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Changelogs - More Christmas

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I officially wish everyone a coming Merry Christmas of 2017 ~~



  • Added feature where you can view item description (double click) of materials in the following shops:
    • Professor Butte
    • Costume Girl Alice
    • Mr Wise
  • Updated some miss information NPC dialogs for some NPCs in HQ.


  • Fixed Evil Slayer Sword being 1 handed. (Should be 2)
  • Added a fix patch to fix the display issue of costume garments on Santa dress and Summer dress.
  • All items from Lucky Fairy bug fixed.


  • Released God Quests Okolnir, tested and all works, also made guide in Essential Quest Guides on forums.
    • Wish Maiden in Okolnir drops several equipments.


  • Pet Disabled inside Castle when WoE is on.
  • Re-Vamp of Achivement feature
    • Cleaned all Achievements
    • Added 3 The Hunt Achievements.


  • No point loss upon death.
  • Increase re-entry delay to 5 minutes.


  • More Christmas Activities ~~ 

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VIP Coin Promotion

  • Every 1 VIP Coin donation will include 1x Special Exchange Cupon as gift for Xmas Kitty ingame <3
    • Ends 2017.12.31

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