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Analysis: What job i should use?

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Continuing my guides oriented for budget or beginners players.
Now i'll talk about something that it's kinda tricky to understand or compare, the efficiency of each job.
I need to say it before everything: I am a f2p player and i don't have any main character.
Knowing that i can confirm you 2 things:  
- I'm aware of the true price of getting geared for early and middle stages of the game.
- I won't stick to a job saying things that aren't true, just by the" love for the job".

Okay let's go with the topic.
This topic it's oriented for newcomers that feel lost about which job work, which are hard and what you should aim for or simply for people who are still trying to find their main.
If you have a main job, maybe you can contribute on something that i forgot or i literally don't know. I'm a simple jack of all trades. 

Want to clear the instances that have fat MvP's? (Fire basin related, Jitterburg, Geffen Magic Tournament, Infinite Space, etc)
I personally recomend use the Critical Branch: The easier to play, that doesn't depends on your ping/fps/reaction.
They are the higher dps on a low-mid end.
The first goal it's hit 193 of ASPD, then hit 100+ of Crit and finally keep upgrading the damage. (The diference between a 190 of ASPD and 193 it's huge, it's nearly 40% of DPS, if you can't have 105~110 of crit you will miss a lot vs agi-up/power-up MvP's).
The reason why on LimitRO works so well this branch it's by: 5918.pngGambler Seal 30% Critical damage and +30 Critical.
So yeah usually doesn't matter which job you will pick, at least you need that.

In order by my recomendation: Rune Knight > Ranger > Guillotine Cross Katar > Rebel > Guillotine Cross Dual Dagger.
Just remember the Melee jobs, are more exposed to the danger. But the reward of the tremendous dps, it's usually worth.


Why the Rune Knight it's the most recomended Job? They have 12729.pngAsir Runestone and 12731.pngTurisus Runestone Fighting spirit nearly gives you for free the first goal, 4 of Flat ASPD it's huge and the Giant Growth it's a tremendous damage buff it's nearly a x5 on overall damage. Added to that you have Twohand Quicken, you can achieve 193 of ASPD with no problem. So you only need really to complete the Critical goal and your RK it's nearly done.
Besides the DPS the RK it's the most eficient melee job to soloing certain bosses, thanks to Parry.pngParry you are tanky enough to reduce the physical damage and you have the blessing of 12733.pngHagalas Runestone for the magic damage and the MDEF bonus make you immune to Freeze and Stone curse (Like a free Evil Druid without downsides)

The simple reason why the Ranger it's up here its by... Warg Bite.pngWarg Bite. 10 seconds snare it's free MvP's (On instances) Isn't that hard get the 193 goal (Thanks to Attention Concentrate) and there are some class gears that helps with the Critical, but it's some hard to really upgrade their damage their weapon base damage it's pretty low but still does a good amount.
Ranger it's the most tricky to obtain their dps because 15~30% of their damage it's from Warg Strike.pngWarg Strike autoproc (15% if going without 18984.pngOld Camouflage Rabbit Hood [1], 20% if going without Luck Day enchant and 30% if going with Lucky Day enchant and Old Camo, maybe even more?) and you have the random proc of Fear Breeze.pngFear Breeze, sadly the No Limits.pngNo Limits buff have a extreme CD so you can't depend on it but it helps a lot (It's nearly a x3 on your base damage).

Why it's separed the Katar and Dual Dagger Guillotine Cross? The Katar have the x2 base critical (Half goal), doesn't have that much penalty for the size and isn't that hard hitting 193 of ASPD compared to the Dual Dagger counterpart. The Katar GX it's pretty good on nearly any escenario just stick a Juliette de Rachel and the DDGX counter part can't even compete with your DPS on low end. Once you can obtain +10 weapons you can think in the DDGX, but before that the Katar version it's more efficient. Yes. The Dual Dagger GX can simply blow your mind with the damage potential on high end.
The GX by it self it's fragile so isn't that recomendable for beginners, it's hard to solo a lot of bosses. But if you can deal with it, you have a good amount of dps.
Lot of buffs for the damage Enchant Deadly Poison.pngEnchant Deadly PoisonVenom Impression.pngVenom Impression and Dark Claw.pngDark Claw. The mix of this can be a x10~ in total dps.

The Rebellion it's the black sheep of here can reach a tremendous DPS on low-end, don't have problems to hit 193 of ASPD and even can work without Gambler Seal. But doesn't have any real way to deal with MvP's, so their Soloing potential it's low.
A mix of Gatling Fever.pngGatling Fever for ASPD and ATK, Eternal Chain.pngEternal Chain for Double Attack and Hit Barrel.pngHit Barrel for x3 on their damage and ASPD.
Have a lot of potential, but isn't for soloing.

The next point would be the one-skill spam branch (I don't know how to tag them)
This are the most expensive jobs, they have the highest dps on high end escenario, end-game potential but depends totally on your reaction/ping/fps.
The goals of this branch are: Got free cast, maximize damage (Base equipment, ranged modifiers) and got after castdelay.
By my experiencie and recomendation i can put them on this order.
Divine Guard Royal Guard > Ranged Royal Guard > Dragon Breath Rune Knight > Picky Peck Doram/Summoner > Acid Demonstration Genetic > Cart Cannon Genetic > Mado Mechanic.
I need to add the Ranger here, isn't exactly part of this branch. But for mobs that have less than 9k of HP are the best job to one-shot fast clean spaming Warg Strike.


The new on the game it's the Royal Guard using 5900.pngDivine Guard Hat [1], it's a simple and nearly broken "build" for now. Spam Holy Cross, then autocast procs Genesis Ray, then Tuna party. Even on low end equip the base damage, constant heal and spam (ASPD Based) it's simply over any another build. It's a all-ground selection. Right now with the new change it's still pretty good, but no more hibrid damage so it's on a lower level right now. Still need testing to decide where it goes.

The reason why Royal Guard are the top recomendation it's simple: Doesn't have any cast time, doesn't need any aftercast delay (Yeah depends on ASPD, but isn't even comparable) and they have a decent base damage. You can spam freely Vanishing Point and between them some Cannon Spear (Because Cannon Spear only have cooldown, not aftercast). The single goal you need to aim it's optimize your damage and maybe get some extra ASPD for the max spam.
Thanks to Shield Spell Level 1 you have a base 130 ATK extra, so you allways can do 10k+ of damage even with low tier gear. Sadly the build doesn't have many potential on mid-high end, yes you can solo some instances but it's really a pain get a good amount of damage because you don't have that many damage multipliers on your gear. With the new Imperial Ring from Deepsea Treasure can be a huge damage booster (Still don't know if can be used 2 Imperial Rings at same time), need testing.

This build specificaly on the Doram it's efective. Usually the Picky Peck.pngPicky Peck skill isn't that relevant, long cast time, low damage, but when you use a double 28424.pngChubby Earthworm Talisman [1] the skill turns into a masive burst, without cast time. So the single thing you need to get it's a good aftercast delay and you become a machine gun of Picky Peck thanks to the change of recast.
The extra buffs that make the Doram make a huge damage on low tier equipment it's: Spirit of Life.pngSpirit of Life. It's simply if you have 100% of HP, you will make double damage. On the same skilltree you have Arclouse Dash.pngArclouse Dash gives a extra... 10% damage? (Need confirmation) and yeah don't forget, if the target have less than 50% of their HP your damage it's doubled.
Sadly the skill it's that, just a good single target damage. The AoE version it's oriented to another equipment, have cast times and well... you don't have nothing more.

The Dragon Breath Rune Knight it's here by their low price good damage. You only need to deal with 0.5 FCT (Dex Boots) and 2 VCT but you already stacked 120 dex + high int. So it's pretty low cast and naturally with Phen efect. Based on level + base stats are the highest damage on the list, doesn't depends hardly on the weapon refining, only need stack Ranged Damage modifiers: with a Infinity Mace with EA16 & Archer Skeleton and done max damage and you can get a Tae Goo Lyon +9 to get a extra -20% of delay. (On high end escenario, with the new Golden Wings you can achieve a tremendous HP/SP boost by over refining)
The Breath's are great 9x9 AoE, ignores the Accuracy check but the sad thing it's you are fixed to Fire or Water elemental. So you have a lot of problems to deal with Shadow/Holy monsters.

I separated the AcidDemonstration Genetic and the Cart Cannon Genetic, it's simple because the Acid Demonstration it's cheaper than the CC.
For the Acid Bomb if you put Temporal Dex Boots you already reduced 50% the cast time, the damage output vs certain high vit monsters it's just insane and actually just need stack Ranged damage by the new formula. But the downside it's: Single target and need the Acid Set as catalyst (On the server you only need really gather Fabric, you get Alcohol from Red Lantern and you can directly buy Immortal Hearts) On a low end equipment, can be the highest DPS obtainable vs certain bosses.
The CC it's a expensive build because you need hit the free cast by stats to make it work and then start to stack aftercast delay, but in reference of damage it's the nearly limitless build, thanks to 18977.pngOld Midas Whisper [1] you can nearly endlessly stack damage by over refining it.
But once you can gear it right, it's the all-rounded skill. A spameable skill with 7x7 of AoE, that ignores partially the DEF and ignores accuracy check (What more do you need?). The single problematic thing it's obtain a good amount of aftercast delay besides the Applause + Kiel you don't have any other option.
I can say that on the early stages of the game you can level up by spamming Cart Tornado level 2~5, it's cheap and works.
Remember in instances you can solo a lot of the mvp's because you have Thorn Trap a luxury Ankle Snare.

In the last spot is the MadoGear Mechanic.
Can work well on early stages of the game, the Flame Launcher it's great for mobbing and have their smalls single target damages (Knuckle Boost.pngKnuckle Boost & Vulcan Arm) and you have a good resistance thanks to Neutral Barrier. A lot of mobility thanks to Front & Back Slide.
But if you are aiming for the Arm Cannon build, it's even more problematic than the CC Genetic. Because the skill have Variable cast and Fixed cast:
- The cheapest option to deal with the FCT it's using Temporal DEX Boots but on that way it's harder to hit the free cast by stats (Because you are missing the Amon Ra + Applause stat bonus combo).
- If you have the Applause combo you have the another option using Tempest x4 Gemstones (Gives 20% VCT and -0.2 FCT) and stick only to Arm Cannon Level 3 and Cold Slower/Ice Launcher.
- To deal with the VCT you can get it by stats as allways but you have the option to stack VCT reduction: 10% Applause+Amon Ra, 20% Tempest Gemstones, 10% each Supplement DEX plus 12% from Spell 2/2 (44% total) + 6% from Magic Earing +7 + 10% Dark Ilusion.
About the aftercast delay actually the Mechanic have 2 equipment that gives him 40% (2995.pngSupplement Part DEX [1]20733.pngUpgrade Part - Engine [1]) so you don't have that many problems, but yeah. It's a mess trying to make it work. Need a lot of knowledge of what you are doing. But once you get Free cast you reach "nearly" the same damage than the CC Genetic, because have nearly the same protocol: Ignores accuracy check, ignores partially the DEF but have 3x3 AoE. Now have 7x7 AoE on level 5.
With the new changes it's even more consistent and versatile than Genetic, you can freely use the Black/Whitesmith buffs, the Arm Cannon doesn't have that weird AoE/Damage/Level ratio. It's the best moment to try Mado Gear Mecha.

On the last branch that i'll talk about it's: The AoE eficient farmers.
Actually i'll talk exactly about Thanatos farming, because it's the most relevant place to farm and the most problematic.
The goals of this farmers it's: Immortality and fast clear. I'll talk on a low-end in all this section.
By my recomendation/efectivity it's: Rebellion > Sura > Royal Guard > Ministrel/Wanderer/Ranger >  Guillotine Cross > Axe Mechanic > Rune Knight
I don't mention any Magic job because they don't have any way to leech hp/sp, so that doesn't allow you to "perma farm".
The elements it's problematic you usually need decide if you want to clear everything except the Thanatos using Neutral or clean everything having less damage to the Holy/Dark using another element.


Rebellion it's simple Round Trip.pngRound Trip make all the job, one click all the area it's clear. A 13x13, no cast, 1sec cooldown skill and one-shot nearly everything. (The knockback damage it's allways applied). The single problematic thing it's their SP pool and you have the elemental "limit".

Sura it's the underdog, usually it's a clumsy job. For Thana farming it's the most consistent melee: This is thanks to Snap.pngSnap you can gather mob faster than anyone, you are going to use Sky Blow.pngSky Blow (By a unknow reason, this hits Ghost type at 100%) so you can clear everything. And you have two buffs Gentle Touch-Revitalize if you have problems with surviving or use Gentle Touch-Convert.pngGentle Touch-Convert if you in need of extra damage.

Royal Guard it's maybe this high by personal preferece i need to say it. The clear aren't that efective like the top jobs, but it's nearly inmortal.
The magic with Royal Guard it's the cheap damage in Overbrand and the tremendous defense tools (Vanguard Force for HP and DEF, Prestige for DEF and skill evade; thanks to Prestige you will usually evade the Jupitel thunders), thanks to be mounted you have a good movement speed so you beat al the foot jobs for mobbing. Sadly the Overbrand have a 0.5 cast time, so you need allways have Phen efect.

Here i need to say, i don't like the fragile jobs to farm in thanatos. By the way i farm (Semi afk, watching series on half of the screen), i say they are bad by their dependency of hard attention to stay alive or the low posibility to leech HP/SP.
Ministrel/Wanderer another underdog, the magic is Severe Rainstorm, the duration and hitlock it's simply a abuse, by the way it's locked the map the mob won't warp away.
They have enough damage to clear, but depends on having 18123.pngBow of Storm [1] to make "spameable" their Severe Rainstorm.
Ranger needs a Arrow Storm oriented build, need a phen effect or high stats for nearly free cast and it's kinda problematic if you got hitlocked.
But in overall your clear it's pretty good.

Guillotine Cross could be it's now! a top tier job for this, have Back slide to fast mobbing, have Weapon block to prevent damage but... doesn't have any burst damage. Counter Slash could be the key, but their AoE it's too small to really work (The mob have larger attack range than the effective zone) and yeah Rolling cutter isn't enough to say it's a fast clear.Counter Slash it's so damn good right now, with that AoE you can clear easily oneshot everything besides Mini-boss it's simply beautifull.
It's the simplier to equip (Thanatos Katar and done, it's the 2nd highest ATK Katar and around 50k~ per Counter Slash)

Mechanic with Axe build using Axe Tornado with the 28101.pngAxe Tornado [1], you make a clear in a decent time. Thanks to the Wind Element you can kill everything.
Sadly no matter what, the cooldowns are high, the damage it's low but it's a great job to "low atention farm" because you don't need to target anything.

Rune Knight it's here by a reason: The Ignition Break by itself isn't that high damage, it's hard to one-shot something and having 2 seconds of cooldown make it so slow to clear. And the Dragon Breath.pngDragon Breath version need a ton of equipment to one-shot here (Because the mob have a good amount of HP and the Element reduction it's a pain)
You can make work both of the versions of the RK but aren't recomendable, need more gear than any of the other jobs to clear.

I'll add a extra information if you are trying to optimize even more the Thanatos Farming


I can say i grinded a lot in Thanatos and i have a good experience on this, tried with a lot of jobs and tracked some information.
Thanatos farming it's the most confiable and "safest" way to get zeny (Because the trades are complicated, the buyer allways searching the lowest price, the seller the highest price and well... Even the high demand things, sometimes took days/weeks to sell it, so yeah) 

What i should loot? (Based on some tracking of percentages on Thanatos F10)
1.Stone of Sages will deliver you 35% of your income. So on any escenario are must loot.
2.Red/Blue Feather you can exchange it for Limit Coins on a 1:1 ratio and become 35%, it's a must!
3.All the gems (Ruby, Topaz, Pearl, Garnet, 2carat, 3carat) will deliver you 15~20% of your income. So if you really want make money, you are losing a lot if you don't loot them.
4.The equipment related will deliver you 5~10% of your income. But the weight it's really problematic, (More if you can kill the Maeros, the armours Weight a lot), you can skip them evade totally the Two Handed Crimson Sword they worth nothing. You should keep the Ring [1], you can exchange them for LMP with Natalia on Limit Group.
5.All the extra etc aren't actually valuable (Cursed Seal, Golden Ornament, Brigan, Skull) only gives you 5~10% of your income. The Golden Ornament are usable to craft arrows so... if you have a good STR/Weight still it's worth.
- If you are using alootid. Stick to the top 3.

Magic Branch
I need to admit, i don't have enough experience in this Branch simply because it's expensive/annoying to make it work.
By my recomendation this are the order Sorceror > Warlock > Magic Doram > Arch Bishop


Sorceror it's up here because all their utility of their kit, easy way to achieve free cast (At least on Psychic Wave thanks to Mental Stick + Temporal Dex Boots/Ventus on Pasive Mode) and not to mention the insane damage you can hit if you proc the Runaway Magic.
The Psychic wave it's simply the best magic skill in the game, 7 hits, 11x11, Neutral magic and Endoweable (By Elemental system), the single problematic thing it's that, you are limited to the 5 seconds of Cooldown of Psychic Wave for make damage. But besides that, you can allways be a good support job if you aren't geared enough thanks to Striking + Extreme Vaccum.
It's the most consistent Magic job, it's the single one that can be enjoyed enough even with low budget.
The aplications are: pure support/tankish/sp refiller, Biolab farming (Mainly Cecils), if you are geared enough you can solo a lot of instances.

Warlock it's pure damage, but it's problematic get a good amount of DPS.
The most common thing to do it's Jack Frost + Flying Wing machines, just that clear maps of low hp mob constantly.
The another thing that you can aim it's the Soul Expansion spam, thanks to Intensification/Intense Telekinesis the stand alone dps isn't that bad. But yeah, Ghost type magic. (Remember Intense Telekinesis reduces the VCT of ALL THE SKILLS)
Another way to play it its getting the "high cooldown" spellbooks (Earth Strain, Tetra Vortex, Comet, etc...) and by Reading Spellbook + Release overpass the cooldown. It's a cool way to spam Comet's (Neutral magic).
And the last option are the Crimson Rock Warlock, you need stack Fire damage + High Refine Old Headgear, a pair of True Warlock cards and even Evil Glove (Spider Web > Crimson Rock extra damage).
The sad thing of Warlock are their High Fixed Cast times, the high cooldowns and high after cast delay. There are so many things to achieve to make it work, so usually you just keep it to be a Bulk farmer.

Doram only have 2 skill/build options use Silverine Stem Spear and  Shining Branch Charm [1] or Catnip Meteor and use the full elegant set +  Advanced Leaf Charm [1].
SV Stem Spear it's a selectable element (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth & Ghost) single target skill. Low delay, no cooldown, with the double Accesory you only need to deal with the 0.5 FCT.
Catnip Meteor it's a Neutral AoE spell but it's more problematic to obtain low cast because have a total of 7 seconds of cast time (3 Fixed and 4 Variable), you can reduce 40%+ of the Fixed Cast by refine in the Elegant set and 1 extra second of variable by  Charming Grass Necklace [1].

Arch Bishop it's here because only have 2 true tools of dps, but actually have higher solo potential than the Warlock on a budget (Just because all the defensive tools).
Judex it's so low on cast (2 VCT and just 0.5 of FCT), so damn spameable and thanks to Old Mitra you can obtain a good amount of base damage.
The Adoramus without the Shadow Set it's pretty bad (2 seconds of cooldown are too high) but if you can get it got reduced a second and if can stack some True Margaretha cards can be a one-shot AB, pretty funny.
You have fixed damage to Holy, but yeah. Isn't that bad, you can have a good experience playing it.

Anyways, i hope this help anyone. It's a topic some irrelevant, but i wanted to make it.

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Just adding some of my thoughts to the magic branch. A sorcerer with kaahi and indulge is unkillable for farming purposes. I've been farming thana 12 with it since I had just the ancient armor set of infinity space. Though you do have to learn how to manage your sp, and you'll have to use @refresh now and again since the constant knockbacks of jupitel will leave you wondering where you really are most of the time. As for the odiums, 1 fog wall will cut down their damage to the hundreds, just keep the aforementioned position lag in mind as you may look like you're in one spot when you're actually in another.

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Up to date, just some extra points about the Genesis Ray, Counter Slash, Arm Cannon changes and adding the Eve natalia and the feather exchange.

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