipments
  • Highlight: Kirin Wing Garment and Golden Wings Garment
    • Both with it's own enchant NPCs
    • Kirin Wing enchants of AAW
    • Golden Wings enchants of FAW
  • HIghlight: The original Mad Bunny Shield slotted, some never seen before equipment
  • Lucky Fairy costs 5m zeny + Lottery Ticket per try
  • Added new Costume Ce released to CE Girl quests
  • Added 20725.pngPiamette Ribbon [1] (garment) to Lucky Fairy



  • Pet Disabled inside Castle when WoE is on
  • Re-Vamp of Achivement feature
    • Cleaned all Achievements
    • Added 3 The Hunt Achievements

Refine System

  • Adjust the over refine bonus, for level 4 weapons
    • +18 gives 24x
    • +19 gives 24x
    • +20 gives 48x

War of Emperium: Training Edition (TE)

  • Schedule to be announced
  • exclusive TE Rental NPCs
  • exclusive TE Potion sellers
  • God Item 3 quest


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