1. What about Limit RO?
    Addictive, amusing, amazing, nonchalant content update. A pleasant and enjoyable ride. Aggrandizement of community and economy. Witty, lively and wild chat happen invariably. Cozy place to slow down your tempo in life. Yeah, A good server if not, the Best!!
    KingC 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  2. Dear LimitRO
    My friends and I started playing LimitRO when it started 8 years ago. We decided to play again about a month ago. Unfortunately, Lai didn't grant us a guild package cause some of us were returning players. Of our 20 guild members, only 3 of us are left playing on the server. I was also on the verge of quitting but I luckily found some new friends and a cool guild. This server is a family and I hope more people join the server. ROK ON
    Antoinette 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  3. Limit since 2014
    the first private server i ever played and it is also the first time i played RO since i haven't had the chance to play wayback early 2000s cause its so expensive, aside from the load, you have also to rent a computer from the interet cafe so around 2014 i have the opportunity to try this game but on 2014 i stop playing on LimitRO cause my laptop gone through some technical issues since then i wasn't able to play in this server due to personal priorities HAHA and then later this year i tried to log in on this server again since it still has the vibe of a great server and i'm amaze that my items and characters are still here without any trace of losing anything, that's why i really love this server even i'm a bit far behind from the current items that this server has to offer, i could stay don't stop grinding until you reach your goal here on LimitRO, Rak ON! Long live Limit RO
    Freemourne 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  4. Dear Limit
    I have played RO since 2003, but of all the servers I've played in, I will be loyal with LIMITRO because this server is a family and not just a game. ROK ON!
    happyron 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  5. Limit
    I have been playing Ro since 2002, changed a lot of times from servers, but 4 monts ago i starded to play on Limit, this one is one of the most fun i have played, i have made friends and have a lot of fun here, so i must thank to everyone that made this server keep going. Thank you, and long live to LimitRo.
    Migitorio 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  6. Dear limitro event
    I started playing this server late 2016, so far i have been enjoying it because this server offers lots of features and it is updated (eventhough i am a bit overwelmed at first).Another thing that i liked is the server's diversity of players (really enjoyed making ingame friends from different parts of the world). As of now im still enjoying it and i think i will continue to lurk around (harharharaharhar..... do i get the freebies now?)
    dredlknot 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  7. My first Online Game
    Hi. I started play Ragnarok online 3 years ago on this server. During the whole time I experienced many unforgettable moments.Hope, it will be continue.
    Kotomi Rey 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  8. I've been play RO 12 years, I keep looking for an good private server to play, since my farvorite server has closed. I really enjoy LimitRO, I still don't have any friend here, a bit sad, but I think it's ok. Stay strong, LimitRO, and yes, you too, Lai, congrats for the baby.
    kenkaishin 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  9. Happy 8th Anniversary
    It's been 15 years ago since my first time playing Ragnarok. LimitRO has bring back all of lovely memories of playing this game in the server. The kind and fun community and GMs, has also makes this server unforgettable. Everyone has a same chance to be the best in this server as well. Keep doing your best LimitRO! Happy 8th Anniversary!
    Mary Celeste 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  10. Happy 8th anniversary LimitRO
    I've been here around 8 months and meet many friends here. LimitRO is also my second home. Good luck LimitRO. Happy 8th anniversary!
    Xia Ah Miao 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  11. Rebirth Of Limitro
    dear limitro, if u have 1mil fan im 1 of them, if u have 1k fan im 1 of them, if you have 100 fan im 1 of them, if you have 1 fan only im not there, LOL no1 play alone. but!!! dont give up to be at the top. i know u can. if you fall i will be there to support you up again. sincere - Y a t o
    Y a t o 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  12. Dear LIMITRO, I have been a player since the birth of Ragnarok and was very upset when they had to stop it. It's been always a pleasure playing this game and this server is sure one the best servers I got in. Made a lot of friends and GMs are mostly there for you to talk to. It has always been fun hanging out and just talk to other players too. More power and hope you'll continue to reward players and make this game going. "Never grow old, just level up." -imekaiPH JesikaDLGD 5/17/17
    JesikaDLGD 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  13. Dear LimitRO
    I first played this 2D charactered 3D world game when I was 15. My first rare card to pick was a Lunatic Card- in a computer shop. After a week or two (probably a month) I got a Hydra Card, at the same computer shop. I shouted "I got one!" Everytime I log into this RO server I'm into which is LimitRO, I keep remembering that time. I fall asleep in front of the computer trying to farm some few stuffs to earn zeny just to buy a crappy helm. I'm 30 years old now, and after all these years, this guy here keeps getting old still ends up playing this "impossible" game over and over again. Today I work at some office and also learning and trying hard to make and design a game. Whenever I'm having a hard time about ideas and playtestings, I just log into LimitRO. Man, the game never gets old except us people. Couldn't be the strong one, or the rich one, but just an average player. Oh well, so far this is the nicest server I ever stumbled upon and is currently improving. More Power LimitROnians, and I'm hoping for it's continuous server status-without any rollbacks. (Proven Since 2009.) players, keep playing. consumers, keep buying. vendors, keep selling. farmers, keep earning. MVPers, keep hunting. forgers, keep upgrading. <3 From Philippines. P.S. I take back what I said about growing old. We DON'T grow old. We just level up.
    Lord Vincent III 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  14. Ragnarok Experience
    As far as i can remember i've been playing ragnarok since i was in elementary days BUT only as a farmer substitute to my cousin's acc. its kinda our bonding experience since i'm taking a vacation there. i never played ragnarok that are 99/70 servers and 150/70 servers since it's a pain to farm.the servers that i play are usually 255/120 because of the pvp mechanics there. but now i would like to try something new. since the first time i came here to limit ro. i can say that the community here is good. people are not that hard to approach unlike other servers. hence i can say that i want to play limit ro as much as i can and to be rich in this game lol. alas more power limit ro. happy 8th anniversary :) -Essentialss
    EssenTialss 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  15. Thank you LimitRO
    I played Ragnarok Online for decades now and i first played this sever the time where renewal is new. I find limitRO a good, understandable and balance server. Thanks for doing a great job on making this a good place to play i hope to continue your hard work guys.
    Dolfo 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  16. More Power to Limitro
    Its been a long time since i started to play Limitro.. Playing with my guild mates and friends in fun specially in WOE and MVP hunting, its quit challenging and serves as stress reliever to me.. Hope LIMITRO Stay's to Last.... Happy 8th Anniversary... rock on!!!
    Micko 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  17. My Experience in LimitRO
    I've always enjoy playing RAGNAROK ONLINE, there is something about collecting non-existing items that just gets under my skin, I stopped playing for about 4 years and all the time I was thinking about trying the exact server (since the one I used to play on died off), but I didn't have the time. Now I am playing once again, and is hard and kinda embarrassing to describe what playing RO in this time of my life means, it might even sound ridiculous, but I really want to take this chance to show my appreciation for the server, the GM and the HELPERS. So the reason why I joined the game and the server is because I'm currently "house-bounded", along with the rest of my family I am taking care of my dad who was diagnosed with cancer last year, so he has to be accompanied by someone at all times, it sounds harder than it is, I wont get into details, but basically he is active a portion of the day, the he has to rest (a lot), and that's when I'm playing RO, ofc I have other occupations, but when u can't leave an area you suddenly realize the more stuff you do, the more time it seems to be, so I play. And the awesome thing I've found in this server is that people are super friendly, the community on this server is just super nice and open, I've meet a lot of very lovely people. I guess I shall mention that the server balance is cool, I've obtained more items here in 4 months on this server than in 3 years on my old server, there are tons of activities to do as well, the GMs are active, nice and helpful (tho they could be even more helpful), but to me is the community is what really makes this server's experience so satisfying, really helps me to calm down and relax, stop being worried about the situation I'm in, not escaping or some silly thing like that but just have a break from the constant preoccupation. Yes I know I must sound lame but right now is just what I need and I'm glad LimitRO is here. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LIMITRO!!!!!!
    AndiFist 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  18. Happy Anniversary Limit RO <3
    It had been 1 year and a half i start playing Limit RO and never had regret about my decision to focus on this private server (actually i have 1 regret when broke my +9WWS T_T). This server have friendly community, active GM, and interesting event such as this one. I am looking forward for another great adventure on Limit RO, and Lai give me silver coins please :)
    Shoko Takahashi 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  19. Happy Anniversary LimitRO!
    I started this game a few months ago and after a few weeks of playing, I started to get bored. But when I was a bout to quit, I met someone at Asgard asking for a repairman and met my very first friend on LRO. Through that friend, I met many more amazing people and changed my experience at LRO. I wouldn't be here without my friend and I wouldn't have met the amazing people who I call my family at LRO. But what gave me a chance of meeting that friend is LRO. Thank you LimitRO, I truly hope the server improves and grows as it has a lot of potential. Congratulations
    Fehlmer 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  20. Happy Aniversary Limit RO <3
    Hi Limit Ro!!! I start to play Ragnarok 4 months ago and this is my first server, I am so happy cuz is better than I expected! I found people very cute and friendly! GMs and Helpers are very helpful and put attention to his players! I am very gratefull for make my time fun on the server! <3 <3 I love Limit Ro, Zolea!!
    Zolea 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online