1. Dear LimitRO
    playing for a few months now the server seems almost always stable theres automated events the community is very helpful in support and in cases of partying for instances always great the GM's seem a bit busy lately but always there to help out
    Onodera Ritsu 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  2. Dear LimitRO
    I love this server! GMs are approachable and friendly. I enjoyed playing this server because of its balanced system. we all know that it is important to have a balanced system. Using money to be strong is really not my thing so i think this server is pretty much good. I also enjoyed daily events and freebies. it really helps a lot.
    Takarai Rihito 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  3. Dear Limit Ro
    It's been a year and a half since i join Limit Ro. It's not easy for the beginning, my file crash, error during in game, game crash, lost file and even this latest maintenance give a new error. BUT!! I always remember things that i have been through all this time with this server. I fix one by one of the error i got and seek help from GM and i manage to fix it and make it playable. Limit Ro and myself have a memories that i cannot forget. Me myself feel so proud seeing this server growing large. Thank you Lai for creating this beautiful server, hope this server will continue to grow larger >.<!
    Shikadai 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  4. friendly GMs and helpers
    GMs are always available to help and guide new players. website is easy and complete with all the download links, very active staff. I hope more players will come join me so we can play and have fun with this one of a kind server
    Moriyama 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  5. the server is stable. You can play 24/7. this server has a good and friendly community, Active GMs. this server also has a balanced economy, looking forward for WOE soon.
    Wukair 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  6. The server is pretty good. The GMs are friendly and the economy is pretty balanced. I've been on the server for only a few days but I've managed to make a few characters with good equipment already. I wished there were more customizations available.
    Lusail 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  7. A very nice competetive server , u will meet alot of pros here wether solo or party play, good communication with gm easy to talk , really help when in need . all classes are balance coz theres no OP item or donation. a very good server to kill time .
    Hamad 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  8. Limitro
    Lots of fun events and quests ;) I like it a lot! Join the server now and make it even more fun!!
    AlMessaidd 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  9. Best RO experience so far!
    Been playing for almost 2 weeks and yeah it is a great server to play on!! It is very enjoyable here, friendly and helpful people and of course GM. And everything is balanced.
    Sedating 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  10. Stable server
    The best Ragnarok server you can find if you're planning to play for a long time. It won't close anytime soon like many others RO server. If you get bored and stop playing, u can come back after years and the server will still be there to you.
    Decongestant 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  11. Limitro best server
    best server played so far no bias and corrupt GM's lots of headgear and costume headgear
    Repetabs 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  12. Limitro
    i love this server....hope the population grows more so we can have guild competition and have many party people
    Claritin 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  13. Balanced server
    friendly gms..new world to explore...daily events..less bugs..less lag..friendly community. what else can you ask for?? more power to lai and this server
    Clarinase 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  14. Limitro balanced server
    Right now, all I can say is this server is cool and better than those I've tried. No bias GM. Economy is good. GM's are friendly and helpful whenever there is questions.
    Palmolyte 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  15. Limitro
    LimitRO is the best! Because we are the most updated private server with updated doram skills!!! More power to limitro and more events to come.
    Alfardan 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  16. LimitROnians
    Been here since 2010. I maybe a year late but as soon as I started to play, this virtual world will make you feel almost like reality. You got friends, you got haters, you'll see lovers, couples, groups, clans/guild. You'll learn how to do business (vending) n_n This server, for the past years that I had been, I see the ups and downs. There is also a time when there is a rollback. (wew) n_n Of All the things that happen, I'm Happy that I spend my time being here. Happy 8th LimitRO Family. Long Live LimitROnians! Cheers! n_n ..V.,
    renjisan 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  17. I love LIMITRO
    Limitro is a great server. Balanced. Not OP donate items. great community. kind GMs and fellow players. I love this server
    Hogar 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  18. After a hiatus of 1 year, i came back to limitro. Nothing changed. Still a great server. I hope there will be a lot of new events and players as well.
    Solaris Yami 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  19. Playing for many years
    Its been playing for many years in this server. Its fun and joyful. Many memories in this server. Hope it can keep it up.
    Udang 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  20. LimitRO
    Play RO.. Stop.. Play again. LimitRO makes me want to play again and again. Thanks to all the friendly players out there and GMs! Let's continue to have fun!
    member257 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online