1. Hello Limit Ronians ~
    "Who`s up for a friendly server? Base on my experience, I preferably recommend anyone to farm and farm until you become strong :) it`s easy to become strong if you got time to farm for items that you want.. Most of my time in Limit is for hunting mvps, farming thana. farming bio stuffs. and more. I would gladly help all newbies who is stuck in leveling but I don`t help them in items coz I am poor HAHAHAHA /gg This game is so friendly it keeps me OL for about 12hrs a day LMAO. I hope this might win XD coz Hilmir got manly voice HAHAHA /gg but he is gay LOL WAHAHAHAHAHA P.S. Hope you guys make more events :D Good Luck Limit Ronians ~
    Sese :D 19-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  2. Happy 8th Anniversary LimitRO
    Good community, active GM and Helpers, newbie friendly. Thanks LimitRO Long Live..
    Niska / Salmonelasoup 19-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  3. Dear Lai and the rest of the gang, I Hope this letter finds you well, I joined this server a year a go, there's so much stuff going on here and there, there are stress full times/people/players on this server (specially those who called me kitty face, what can I do I'm a DORAM, DUHHH!!!) but, most of the time I enjoyed my stay on this so called "cyber home of mine" where i can be who ever i want XD, any way I'm doing this for those 10 limit LUCKY COIN bronze, lol, but seriously i hope this server kept on running, more freebies to come !!! P.S. I hope you could allocate a certain space for AFKs on Asgard so we wont litter around ~ , ~
    Beany 19-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  4. Limit
    :D free coins? why not, I hope more free stuff coming out on Limit soon enough in the future :3
    Zieft 19-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  5. A newbie Testimonial
    Altough i am new in this server (about 1 week), i find out that this game is very enjoyable to play. GM are friendly, players around are very helpful. Kind of confuse at first, but will try to learn this game by time. After 9-5 stressful day at work, this is the best game to unwind and enjoy. TQ LIMIT RO! TQSM
    LegoLer 19-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  6. Dear LimitRo
    Dear LimitRo, I thank you for this awesome server, after the previous one I played shut down, I was wandering around in an endless search for a new home, there were many but not good, I stopped playing RO for a while then began a search again, thats when i found LimitRo where things were fair and fun, where there is a sense of acomplishment in doing instances, farming, quests, where the community is strong and helpful. Stay strong and lovely. Sincerely yours.
    JusticeRevival 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  7. Dear LimitRO
    Can't really sum it all up in these words, it has been a wonderful 5 year experience. I sincerely give my uttermost thanks to GM Lai and all the rest of the staff for always being there for us, cheers mates!
    Molten 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  8. Limit RO
    After coming back to playing RO, some things are kept true to the original. Good community, active, different types of instances.
    Prowater 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  9. Dear LimitRO
    Dear LimitRO Thank you for bringing my childhood game back because I have missed this so much and you have brought me happiness even though i have only played for a few weeks now. The people here are fun,nice and very approachable I love how the gm's and the helpers are active and help us through those difficult times. Before I finish this I have one thing to say "KEEP ROCKIN LIMITRO" XOXOXOXOXOX - CookieMonstah mwuah :*
    CookieMonstah 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  10. Dear LimitRO
    I really want to say thank you for keeping this server up for many years already. it always remind me of my childhood days back when i was in high school. Because of LimitRO, i can always go back and cherish my memories of childhood. Thank You LimitRO. :) SkyyFFlakes
    SkyyFFlakes Geo 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  11. dear LIMITRO
    Playing limitro every day makes you happy Many new friends from different countries Thanks limitro GENE X
    antonrudii 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  12. What about Limit RO?
    Addictive, amusing, amazing, nonchalant content update. A pleasant and enjoyable ride. Aggrandizement of community and economy. Witty, lively and wild chat happen invariably. Cozy place to slow down your tempo in life. Yeah, A good server if not, the Best!!
    KingC 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  13. Dear LimitRO
    My friends and I started playing LimitRO when it started 8 years ago. We decided to play again about a month ago. Unfortunately, Lai didn't grant us a guild package cause some of us were returning players. Of our 20 guild members, only 3 of us are left playing on the server. I was also on the verge of quitting but I luckily found some new friends and a cool guild. This server is a family and I hope more people join the server. ROK ON
    Antoinette 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  14. Limit since 2014
    the first private server i ever played and it is also the first time i played RO since i haven't had the chance to play wayback early 2000s cause its so expensive, aside from the load, you have also to rent a computer from the interet cafe so around 2014 i have the opportunity to try this game but on 2014 i stop playing on LimitRO cause my laptop gone through some technical issues since then i wasn't able to play in this server due to personal priorities HAHA and then later this year i tried to log in on this server again since it still has the vibe of a great server and i'm amaze that my items and characters are still here without any trace of losing anything, that's why i really love this server even i'm a bit far behind from the current items that this server has to offer, i could stay don't stop grinding until you reach your goal here on LimitRO, Rak ON! Long live Limit RO
    Freemourne 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  15. Dear Limit
    I have played RO since 2003, but of all the servers I've played in, I will be loyal with LIMITRO because this server is a family and not just a game. ROK ON!
    happyron 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  16. Limit
    I have been playing Ro since 2002, changed a lot of times from servers, but 4 monts ago i starded to play on Limit, this one is one of the most fun i have played, i have made friends and have a lot of fun here, so i must thank to everyone that made this server keep going. Thank you, and long live to LimitRo.
    Migitorio 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  17. Dear limitro event
    I started playing this server late 2016, so far i have been enjoying it because this server offers lots of features and it is updated (eventhough i am a bit overwelmed at first).Another thing that i liked is the server's diversity of players (really enjoyed making ingame friends from different parts of the world). As of now im still enjoying it and i think i will continue to lurk around (harharharaharhar..... do i get the freebies now?)
    dredlknot 18-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  18. My first Online Game
    Hi. I started play Ragnarok online 3 years ago on this server. During the whole time I experienced many unforgettable moments.Hope, it will be continue.
    Kotomi Rey 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  19. I've been play RO 12 years, I keep looking for an good private server to play, since my farvorite server has closed. I really enjoy LimitRO, I still don't have any friend here, a bit sad, but I think it's ok. Stay strong, LimitRO, and yes, you too, Lai, congrats for the baby.
    kenkaishin 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  20. Happy 8th Anniversary
    It's been 15 years ago since my first time playing Ragnarok. LimitRO has bring back all of lovely memories of playing this game in the server. The kind and fun community and GMs, has also makes this server unforgettable. Everyone has a same chance to be the best in this server as well. Keep doing your best LimitRO! Happy 8th Anniversary!
    Mary Celeste 17-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online