1. Once a Limitorian, Forever be a Limitorian
    I've been playing LimitRo since 2008 or 09's until I got busy in my studies so I need stop playing until I finnished school and when I have my own time in playing. Just this May 2018 in my vacant time I remember this game, ever since I always missed playing LimitRO, Playing with friends and with my brother. So i tried to search for and to install this game hoping that my account in limitRO is not deleted like of the others. I thank God and limitRO to my surprised that my account is still here ! Thank you so much ! Now though my character are not that strong, not rich, just a simple happy gamer loofing around. Annoying some monsters to kick their butt. Im contented and Im very happy to see my characters once again and play as much time that I have. Thanks to all the staff of this game ! I was never wrong to chose this game ! :) Hope til I got old I will be still having my account. More wisdom ! Godbless
    Isiahmaher 27-05-2018

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  2. чёрный экран
    ПОдскажите что делать . захожу в игру а там чёрный экран. только в углу виднеется инвентарь.
    Александр 21-12-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  3. LimitRO is LOVE!~
    Closest to official and I absolutely love that it is mid-rate. Always keep coming back to this server. Feels like home. <3
    Kawaiiiiiii 02-10-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  4. 11/10 wouldn't Limit to 10
    > Been here 5 years ago > Been here 5 secs ago > Was after school de-stress-er > Now after work de-stress-er > Quality RO server > Hope will stay here forever > I keep coming back idk > Addicted each time I come back smh > 11/10 wouldn't Limit to 10 #LimitPlayerEverSince
    Jeremy 'Jep' De Guzman 06-06-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  5. Love at the first sight! Thats all i want to say to this private server. Because this is my first experience to play this private and.... GM, helper, and many people are so kind. Thats why i love this game. Feels like home and keep it up! Hopefully, more players and more events. Much loves!
    iLuminaire 26-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  6. Dear.. LIMIT RO
    Limit RO is one of many RO servers i've played. I jump from one server to another but it seems like limit RO gave me a more proper PSRO-ish feelings. beside playing in official server, Limit RO is my another favorite server <3 also thank you to Limit RO because you gave me so much reason to keep playing RO
    Verlena 26-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  7. Testimonial
    I have hunted for many RO servers since 5 years ago. And i stuck at LimitRO server now. Good Server ! Keep it up !
    Nels 24-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  8. by chance I found this server at ratemyserver couple of months ago. all alone, but somehow I made it. bring some friends over and found new friends. the IS leech party helps a lot. and the GMs are very active. overall, this server is very very good. there's a lot of things to do and a lot of funny moments.
    Racailum 24-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  9. Dear Limit RO
    My first private server I have played, and it was 2011 my friends and I choose Limit RO as our second home and since our first hit on a poring we are thankful that we land here, GM's are friendly and they make sure that players are having fun by giving events, addressing game issues, and the best part is removing the burden in leveling (whew I can kill stormy knight without taking me months of leveling) . But because of work and family (getting old problems), me and some of my friends have been on a 5 year hiatus . And because of work we are on different parts of the world right now and playing Limit RO again makes us in just one location having fun once again just like the first day we are playing here. Thank you very much Limit RO a lot has change since I played but the changes you made give us comfort and fun in playing this classic game. More power to you guys no winter will befall on you!
    forestmagu 23-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  10. 8 Years & Still Crowded -- Awesome
    I have been playing more than a month, Yep! I was so excited Active GM & Helpers, Good Community that very helpful OMG, 8 Years for Private Server and still crowded - AWESOME !!!
    Bayoe 23-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  11. Happy Anniversary till the Limit!
    Dear Limit RO, It's been 6 years I've been hiatus from playing RO. And now I come back and choose limitRO after trying many other private servers. That I love the most in this PS is GM and helper always consist to make this game alive. Many event that GMs and helpers held and I love this community grew up. Promise to always live until I getting old and have a child and grand child LOL. Love You!
    Kambing Hitam 21-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  12. Dear Limit RO
    I love this private server and I hope that Limit RO player will growing more and more. GMs are nice and active, easy to communicate with them. Keep the spirit guys
    Gray Willsmith 21-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  13. Happy Anniversary!!
    I have been playing about 4 month and i see that GM, helper, and many player are friendly. But i got much laggy, that is the only weakness in my experience playing limitro. Overall I love it !! ^^
    Retz Conkha 21-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  14. Dear Limit Ro
    Dear Limit Ro, This is one of the game i ever played.. Server has ups and downs but still we are here keep rolling, i hope to have a more and more players to come. I have one thing to suggest.. I know we are midrate.. i hope we grow more and more. More power limit ro
    Silvia Lindstroem 21-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  15. Dear Limit Ro~
    I have been playing ever since this server existed, from thousands of people... to hundreds of people... I was saddened by the sudden decrease but after my break, i came back to see 700 people and more. I was so excited! I love this community and the GMs! And I also love how everyone help one another when there are new players. Limit RO ftw forever~! Cryan 21-5-2017
    Cryan 21-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  16. Happy Anniversary LimitRO!
    In almost a year joining, updated content and active forums are definitely a highlight, bust most of all, the welcoming and great people that you'll find here. Not to mention tons of costumes!!! On a side note, this is the longest time I've ever been on one ro server and there is always something new to do XD 8th year of running is no small feat, kudos to the community for making Limit a resilient and amazing server!
    Shappo 21-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  17. Dear LimitRO
    The server is great and all, but to be honest, i just write to get the 10x Lucky Coin (Bronze), love and peace!!! ლ(´ ❥ `ლ)
    Gardna 21-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  18. Dear LimitRO
    I've been playing in this server for about 5 years. Even though i'm not always in agreement with the decisions of the administration and with the mistakes that were made, i can still safely say this is one of the best if not the best ragnarok private server that i've played. Always trying to be up to date with the official servers was the reason that made me choose LimitRO and that hasn't changed even today. Hope for more years and long live limit ro!
    Kurohige 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  19. Dear LimitRO
    Been a player for almost a week a now, so far it's been really interesting and fun! Everything is very reliable like the quests, the events, the community etc. I hope it will continue to improve more. I will see you around guys!
    Diatom 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online
  20. Dear LimitRO
    Been playing for less than a month now, so far its really been interesting server to kill some time and for pvp lover. Everything seems stable and no OP donate items
    Sakuraba Misaki 20-05-2017

    In Limit Ragnarok Online