1. Awesome!
    I love LimitRO - it's very good server! :D
    Lai 07-02-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  2. Hey there!
    It's always nice to meet players who are polite when talking to GMs, helpers, and fellow players.
    GM Freya 08-02-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  3. The Best One Yet
    You'll see a lot of reviews about the server's balanceness, economy, etc, so I'll just highlight what's most important for me; equality. This server has a very open minded and welcoming community, we even have same-sex marriage!
    GM Hilmir 09-02-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  4. Happy Anniversary Limit RO!!!
    So far, this is the best private RO server that I've ever played. I played this way back around 2010 as kid haha and my first character was a warlock. Limit RO has becoming more better and better than the past. This is the one server I would prefer to my friends, family, and classmates to play :p. I hope for GM Hilmir, Lai, & Freya(?), the Helpers, and Players would still continue and improve the server I love which is Limit RO. Well, thank you GM's, Helpers, and the players for those who have been donating for this server. See ya!. NOTICE ME SENPAIS!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LIMIT RO!!!!! :D
    Riivai 15-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  5. A great server for busy folks like me
    A great RO server for folks like me that has too little time to grind on lower rate servers. Lots of useful NPC and a chill community!
    Aerir 15-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  6. Happy 8th Anniversary!!
    I've been playing on this server for 2 years now. I really like this server. It has its ups and downs, but I think the positive things about the server far outweigh all the negative stuff being said. To be quite honest, LimitRO is the only server I've liked to the point of making it my "home". So here's to hoping LimitRO stays.
    Cap 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  7. Happy Anniversary Limit RO
    Want to play ragnarok online again, so I search for private server, and find the ideal server that is LIMITRO, I am new to this server, so I can not say much .. good luck limitro, GBU
    Makaryo 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  8. Happy 8th Anniversary
    i've been playing on this server for 3 months now, So far this is A great server, i love to play here, nice people , fast respon, many quests, attractive events , fellows players , balanced economy, nice looting, great helpers, balanceness skills, etc... SO , it's very Great Server !!
    Eleinor 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  9. Happy 8th Anniversary bonitos ~
    My most precious memory in this server hmm, I'm kinda old on this server I feel like a grandma now haha, community is really good I had many friends who I adore ~ many many laughs and funny moments in these years please continue to grow ~~ much loveee, btw what I love more is to bully bulla is so fun ~~ Momo gg <3
    Momochann 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  10. Best server ever
    LimitRO its not about play a game its abou fun with friends!
    Sindia 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  11. LimitRO is Life
    Limit RO is not just a game we play but truly it is FUN.. So I can say that Limit RO is life... Happy anniversary...
    Kim Clarenceson Maneja 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  12. Happy 8th Anniversary !!!
    This is my 1st time i playing RO Private Server, i think it will be hard or somethin (about quest, hunting, zeny >.<) but it's not hard(fail expectation). Its Clear and like a Walkthrough helped me to playing this game as well. And then the GM (Hilmir, Lai) fast responses thats the point to make this RO PS made balance about everything no exception fellow players make me feel like home (sure!). last but not least i hope Limit RO always like this, many event for players, improve, be the great and ruler of Private Server. Limit RO GGWP !!
    Doma 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  13. The only server I would Play Ragnarok ever
    oh my god its been 8 years! i still remember when first time i played in this server and got no friend at all. Now, i got many good friend to play, hunt, instance, and having conversation. Great Job Limitronian! GMs! and All people who support this server. Let's have an adventure and enjoy Limit Ragnarok :)
    Vera Sansan 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  14. ?LiVe LoNg LiMiT Ro ?
    Well so many things to say cant understand from where to start on...So Lets start from ?"Together - We make it happen"? This server is very close to my heart...playing this server since 2012 and not even a single day i have left that i am getting bore... Successfull 8 yrs its all bcoz of GM Team Hard work...and lots of support from players.. Every server has good phases and bad phases..but limit in good phases is always good and in bad phase is also very good bcoz they have lots of motivation...Players support...GM team hard work...Love for server...?? "Enjoying Playing Limit Ro....Live many more years...God Bless" ?Happy Anniversary?
    BaGeErA 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  15. It's A Rocket!
    Hell this Server is so amazing! - lagless gameplay with 500-800 ppl - funny Events and tons of Customs - always friendly and helpful community I dont't wanna play iRO again =) Peace!
    Magichaze 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  16. The One and Only
    It's almost 7 months playing on this server.And based on my experience , this is the only server that is Fun because of the active GMs,Great Community,Friends and The only server I know that is really updated. I have a lot of friends now :D (And no longer a beggar :P).
    Entity 808 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  17. A place we can call our second home
    Hats off to Lai and his minions. Who would have thought that this server had been here that long? Time sure flies fast. I've been here in the past and went on a long hiatus. And now I found myself coming back and stayed here for almost 2 years now after that 6 or 7 years I stopped. During that gap I tried alot of Ragnarok server but nothing seems to compare to this one. This is by far the best server I have ever seen or been on. This server have the great community, very friendly and enthusiastic people which is the main reason why I enjoy this game. Its like having a second family you can always come to. Happy Anniversary Limit-RO!
    Mr Gaaaaaaab 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  18. Limit RO Experience
    LimitRO offers up to date features and has a huge population that makes everything more fun and easier to do. party instances are so much fun! Lag is minimized and this is the place wherein you can be the person you want to be. A place that you can just be yourself and people will not care or judge you. Playing limitRO was one of the things that i do in my daily life right now!
    Uncle Pennybag 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  19. A place where you always come back
    I started here around 2012, I dont really remember when and I had a long break here. I forgot I even have account here. When I found my acc here It brang so much memories and I'm glad that I still have my accounts. Lots of things changed in the last years but glad to know that what you made is alwas there. Sometimes you skip a day or two, sometimes you takes a longer break, sometimes you suffer cause of expensive vip but still you sure buy some xD sometimes you skip a night from life to play cause you just can't log out. But in the end, you always come back. Thanks for these memories ^^
    Hez 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  20. Happy Anniversary Limit RO
    i got here from my old group of playing RO back then. most of them played here and said it was fun. at first i just want to recreate my old char, paladin, but then i got carried away and ended up with 1 RG and 1 Mechanic. it is fun and exciting to play RO again, especially in this server one of my memorable memories is when my diabolus armor failed to be refined to +5 just after i refined my ebone armor to +5. you loss some, you gain some Happy 8th Anniversary char: ZergKing
    ervan260 16-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online