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Valvons; Balbon a tagalog word which means Hairy
A PVM guild that was made for the sole purpose of helping all the lost souls in Midgard. We are bonded by our mask and suit to show equality and anonymity. We used to troll and throw jokes on each other just to lighten up the mood and make a happy environment while playing the game. 
We do not accept people who are involve in any fraudulent and unjust actions such as, corruptions, scamming, hacking, impersonation and most of all, real money trading. We are a proud citizen of Midgard where all riches came from pure hardwork. No Godly equips, no modified DPs and no Overupgraded bio4 and KVM weapons



Guild Master: Smiter of the Gods
Trolling Grounds: Prontera (123, 169) left side of pub lane
Language: English
Requirement: 1 Hahoe Mask , 1 Tuxedo. (Shows mere sincerity to join the Guild)
                         1 Initiation rights
                          24pcs of Good Sense of Humor (enough for 1day)

We accept new players, soloist, and lost souls. We are not a guild storage nor a guild bank where you can always ask for goodies and zenies but we will always try to do our best to help you in every possible way.





I am hairy, I am VALVON!! /heh

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