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Found 41 results

  1. Lex Luthor

    Make WoE great Again

    Implementing these based on official content.
  2. Ressentiment

    BlackCat Rampage

    BlackCat Rampage is recruiting members for Silk Woe BlackCat Rampage is Russian guild, but we are recruiting Non Russian members too for silk woe. Requirements: -Must join Discord channel ( -Must know English -Must be well behaved Main language in guild is Russian\English, but if you feel okay about that we can offer you: -Funny guide about Silk WoE -Help with leveling \ gears for silk WoE -Silk Woe If you want to join us, you can write in game: -Full of Love -Shi no Ken -Flunk -Kristanuka -Croda -SacredAxe or just come @go 19 Discord Channel: Twitch Channel:
  3. NOTE: Cryan has "RETURNED" but will be laying low until she got all her equipments again Cryan's Rebellion Guide Before we start the guide, we need to look at what a Rebellion is. Rebellion is a "Extended 2nd Job Class" not Transcended 2nd Job Class. So you can't equip Transcended 2nd Job Class equipments. Rebellion comes after Gunslinger. [Who doesn't know that?] This class uses ranged weapons specifically Guns. The guns Available for Rebellion are as follows: Revolver Shotgun Rifle Gatling Gun Grenade Launcher Here are the information on each Gun usage: Revolver Revolver is a standard Gunslinger/Rebellion gun to use. It offers faster Attack Speed under the cost of HIT and its low base attacks. Revolvers are a great choice of weapon for starters. Provides great Mobility at Rebellion Skill Tree Shotgun Shotguns provides Huge single target damage and AoE damages. But at the cost of low Attack Speed. Shotguns are mostly used when you reached Rebellion class for the high damages and ability to remove enemy's buffs. Allows high damage output and allows the user to disable enemy's buffs Rifle Rifles provides high HIT and CRIT bonuses. But it is slower than Revolvers by a bit and it has a very limited skill set to use. Rifles are underrated. It is very useful for Rebellion for their small AoE skill that does high amounts of damage. High damage, small AoE. Gatling Gun Gatling Guns are almost the same as Revolvers, but Gunslinger has a skill called "Gatling Fever". With this skill along with some AGI, you can win over Attack Speed part of Revolvers and also outclass Revolver's damage. Gatling Guns are used commonly for Rebellion as it provides high damage output and fast Attack Speed with its buffs. High damage, attack speed. Also has Ground Removal Skill. Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher is a special gun that does elemental damages because of its special ammunition. It also has a chance to break the enemy's armor at close range. But it does have a very high base Attack stat. It is also slower than Shotguns. Grenade Launcher are rarely used for both Gunslinger and Rebellion. It is quite heavy and slow. It is only used for Dragon Tail in Rebellion but it eats up a lot of skill points in the Gunslinger section, so rarely anyone goes for Dragon Tail skill on Rebellion. Slow, not commonly used. Not recommended to use. Gun's Fun Fact Guns does 100% damage to all monster sizes. It is also two-handed so you can't equip a shield. Skills Rich Coin - Consume 100 zeny to generate 10 coins (10 coins is the max coin stack) Flicker - Activates all Howling Mine and Bound Traps on screen Fallen Angel - Immediately move to the targeted location withing 9 cells from caster. If there is an obstacle between the caster and the target cell, this skill will fail to activate. Within 2 seconds of activation, increase Desperado damage by 100%. Fire Dance - Deals damage to all targets within 5x5 of the caster. Additional damage is dependent on Desperado skill level. Heat Barrel - Increases attack and attack speed temporarily at cost of Hit rate. Last Stand and Platinum Altar cannot be used in conjunction with this skill. Each use consumes all coins. Each coin consume gives 5% off fixed cast time, thus a full stack coin consume will give 50% fixed cast reduction. Shattering Storm - Sprays heavy gunfire into a single target to inflict ranged physical damage to all enemies around the target. It has a chance of breaking enemies' helm. Vanishing Buster - Spreads gunfire into a single target to inflict ranged physical damage to single target. It has a chance of removing enemies' buffs and debuffs. Slug Shot - Shoots a heavy projectile at a single target to inflict devastating ranged physical damage. The accuracy of the shot decreases for every cell after the first 3 cells from the target. Monsters hit by this skill will be stunned. Mass Spiral - Fires a piercing bullet that does additional damage depending on the targets DEF. Inflicts the bleeding status at a high chance. Anti-Material Blast - Fires an immaterial projectile at a single target to inflict massive ranged physical damage. It has a chance of decreasing the target's Demi-human property resistance. Hammer of God - Calls forth the mighty hammer of God to strike down a targeted location. Enemies affected by Crimson Marker in the targeted location will be struck by the hammer, inflicting physical damage to the affected target and all enemies around it. If there is no enemy affected by Crimson Marker in the targeted location, the hammer will drop on a random spot within the targeted location. Enemies struck by this skill will always be stunned. Each use consumes all coins. Eternal Chain - Allows the caster to use Chain Action regardless of equipped weapon for a duration. The level of Eternal Chain affects auto-cast level of Chain Action. Quick Draw Shot - This skill can only be cast after Chain Action is activated to deal additional damage to the target. To understand how the additional damage is calculated, head over here and read: Howling Mine - Fire a sticky bomb at the target to deal damage. If the caster uses Flicker, Howling Mine will detonate on the target, dealing the fire damage to the target and all enemies in range. Howling mine can only be detonated with Flicker. If the Howling Mine is not detonated for a certain duration, it will fall off from the target. Dragon Tail - Launches missiles at all targets on the screen that's marked by your Crimson Marker. If there is no target afflicted with Crimson Marker, the skill will fail to activate. Fire Rain - Spreads gunfire forward to inflict ranged physical damage to all enemies in a 3x10 area in front of the user. It has a chance of sweeping ongoing ground skills. Round Trip - Unleash a barrage of gunfire at all targets in range, dealing damage and knocking the affected targets back. If the targets are knocked back into the wall, they will take additional damage. Crimson Marker - Mark a target with Crimson Death Mark, reducing its movement speed by 10% and allows the caster to track the target on the mini-map. Only a maximum of 3 Crimson Markers can be active at a time. Boosts Quick Draw Shot, Dragon Tail and Hammer of God effect. Platinum Altar - This skill can only activate if the caster has equipped Silver Bullet or Purifying Bullet. When activated, consumes all coins to increase ATK. Skill level and the amount of coins consumed affects the ATK increase. Reduces the damage taken from Undead monsters during the skills duration. Cast a holy barrier similar with Kyrie Eleison to support player's defence. Bound Trap - Lay down a powerful movement impairing trap on the ground. All targets that enter the trap's area of effect will have their movement speed slowed significantly. Movement debuff duration is affected by the target's STR. Head over to to learn about the skills in-depth. Stats Auto Hit: Str: 1~50 Agi: 100~120 Vit: 30~70 Int: 20~70 Dex: 120 Luk: 1~50 Auto Hit (Crit): Str: 1~20 Agi: 80~120 Vit: 1~80 Int: 1~80 Dex: 120 Luk: 120 Auto Hit (Tengu): Str: 120 (For Tengu Set) Agi: 80~100 Vit: 20~50 Int: 20~50 Dex: 120 Luk: 1~33 Skill Rebellion: Str: 1~50 (120 if have Tengu) Agi: 40~100 Vit: 50~100 Int: 30~80 Dex: 100~120 Luk: 1~50 Slug Rebellion: Str: 120 Agi: 20~60 Vit: 20~40 Int: 110~120 Dex: 120 Luk: 1 Hammer Of God Rebellion: Str: 1 Agi: 80~120 Vit: 1~100 Int: 50~110 Dex: 120 Luk: 1~50 Trigger Happy Shot Rebellion: Str: 1 (120 if using Tengu Set) Agi: 80~120 Vit: 1~100 Int: 20~110 Dex: 120~130 Luk: 1~33 GEARS Headgears: White Drooping Eddga Laser of Eagle [1] Crow Tengu Mask Robo Eye Tengu Scroll Spiked Scarf Father's White Beard Monocle [1] Armor: Exerion Suit (Str and 2 Atk Reactors) Cursed Mail [1] Cotton Shirt [1] (Cheap Option as it has a card slots) Weapon: Tempest Tempest [1] Altea & Ares Minigun [2] Color Scope [2] Southern Cross Calf Deathadder [2] Calf Anaconda [2] Calf Python [2] Calf Diamondback [2] Garment: Fallen Angel Wings [1] ( Fatal/ EA enchants ) Adventurer's Backpack [1] Exerion Wing (3 Attack Reactors) Golden Wings [1] ( Fatal/ EA enchants ) Shoes: Revised Temporal DEX Boots [1] (EA + hawk eye Enchant) Revised Temporal LUK Boots [1] (EA + hawk eye/ Lucky Day Enchant) Revised Temporal STR Boots [1] (FS + Hawk Eye Enchant) Applause Sandals [1] Accessories: Pendant of Maelstrom [1] Rebellion Scarf [1] Cards: Kiel-D-01 Card (For Slug and Hammer of God) Gloom Under Night Card Memory of Thanatos Card Menblatt Card Outrageous Cookie Card Gold Scaraba Card Airship Raid Card (Good card if don't have Thana) Captain Ferlock Card (Only for Hammer of God builds) Archer Skeleton Card (Budget Card) Amon Ra Card (For Slug Rebellion) Elite Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card Jitterbug Card Singing Pere Card Playing Pere Card Faceworm Queen Card Defense: Valkyria's Shield [1] Royal Guard Shield [1] Shelter Resistance Golden Thiefbug Card Randel Card Bathory Card All Elemental Enchant card on Armor Why Shield is here? You can equip this and rush into the MVP's face to bound trap them. This can guarantee more survival. But remember to switch back to guns! Also switch different armor when needed! Shadow Equipments: Gunslinger Shadow Weapon Gunslinger Shadow Shield Cheaper Options: Anything that adds Dex & Agi / Attack / Attack Speed Example Gear Set-ups: Newbie Gears This can at least enable you to do some damage to mobs while leveling, and provide mobility when you want to bound trap MVPs. (Sigrun's wings is 10,000,000 zeny at deluxe hat npc at Vending harbour. Its an optional gear.) Ideal Gear -Budget Edition- I managed to reach 175 so far with this set-up and able to do decent damage. I used Academy badge and School bag as the combination effect is very useful. Ideal Gears -Auto Hit Tengu/Skill Rebel fit- This is the set-up for both auto hit or skill rebel builds. If you have applause, use it for skill rebel for extra spamming of skills. Critical Auto Hit This is my current set-up. Because there is no STR stat, the tengu set wont work, but you can still use the ranged attack % increase from the mask. Hammer of God set-up With the recent installment of airship raid cards. It is recommended to get a +10 color scope and add both cards in. Slug Rebellion set-up Do I need to say anymore? Just use the skill and smile at the damage. ^~^ (You can also switch to Revolvers to spam Fire dance/Desperado with this set-up.) Trigger Happy Shot Set-up This is my current end-game equips but catered to Trigger Happy Shot. I'm quite happy with the results so far. [Gears are all example of what it should be, you can improve it however you like.] Hammer Of God Skills: This is to make full use of the entire Rifle Skill sets. Gatling and Revolver are included for mobility and AoE clearing. Slug Rebellion Skills: Making full use of all Shotgun Skills. Extra 7 points, you are free to put whatever you want. Auto hit Rebellion Skills: (Generally Gatling Guns) Madness Canceler is a substitute for Heat Barrel when the buff runs out and its on a short cooldown. Unless you haveRebellion Scarf [1] then you can use the remaining 21 points to add whatever you want. Madness Canceler can also be used to disable Platinum Alter if you want to use Heat Barrel. Critical Auto Hit Skills: This is a complicated tree as learning Dragon Tail is to proc the extra critical damage boost you get fromRebellion Scarf [1]. Thus, with 2 of it, its a total of 30% critical damage increase. You can also try the crimson mark autocast. But I can tell you its a very very low rate of happening, so you can just use Crimson mark on bosses or enemies and just hope for the best. Or just mark a Mado and use Dragon Tail to kill them. Do remember to bring a Grenade Launcher and some Dragon Tail rounds if you feel like it. Madness Canceler here is the same usage as Normal Gatling Gun Auto Hit as you won't be learning Shattering Storm to reduce Heat Barrel's Cooldown. Trigger Happy Skills: The most important factor of this build is to utilize Elite and normal buffalo revolver bandit cards. Trigger Happy shot can be buffed through Platinum Alter and other buff affecting skills/ physical long range or ATK. Leveling Tips It is very easy to level Rebellion. First clear the Academy to earn free levels and get some mercenary scrolls and get the Critical Set for more damage, Agility set is also an option. Use the scrolls to summon the mercenary and level up. You don't need to rebirth as gunslinger so thats a good thing. You get to reach Rebellion faster. After you reach rebellion. Talk to admiral again to receive 9 more free levels. Afterwards, continue farming for some job levels to use Round Trip and Bound Trap. Then you can join IS party to level up even faster. Once you reach high levels, get some normal gears and start farming for Zeny to get good weapons from the Rebellions store, afterwards you can farm easily. Remember to stay safe since Rebellions are not tanky! Rebellion Skill Tips: Always use Rich Coin before using any buffing skills. This ensures the maximum potential of the buff skills. Like example: Rich Coin -> Eternal Chain -> Rich Coin -> Heat Barrel [ Royal Guard Shield Spell Combo ] Equip Royal Guard Shield, Use Spell Shield and in mid-cast, switch to a high DEF shield. This will allow you to gain extra ATK based on the shield's DEF. I currently have Shelter Resistance and it grants me a free 140 ATK for 7 minutes. Use Gatling Fever -> Heat Barrel once you are in range of an MVP. There is no delay after using bound trap, You can use another skill or fallen angel immediately after placing down bound trap. It only doesn't seem to for flicker. Cryan's tips on Rebellion: This guide is purely PVM. For PVP/WoE, you can approach Farlhart in game. I don't have much knowledge about PvP or WoE, but I do have some Minimal knowledge on how to gear and such. And what optimal gears and skills to be used in those areas. As a Rebellion, you need some gym passes to increase your weight limit as you would need to switch equipments to bring out the maximum effectiveness of Rebellion. For example, I am a Auto-hit Crit rebellion. So my Round Trips or other skills will be very weak as I am more Critical focused. Therefore I bring 2 FAWs with me. one for EA and one for Fatal enchants. I also brought both Luk and Dex boots. This way, I switch the boots and Garment when its clearing MVPs or Bosses. Why is there a temporal STR boots? I realized that having more STR & ATK for skill rebel builds will give even more damage but you would also need Hawk Eye enchants. I easily reached 1m Round Trip using Temporal Str, FAW ea enchants and such. Use Bound traps for extremely high MVP hp as auto hitting it will take awhile. Use a revolver to navigate around the MVPs easily. Videos: Infinity Space Hard Mode Solo - Valkyrie Randgris in 1.08 seconds - Amon Ra with Trigger Happy Shot Love, Cryan Server's Ex-Number One Rebellion At being really bad at it
  4. Mnemosyne

    [R>for Silk WoE] BeeTrayed

    What: BeeTrayed is currently recruiting members for Silk WoE 2020! Devo, killers, and support are more than welcome! Max level players (200/70) are accepted. When: Please come 30 minutes before each scheduled 1-hour long Silk WoE session (following the official server time): Aldebaran Castles - Saturday 00:00 to 01:00 Geffen Castles - Saturday 16:00 to 17:00 Rachel Castles - Sunday 00:00 to 01:00 Yuno Castles - Sunday 16:00 to 17:00 Where: Manuk (@go 26) Who: Look out for the following character names if you want to join : DjamuPAhit DJamu PaHiT Crazykilla Wizard Of The Highlands Guard Of The Highlands Rakabuming Akabane Raishin Eurydhice Seitenshi What The Fork Rikimo Ace of Shadows You can also PM me. Or approach any BeeTrayed member you see online BEFORE INQUIRING: For newbies/returning players, please read Silk Mode requirements here to see which gears are not allowed.
  5. Repost, now with poll! Affected classes: Rebellions and Rangers. Original thread:
  6. Roycee


    Jabbawockeez We are a Silk WoE and PvM Guild. We offer monthly guild events with VIP Coins as rewards, on-going guild bounty quests (Deepsea Items), BG 2 committee, and fun/laughter on discord chat/voice. We accept newbie/experienced players. Our timezone is North America/Europe, but other timezones are also welcomed. We just play for FUN! PM Silent Rogue, Imperius Curse, w s N a y r, Claire Einfield when you're in-game. Recruitment Form Link: (Please fill out form. Thanks!) Jabbawockeez Recruitment Form Requirements to join the guild: Must be active (can play for at least 5 hours per week) Discord-active Must able to speak/write/understand English, especially in Discord Non-toxic player Instances (Common ones we do everyday, but we can also do other instances by request): OGHN OGHH HTF SkyFortress Infinity Space Isle of Bios Morse Cave TODG Other things provided: Guildbase Monthly Guild Events Guild Bounty Quest Trashtalk-Free Guild
  7. Cj

    kRO Update 2019

    A. Update New Guide Skills There are 3 new guild skills will be updated. 1. Emergency Movement [Guild Master Skill] Can only be used in WoE map and used by guild master. Increases movement speed of guild master and nearby guild members for 10 seconds. <Increases the movement speed of all nearby guild members to increase the movement speed of "Speed change potion" 2. Charge Shout Flag [Guild Master Skill] Can only be used in WoE map and used by guild master. Places the staging flag in the target location. Last for 5 minutes. 3. Charge Shout Beating [Guild member skill] Can only be used in WoE map and used by guild members. Teleport to staging flag placed by guild member immediately. guild members must be in the same castle to use this skill. <With the flags and sound of the thrusting shout, you can use more tactics in the siege!> This new guild skill consists of the skills available in the siege. "Emergency movement" to increase the guild maneuverability, the new "settlement location" and "move to the land" through you will be able to utilize azit map more widely. B. Guild skill improvement The addition of new guild skills will improve the feeling of use of existing guild skills. And the guild skill will be improved to be able to register in the shortcut window. 1. Restore Reduces fixed casting time from 10 seconds to 1 second. Removes 5 minutes of guild skills global delay. Adds 3 minutes cooldown. 2. Regeneration Removes 5 minutes of guild skills global delay. Adds 3 minutes cooldown. 3. Combat Command Removes 5 minutes of guild skills global delay. Adds 3 minutes cooldown. 4. Emergency Call Removes 5 minutes of guild skills global delay. Adds 5 minutes cooldown. Removes the existing Guild Skill Global Kultime so that you can use your guild skill more abundantly. In addition, the skill shortened window can be registered to improve the use of easier to use the guild skills will be changed. <Improved to make guild skills easier to use now!> C. Expansion Base & Job Level for Expanded Class. Base level of Star Emperor, Soul Reaper, Kagerou, Oboro, Rebellion and Doram Summoner will be increased to 185. Job level of Star Emperor, Soul Reaper, Kagerou, Oboro and Rebellion will be increased to 65 while Doram Summoner will be increased to 55. The EXP table will be adjusted to be the same as normal third classes. And max level of some skills of Star Emperor, Soul Reaper, Kagerou, Oboro and Rebellion will be increased and adjusted. 1. Star Emperor - Solar Burst Increases max level from 7 to 10. Increases area of effect from 5x5 to 7x7. Damage will be increased from 1600% to 2450% on level 7 and 3200% on level 10. - Full Moon Increases max level from 7 to 10. - Meteor Fall Increases max level from 7 to 10. 2. Soul Reaper Soul Ripper When moving to a specific area, the soul energy is changed so that it is not reset when reconnecting. - Espa Increases max level from 5 to 10. On level 10 the skill will no longer consume soul energy. - Eswhoo Increases max level from 7 to 10. On level 10 the skill will reduce soul energy consumption to 1. - Evil Spirits Curse changes debuff inflicting from [Curse] to the new debuff [Evil Curse]. Target under Evil Curse will receive more damage from shadow property by 100% (Reduces effect on boss to 20%). - Curse Explosion Increases max level from 5 to 10. Changes bonus damage against target under Curse debuff to Evil Curse debuff.. 3. Kagerou & Oboro - Fire Charm: - - Increases Blaze Shield damage from 10% to 20% per 1 charm. - - Increases Exploding Dragon damage from 15% to 100% per 1 charm. - - If 10 Fire Charms are collected. enchants weapon with fire property and increases physical damage against earth property enemies by 30%. - Ice Charm: - - Increases Freezing Spear damage from 5% to 20% per 1 charm. - - Increases Snow Flake Draft damage from 25% to 100% per 1 charm. - - If 10 Ice Charms are collected. enchants weapon with water property and increases physical damage against fire property enemies by 30%. - Earth Charm: - - If 10 Earth Charms are collected. enchants weapon with earth property and increases physical damage against wind property enemies by 30%. - Wind Charm: - - Increases Lightning Jolt damage from 15% to 20% per 1 charm. - - Increases First Wind damage from 10% to 100% per 1 charm. - - If 10 Wind Charms are collected. enchants weapon with wind property and increases physical damage against water property enemies by 30%. - Swirling Petal: - - Increases max level from 5 to 10. Reduces skill delay from 1 second to 0.5 seconds. - - Variable casting time is adjusted to 1.5 seconds regardless of skill level. - - Changes from ground skill to target skill. - - Changes damage formula. Adjusts bonus damage from caster's Agi and Dex to Str. Damage will be increased depends on caster base level. - Kunai Splash - - Reduces kunai consumption from 8 to 2. - Cross Splash - - Increases max level from 5 to 10. Changes cooldown to 3.1 seconds on level 10. Damage will be increased depends on caster base level. - Kunia Explosion - - Increases area of effect from 3x3 to 5x5. Changes from ground skill to target skill. - - Damage will be increased depends on caster base level. - Shadow Warrior - - The skill will increases Kunai Explosion, Kunai Splash, Cross Slash and Swirling Petal damage by 20% 4. Rebellion - Fire Dance - - Increases max level from 5 to 10. Changes damage formula by reduces influence of Desperado skill level. - - Increases skill damage. - - Damage will be increased depends on caster base level - Vanishing Buster - - Increases max level from 5 to 10. Reduces fixed casting time from 1 second to 0.7 seconds. Adjusted variable casting time to 1 second. - - Reduces cooldown from 2 seconds to 1 second. Adds skill delay by 1 second. - - Changes damage formula. Damage will be increased depends on caster base level. - Hammer of God - - Increases max level from 5 to 10. Reduces cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds. Reduces skill delay from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds. - - Change skill logic from target skill to be cast immediately. (skill will seek target marked by Crimson Marker or attack randomly if there is no marked target around the caster) - - Skill will deal additional damage against target marked by Crimson Marker and this additional damage also affects nearby target too. - - Area of effect is increases to 7x7 on level 6 and higher. - - Damage will be increased depends on caster base level. - - Removes stun inflicting. - Dragon Tail - - Increases max level from 5 to 10. Reduces cooldown from 5 seconds to 3.5 seconds. Reduces skill delay from 2 seconds to 1 second. - - Change skill logic to target skill. - - Skill will deal additional damage against target marked by Crimson Marker and this additional damage also affects nearby target too. - - Damage will be increased depends on caster base level. - Round trip - - Increases max level from 5 to 10 4. Super Novice Reorganization and Level Expansion HP and SP table of Super Novice will be adjusted. some skills (Flasher, Sandman, Freezing Trap, etc.) will be removed. Skills such as Guard, Repair Weapon and Back Stab will be added. 3 exclusive skills for Super Novice will be added. A. Breakthrough: Passive skill that increases incoming heal effectiveness along with MaxHP, MaxSP and Atk of Super Novice. B. Transcendence: Passive skill that increases incoming heal effectiveness along with MaxHP, MaxSP and Matk of Super Novice. 3) Angel help me! : Active skill that recovers HP and SP of nearby target for the duration. 5. Improvement of Minstrels and Wanderer. Minstrels & Wanderer's job improvement update is going to be going on. 1) Voice Lessons The skill will have influence greatly on Minstrel and Wanderer songs. 2) Improvised Song Reworks skill. The skill will remove chorus skill requirement instead of casting random magic. 3) In the valley of Death Success rate is set to 100%. 4) Gloomy Shyness Reworks skill. The skill can be used in PVP and WoE map only. Removes bonus damage on certain skills. Adds debuffs that increases skill delay and SP consumption of target enemies. The existing effects, reduces target flee, movement speed, attack speed and removes target mount still remains. 5) Circle of Nature Change from recovers HP per second to increases HP recovery rate. 6) Deep Sleep Lullaby Increases success rate and the skill will only affect enemy players within target range. 7) Great Echo Removes bonus from additional performers in party. Increase skill damage. Damage will be increased depends on caster base level. 😎 Lerald's Dew Change increased HP from flat amount to percentage. Reduces skill cooldown. Additional bonus HP will be increased depends on caster's Voice Lessons level. Removes bonus from additional performers in party 9) Song of Mana Improves SP regeneration effect. Reduces skill cooldown. Adds SP recovery effect. Additional bonus SP recovery will be increased depends on caster's Voice Lessons level. Removes bonus from additional performers in party. 10) Sinking of Melody Improves SP draining and Int reduction effect. Reduces skill cooldown. Additional success rate will be increased depends on caster's Voice Lessons level. Removes bonus from additional performers in party. 11) Warcry From Beyond The skill will reduces target Str instead and Improves MaxHP reduction effect. Reduces skill cooldown. Additional success rate will be increased depends on caster's Voice Lessons level. Removes bonus from additional performers in party. 12) Song of Destruction Reworks skill. The skill will double amount of damage enemy player received for certain duration. The duration will be increased depends on caster's Voice Lessons level. 13) Saturn Night Fever Changes HP/SP draining effect to disabling target HP/SP recovery rate instead. Hit and Flee reduction will be changed from percentage to flat value. Additional success rate will be increased depends on caster's Voice Lessons level. Removes bonus from additional performers in party. 14) Unlimited Humming Reworks skill. The skill will grant targets to be immunity to burning, deep sleep, crystallization, freezing, guillotine cross's poisons except oblivion curse for certain duration. The duration will be increased depends on caster's Voice Lessons level. 15) Dances with Wargs Adds bonus long ranged physical damage. Removes bonus from additional performers in party. 16) Windwill Rush Adjusts Atk bonus formula. Atk bonus will be increased depends on caster's Voice Lessons level. Adds bonus movement speed. Increases duration from 60 seconds to 180 seconds. 17) Moonlight Serenade Adjusts Matk bonus formula. Matk bonus will be increased depends on caster's Voice Lessons level. Increases duration from 60 seconds to 180 seconds. 18) Swing Dance Slightly reduces attack speed bonus. Increases duration from 60 seconds to 180 seconds. Attack speed bonus will be increased depends on caster's Voice Lessons level. 19) Symphony for Love Change Mdef bonus from percentage to flat value. 6. Sura Job Improvement The skill tree of Sura will be changed in addition of skill adjustment as below.Number of attack hit will match skill level (5 hits on level 5). Due to changing number of attack hit the skill formula will be changed. Changes bonus damage condition from equipping wind element weapon to knuckle weapon instead. 1) Lightning Ride Number of attack hit will match skill level (5 hits on level 5). Due to changing number of attack hit the skill formula will be changed. Changes bonus damage condition from equipping wind element weapon to knuckle weapon instead. 2) Gentle Touch - Energy Gain Changes the skill to can be used with Gentle Touch - Convert and Gentle Touch - Revitalize. 3) Gentle Touch - Cure Reduces sphere consumption from 2 to 1. 4) Gentle Touch - Convert Reduces sphere consumption from 2 to 1 can be used on self and party members only. Bonus Atk will be depends on target's WeaponAtk and this bonus will be increased as percentage as skill level. Removes MaxHP and Mdef reduction debuffs. 5) Gentle Touch - Revitalize Reduces sphere consumption from 2 to 1 can be used on self and party members only. Changes bonus Def from SoftDef to HardDef. 6) Earth Shaker No longer consume sphere. No longer require Dragon Combo as prerequisite skill. Changes damage formula. Removes stun inflicting. Target attacked by this skill will take more damage from Rampage Blast by 50% for 5 seconds. 7) Rampage Blast Reduces sphere consumption from all caster has to 5 and can only be used while under Fury state. No longer require Earth Shaker as prerequisite skill. Changes damage formula as consumed sphere is changed. 8 ) Sky Blow No longer require Dragon Combo as prerequisite skill. Changes damage formula and removes knock-back inflicting. Slightly increases SP consumption. 9) Gate of Hell Cast range will be 7 regardless skill level. Reduces sphere consumption from 5 to 2. Changes SP consumption from percentage to 100. 10) Tiger Cannon No longer consume HP/SP as percentage but bonus damage from HP/SP still remains (skill will check caster's MaxHP/MaxSP to calculate damage instead). Damage will be increased when combo after Fallen Empire. No longer drain SP from enemy player. 11) Knuckle Arrow Damage will be increased when attack boss monsters. 7. Improvement 3rd Skills Effect We are in the process of improving the effects of some of the skills in the 3rd job class. <Some of the new effects have changed!> 8. Improved Water Field Effects We are in the process of replacing the water field effect with a new effect. <The water field effect becomes even more beautiful!> Source: Thanks for Sigma;seq=3921697&amp;curpage=1 @Lai @Yuuki I'm still waiting for gods items upgrade .
  8. Legendary Kagerou

    Allow Elvira Card on Silk BG/WoE

    Topic Name : Allow Elvira Card on Silk BG/WoE Describe your suggestion: Please allow Elvira Card now in Silk, like other elemental magic boosting acce cards like Headless Mule, Dwigh, Mavka Cards. What is this? : Its about time it should be allowed. Why do we have to add it? : give more build option for magic jobs in silk Who will benefit this? : magic build players Will this change the system drastic? very slight. Room for improvement? Other
  9. koreeyong

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    Played as Arch Bishop in Kit Kat guild, last night just full with lag. OTL Kit Kat (25) VS Eternal Playmates (36) The video of last night Silk SE WoE, good woe and hope incoming WoE will be intense WoE too. (Feel cheated for Normal SE just now when saw EP no come attack at first min while they have bulk in Saturday morning.)
  10. So the reduction of castles seems to have reduced WoE to a near impossibility for any real new competition to come in and compete. The god castle always been hectic, and that is understandable, but as far as an up and coming guild trying to skirt a side castle, seeing as there is only one now... No chance in hell, once security of main castle there is only one other option anymore. So it makes the underdog, a not even in the race anymore... 😔
  11. Tim Goodrich

    Congrats to Twisted Chaos

    Congrats to me and my wife's new guild on our first castle capture in silk WoE. Special thx to save and farlhart today. And ofc to fizz, my for all the help thus far. Sincerely timoshee/meowch and RuA Sabi not save, lol
  12. Trouble

    WoE 14/12/2017

  13. Caphleo

    kRO 2018 Siege Update

    This was posted more than a week ago in kRO's devnotes, but might as well share it. This is what has been discussed when kRO devs held a meeting with WoE players and Guild Masters (imagine being invited to a developer's meeting just because you play the game!!!!! So awesome!!!) The meeting took place back in Sept 23-24. 1. Siege/WoE Q1. When are the improvements update gonna be implemented? A1. Around 2018. It will be implemented when various opinions have been gathered and testing done. Q2. In WoE, it's becoming impossible to fight (like getting killed instantly). Is there an alternative to this? A2. At the moment, some characters can be instantly killed due to high damage of some skills. It is normal due to stats, gears, and so on. However, due to this problem, there's a part where the fun in Siege is reduced, so there's an option to reduce powerful skills (Arrow Storm, Cross Ripper Slasher, Ignition Break, Exceed Break, Tetra Vortex, Comet, Self Destruction, etc). Is it anticipated that you prepare equipment to counter expected skills from your enemies to fight against them. Q3. Is it improvement through an item and not in a skill balance patch? A3. It is difficult to make skills behave in various situations (normal mode, siege mode). That's why we are balancing siege through various methods, and new siege-only items are one of them. Various discussions and reviews will be conducted so we can enjoy siege. Q4. What's the purpose of using siege-only items in siege? A4. (The answer is just a bunch of BS about there being different sets of PVM and PVP gears. They really didn't give much of an answer.) Q5. Is it possible to remove the no-SP recovery penalty of Asura Strike? For example, can you add a skill cool down instead of the no-SP recovery penalty so the character can use another skill. A5. We have been discussing this internally. However, since this is a low priority content. We will resume discussion soon. Q6. We need a reorganization of potions A6. (Something about selling Siege Potions in a kRO in-game market but in limited quantity, they are thinking of increasing the limit people can buy). Genetics will be able to make new items such as Siege Potions, recovery items from the new statuses (like freezing, ignition etc), and potions that increases tolerance to said statuses. In the case of Mechanics, they want Mechanics to be able to create items like "Reinforced Parts" and "Ability Supplementary Device". Genetics will be focused on making defensive consumables while Mechanics will focus on making offensive consumables. In addition to the Alchemist and Blacksmith rankings, we are also planning to make a new ranking system for Genetics and Mechanics. (This made me boned up lol. I am really excited for this update. But I'm guessing this will be for the Awakening Classes. They have to give Mechanics extra skills to craft those items.) Q7. (Something about magic users being hard to play in siege because of all the counters.) A7. (Basically they said it's part of the game lol. But they will discuss it) Q8. Do you plan to enhance access to Siege? A8. (Basically an improvement to the current Siege Quests. Like you can get PVP equipment from the TE Siege Quests. They will also supposed new Siege equipment that are easy to make for new users, and specialized Siege gears for veterans. Q9. (The question is about a certain Guild Castle being favored because of the location of its agit flags) A9. We have discussed about making agit flags available for alliance guilds as well. Adding storage NPCs outside castles, and HP/SP Recovery NPCs (with a higher fee than the inn) are also being discussed. We are also trying to develop new Guild Skills. Q10. If you've improved skills such as BS Sacramenti, Angelus, and return the previous Assumptio (straight up damage reduction rather than double the Def) effect, won't it increase ABs in Siege? A10. It seems like a good opinion. We will consider improvements for Arch Bishop skills. However, considering other damage reduction skills such as Energy Coat, we will have to be careful about the damage reduction effects of Assumptio. Q11. We think that Siege improvements should be constant and not just once. A11. (It's a roundabout way of saying they are gathering opinions not only from kRO, but from also other official servers for Siege improvements.) Q12. (Question about Siege Time) A12. (Answer about possibly adding more days/times to Siege.) Q13. What will happen to Hall of Abyss when Siege times changes? A13. The investment system for Hall of Abyss will be removed due to the change of Guild Dungeon usage. We will disclose details on the change on a later update. Q14. Please tell us more details about how Guild Leaders can manage the Guild Dungeons. A14. The Guild Leader can invest through the investment NPC inside the castle. It is made up to 10 levels. You can increase the investment up to level 9 to add things such as increasing the monster type, number of monsters, and hunting quests. The Guild Leader can choose one of the 3 options below for the Level 10 investment. 1. Spawn monsters that drop special special equipment. 2. Gain buffs to gain bonus EXP from the monster inside the Guild Dungeon. 3. Gain buffs to gain special materials from the monsters inside the Guild Dungeon. Guild Leaders can set the Dungeon to be opened to the public or keep it private. In a public settings, Admission Tickets can be bought with Zeny through an NPC. The existing Hall of Abyss will be shared by all Castle Holders in the area without special investment, it will also be a PVP area, and will be re-organized to be a high level dungeon. In the Hall of Abyss, you can acquire new Siege equipment and new enchantments for Siege equipment. Q15. We need to improve Siege rewards. Is it possible to add boxes that only drops materials from that area? (I'm assuming making a specific box for god item materials) A15. There will certainly be a change in the treasure boxes. In the new treasure boxes, you can acquire the highest level of enchant for the new Siege equipment, Siege Potions, and castle treasure chests. We will also add material box for each area like you've proposed. Q16. (Question about the new Siege equipment) A16. (Explains loosely about how to enchant the new Siege equips. Mentioned 2 types of enchant, 1 for defensive and 1 for offensive. Enchantments can be upgraded.) Q17. What are the new Siege Equipment? A17. Basic Siege equipment are gonna be sold for Zeny. It can then be upgraded and enchanted to fit each class with the enchants you can get from Guild Dungeons. Q18. How about support for Doram equipment that can reduce/increase damage? A18. Yes, new equipment will be added to the Siege equipment for Dorams. Q19. Are there any direct change to Siege mode? A19. We are discussing various resistance (players, attributes, conditions, races, etc.). We are also considering to make the maximum resistance be 100%, and the aspects of ranged physical damage penalty, skill damage penalty, etc. Q20. We would like for the new Siege equipment to be available on the test server. A20. We will roll out the update in Sakray first before the main servers. 2. Battlegrounds Q1. There is Siege improvement, but it is also necessary to improve Battleground content. A1. We are in the process of restructuring Battlegrounds separate from Siege. We are also considering a concept where only Battleground equipment and items, and various systems where support classes can participate more. Q2. Will the new battlegrounds be added? A2. The addition of the new battlegrounds and the matching system improvement is finished. Q3. What are the rewards for the new battlegrounds? A3. The full list has not been confirmed, but new battleground equipment will be added. 3. Others Q1. (Question about the new Jitterbug instance, which we don't have) A1. (Well not really important since we don't have it yet. But they did talk about new Jitterbug enchants and equips.) Q2. You need to improve the skills of Minstrels and Wanderers. A2. We would like to add some magic damage to instruments and whips. As for the skills of Minstrels and Wanderers, we have discussed to make them available with a Bow. These contents will be reviewed so the can be added to the future improvement of these classes. We would also like to review instruments and whips so we can add equipment with magic damage later. Q3. How did you develop the Taekwon 3rd Jobs? A3. We are advanced in our development. We are trying to meet as much this year. Q4. What is a Star Emperor? I wish it has cool physical skills. A4. Star Emperors are a physical class. Q5. The last images for Star Emperor and Soul Reaper have not been published. When will it be released? And Star Emperors are a bit better than Soul Reapers (design-wise?). A5. Images are still in development yet, and may change. Once we finalize the image, we will disclose it. Q6. There are many questions about the Awakening system. Is it going to be level 175 to level 100? A6. When a level 175 character Awakens, it returns to level 100. Base level will be increased to 185 and job level will be increased to 70. Q7. Won't there be too many status points for a level 185 character? A7. There will be a new status system for Awakened Classes. Aside from Status Points, there will be Character Points. Character Points can be directly applied to Accuracy, Flee, Critical rate, Attack, Ranged Attack, Magic Attack, Defense, Magic Defense, HP and SP. When you reset to level 100, you will have an additional Status points of 1 to 100 (I'm guessing it's random), and 1 Character Point. You will receive Status points until level 175, and won't gain points at 176 to 185. You will gain 1 Character point for each 1 level from level 100. This will make a difference in level growth and you will feel the difference with Awakened and non-Awakened classes. Once the final outline is done, we will release it in a dev note. Q8. The HP/SP differences between classes are big enough as it is with level 175. Can this difference decrease with the Awakening system? A8. We will review this content thoroughly. Q9. (Idk something about receiving items via RODEX.) A9. (Idk really, must be an exclusive kRO thing. I'm missing context.) Q10. (Something about paying for a permanent support box, again a kRO thing.) A10. (Nothing really important.) Q11. Do developers play the game too? A11. Yes, out developers also play the game. They nurture their characters well. Most of the times they play at home, but sometimes they play at PC Rooms. Q12. Can you release the rest of the Enchantment Stones for the rest of the classes? A12. We have received a lot of complaints at the launch of several job classes. The number of materials in one box is limited, so this time we released Ranger, Sura, and Sorcerer Stone, and we will add more classes in the future. Q13. Why not sell the Japanese items and costumes from jRO to kRO? Are you selling items to jRO? A13. We support all items that's produced in Ragnarok. However due to the unique characteristics of each culture, some changes might take time. Specially since Japanese Ragnarok equipment are made with the jRO formula. Well, there you guys go. More things to look forward to.
  14. rvmanzanojr

    Include Friday WoE Schedule

    Topic Name: Add Normal WoE Schedule during Fridays Character Names: Lagnalok Describe your suggestion What is this? WoE Schedule Why do we have to add it? so some of WoE players working in Middle East can join Who will benefit this? Middle East Players Will this change the system drastic? I dont know Room for improvement? Other
  15. Members Salary Commoners: 30M-45M /week Good Performance: 50M-90M/ week Loyal: 100M-180M / Week FOR NEW PLAYERS GL choice player of the week: 1 VIP Top 6-10 player of the month: 2 VIP Top 2-5 players of the month: 5VIP Top 1 player of the month: 10VIP And more Special VIP Bonus / Rewards after WoE event. Number of VIP Bonys will be depends on the WoE result New players are encouraged and mostly welcome Contacts: Lagnalok; Bibo; Angela; Rygartz Currently needed job: (2) AB Support; (1) Warper; (2) Ministrel; (2) Wanderer; (1) GX; (3) SC
  16. Holmes11

    Hello. newbie here

    hi im new here and i really interested in woe. though this is my first time playing 3rd job. can you teach my how rune knight works in woe. and feel free to share stats and skill build for rune knight. thanks
  17. Entity 808

    Dorams can jump on CADES!!!

    I believe It's just like cheating cause look the 1st 2nd and 3rd Cades/Gates still haven't been vanished and you can already go to the Emperium and Break it and Win In short You can Bypass the Gates/Cades in WoE/BG using Lope when the 1st and 2nd Stones are Vanished Once again I'm not sure if you meant to do that
  18. neora aeon

    New Silk WoE Assessment

    So first Silk WoE finished, and I have to say the mode is better than expected. Pros: Good enough reduction to withstand damage, never get 1 shotted. Enough damage to actually kill people through good focus fire/enough DPS/Burst. Actually feels like a WoE where new players can participate. Defending a castle that ISN'T "portal camp" (FE Castles) actually feels possible. Cons: Bad integration of consumables i.e.; Can use +1~20 food/buff consumables/etc. outside castle then walk inside still retaining the buff. Some classes are forced to go only one build due to lack off cards/weapon choice. And some are not even playable. Dorams are allowed to wear their set, but they can't even slot cards into it so that's really pointless Suggestions to help make it better: Allow very select few cards. (Will give example, reasoning and GMs could review it). Allow the use of consumables like +1~20 foods Allow use of a bit more healing items, currently we are only allowed to use WoE Whites/Blues, why not include WoE Violets as well? Allow basic 4 slot weapons for respective classes, along with a few cards, would help some classes diversify builds and actually be able to play. (rip DB RK/Wanderer) Cards i'd like to be added: Archer Skeleton Card - RKs are limited to only playing Storm Blast now and even then, it's not that amazing. Give love to Dragon Breath. Marc Card - cuz doram has a slotted armor but no cards Peco Peco Card - cuz doram has a slotted armors but no cards Evil Druid Card - cuz doram has a slotted armors but no cards Drops Card - SCs do not have a good weapon to wear, Combat Knife is not allowed, but this + 4 slot weapon would at least give them some extra Dex to get their job done. Noxious/Raydric - cuz doram has a slotted armors but no cards Fabre Card - Sorcs can't use CK, give them MG [4] and this card, and that'll help them survive a bit better. (not a lot, but it's something) Marina Card - For status spreading classes. Plankton Card - For status spreading classes. (this one would be great for SCs too, pair with sleep arrow and yey) Female Thief Bug Card - Agi +1! "Breaker cards" (lul) I'm really against adding Sropho card. Diamond Dust should be staple anyway, and giving access to Sropho would turn this woe into a Sropho fest. Weapons to be added suggestion: Elven Bow [1] - Rangers do NOT have any real weapon choice whatsoever, if you tell me KVM Bow is good, then I laugh at you even then, ranger just sucks in this setting (pls stop playing ranger in woe, your era is over) Main Gauche [4] - to give classes that would use CK an actual choice Mace [4] - For those RKs that prefer to play DB over anything else Pike [4] - another 4 slot weapon, would be nice for RGs to have something to use when they are breaking. (spear quicken) Composite Bow [4] - For those archer classes that would like to spread status effects Violin [4] - Minstrel instrument to just put extra stats cards (4 vit for apple? or 4 dex/int for bragi) Rope [4] - Whip for wanderers same reasoning as minstrel Consumables: WoE Violet Potions - Cuz White/Blue enabled, why not violet? racist :[ Mastelas - for those lower HP pool classes that would heal a lot from it Slim White Poitions - same as mastela Status foods +1~~20 - Usable outside, ignore the loophole and let it be usable inside as well Large HP/SP/Vitata 200/Celermine Juice - Same reasoning as above Concentration/Awakening/Berserk Potions - same reasoning as above WoE White/Blue/Violet potion Boxes - It's a real oversight that we can't use the boxes that contain the items we are allowed to use. Royal Jellies - can't. cure. anything. pls. send. help. Butterfly Wing - i wanna go home after woe pls. or you know, if my armor breaks, let me out so i can fix it Box of Sunlight - GX/SC has free reign, BoS with our current weird CD of it will prove to be a good counterplay I know what you're thinking, "What about Converters, Holy/Undead/Shadow Scrolls and Elemental Resist Potions Raii??" We're literally not doing elemental damage so there won't be any need for these things. Aside from Warlocks who do Elemental damage, don't kill warlocks with Holy/Undead/Shadow Scrolls please. Just this for now, will edit and add to original post later on if anything else comes up For others: please feel free to add suggestions, but give your reasoning too. thanks
  19. neora aeon

    Final Strike

    Skill Name: Final Strike When you use this skill, which statuses are you in? Soul When you use this skill, which equipments/ammos/accessaries do you wear? Naked When you use this skill, are you mounted/do you have push cart/do you have falcon? No When you use this skill, what requirements do you think you need to meet? Should not make me run toward my target in WoE Settings (Like Sura Skill: Knuckle Arrow) When you use this skill, do you meet the requirements you think you need to meet? No What effects/behaviors do you expect the skill to have while it doesn't? Should not make me run toward my target in WoE Settings (Like Sura Skill: Knuckle Arrow) How you draw the conclusion that it doesn't have the effects you expect it to have? Makes me run toward my target in WoE Settings. Source :
  20. Sweet Guy

    Best/Worst of each class

    Any list? :)) just bored. Just another best of each class thread with a twist. It's been a while
  21. This topic is NO longer UPDATED, for accurate info please visit our WIKI. Abyss Gate Investment About The Gate is what it is named after, a door. A dimensional passageway that connects here to there. The Abyss Gate was created as a very unstable path from beyond the dimensional gap, therefore traveling through the Gate will need an artificial dimension connection. Guilds owning a castle may invest in their castle using the Cat Paw Merchant located in their castle. Players not in a guild may invest in the dungeons realms by talking to the Cat Paw Merchant located in each realm. There are 2 ways to invest. With Zeny or with items. Investments for Guild Dungeons are used to open floor 2 of the guild dungeon and the hall of abyss. Floor 2 of the guild dungeon will open when a minimum of 20,000,000 Zeny has been invested for that Realm. (Castle Owner Member only) Hall of Abyss will open for that Realm when the minimum of 70,000,000 Zeny has been achieved. (Castle Owner Member only) The Zeny invested into each castle in the realm and by the public is added up for these achievements. Investment Schedule During the following time, members of guild owning a castle and other will be able to invest and obtain Thanks Invest Ticket. Sunday 00:00 to Sunday 23:00 Investment Calculation Monday 01:00 to 02:00 Dungeon Opening Time If the goal of 20,000,000 Zeny invest is reached. During the following time, you will be able to enter the selected Guild Dungeon and hunt! Monday 02:00 to Saturday 23:00 Investment Method Zeny To invest with Zeny into the castle realm speak with the Cat Paw Merchant in the Realm you wish to invest in. Select I want to invest in this area. After this, select Invest with Zeny. You will then be given the option of 1, 10 or 50 units. Each unit represents 10,000 Zeny. There is another option to choose an amount. By choosing that option you can select a number anywhere from 1-200 units. For every 10,000 Zeny invested you will be given a Thanks for Invest ticket. These tickets can be redeemed for items later on. Materials To invest items into the castle realm you must speak with Namis in Malangdo 218/213. Tell him you wish to invest and select the items you wish to invest. The conversion chart for items to tickets is below. The item received for this investment is Cat Hand Investment Certificate. Each of these tickets can be given to the Cat Paw Merchant in the realm in exchange for 10 Thanks Invest Ticket. This gives each Cat Hand Investment Certificate a value of 100,000 Zeny for investing. Usable materials: Piece of Queen's Wing x2 Broken Crown x2 Fire Dragon Scale x2 Mother's Nightmare x3 Gemstone x5 Heroic Emblem x5 Taeguk Plate x3 Broken Pharaoh Emblem & Masque of Tutankhamen x3 Pocket Watch x2 Young Twig x3 Fragment of Rossata Stone x5 Fang of Garm x5 Baphomet Doll x3 Tiger's Footskin x1 & Tiger Skin x5 Piece of Shield & Shining Spear Blade x3 Osiris Doll x3 Ice Scale x1 Skeletal Armor Piece x1 Darkred Scale Piece x1 Will of Red Darkness x2 Foolishness of the Blind x2 NPC Feature Location: Prontera, Payon, Aldebaran & Geffen Guild Castle Realm. Cat Paw Merchant Gives you more details about the whole Abyss Gate Investment feature. Allows your to invest! Gate Manager - Outside Castle Allows you to enter the connected dungeon thru Abyss Gate. Each time you enter Guild Dungeon Level 1, also the Fee zeny counts as Guild Dungeon Level 2 investment. Fee: 10,000 zeny. Gate Manager - Inside Castle Member owning the castle only! Allows you to invest for gate connection. Allows you to enter Guild Dungeon Level 1/2 of current connected Realm Dungeon. Allows you to enter the Hall of the Abyss of connected Realm Dungeon. Investment Status Board Shows the current status of Investment process and result. Namis (Malangdo 218,213) Able to turn Materials into Cat Hand Investment Certificate, more info above. Thanks Ticket Machine (Malangdo 215 119) Purchase following items using your Thanks Invest Ticket Siege Arrow Quiver A Siege Arrow Quiver S White Potion White Slim Potion Cursed Water Siege Violet Potion Cold Resist Potion Thunder Resist Potion Earth Resist Potion Fire Resist Potion Elemental Converter[Fire] Elemental Converter[Water] Elemental Converter[Wind] Elemental Converter[Earth] Open a Red Paw Jelly Bag using 5x Thanks Invest Ticket to randomly obtain an item. Open a Black Paw Jelly Bag using 50x Thanks Invest Ticket to randomly obtain an item and chance to obtain: Siege Greaves [1] Siege Boots [1] Siege Shoes [1] Siege Manteau [1] Siege Muffler [1] Siege Plate [1] Siege Suit [1] Monster in Guild Dungeons Prontera Guild Dungeon level 1 Caterpillar (1300) Creamy Fear (1293) Baphomet (1039) Prontera Guild Dungeon level 2 Dark Axe Kobold (2284) Dark Hammer Kobold (2285) Dark Mace Kobold (2286) Dark Kobold Archer (2287) Kobold Leader (1296) Atroce (1785) Payon Guild Dungeon level 1 Gullinbursti (1311) Leib Olmai (1306) Cat O' Nine Tails (1307) Moonlight Flower (1150) Payon Guild Dungeon level 2 Skeleton General (1290) Am Mut (1301) Gajomart (1309) Eddga (1115) Geffen Guild Dungeon level 1 Giant Hornet (1303) Ancient Worm (1305) Giant Spider (1304) Mistress (1059) Geffen Guild Dungeon level 2 Killer Mantis (1294) Angra Mantis (2133) Maya Purple (1289) Maya (1147) Aldebaran Guild Dungeon level 1 Mini Demon (1292) Zombie Master (1298) Wraith Dead (1291) Ghostring (1120) Doppelganger (1046) Aldebaran Guild Dungeon level 2 Dark Frame (2282) Dark Priest (2283) Dark Shadow (2281) Dark Illusion (1302) Dark Lord (1272) Monster in Hall of the Abyss Prontera Dark Axe Kobold (2284) Dark Hammer Kobold (2285) Dark Mace Kobold (2286) Dark Kobold Archer (2287) Angry Student Pyuriel (2249) Warrior Laura (2250) Treasure Chest (2288) Payon Skeleton General (1290) Am Mut (1301) Gajomart (1309) General Daehyun (2253) Samurai Soheon (2254) Treasure Chest (2288) Geffen Dark Frame (2282) Dark Priest (2283) Dark Shadow (2281) Dark Illusion (1302) Dark Guardian Kades (2255) Rudo (2256) Treasure Chest (2288) Aldebaran Killer Mantis (1294) Angra Mantis (2133) Maya Purple (1289) Gioia (2251) Elvira (2252) Treasure Chest (2288)
  22. Your Char Name Quenthor, but why does this matter What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug?(you went open your freezer? that counts. yea that's what exactly means) Before WOE started, our guild leader ecalled us into castle to set up defense Describe the bug as much as possible. Reproduction steps: 1. Enter castle (you have to be castle owner) before WOE starts 2. WOE starts > wait 2 minutes or more (for WPS token interval) Result: As long as you're in castle, you dont get WPS token no matter how long time passed. our leader stayed in castle whole woe, did not get single token Leader's ecall resets the timer [ok?*], but not himself [nok] because warping only happened to the guildmates [not 100% sure, can double check*] going out of the map and coming back in resets the timer [ok] Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) No source since this is custom, more like a scenario not catered. My suggestion on fix: on woe start, recheck WPS token timer+amount, just like how you limit player from getting more once they have 20wps token for that WOE session. Have you tested? Yes during WOE
  23. Your Char Name: Yuna Yoruichi What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug? Uh, I was participating in WoE right inside the castle... Describe the bug as much as possible: Two things.. 1. The Emperium can be healed with healing skills such as Sanctuary, Highness Heal 2. The Emperium HP either remained or has been reduced to 100 (even though there has a been changelog indicating that it should be 500 by now) Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?): Official WoE game mechanics will reveal that the Emperium cannot be affected by most skills, which includes healing skills. Have you tested? Yes.
  24. Item Name / Item ID: Token of Siegfried Describe the bug - We have seen that some players were able to resurrect themselves right after dying (even though they should have been quickly teleported back to their save point) with this token. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) - Token of Siegfried use is not allowed in WoE since time immemorial. It's the only item that can do this, so the token has must have been somewhat enabled inside the castle.