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Found 10 results

  1. Dorams can jump on CADES!!!

    I believe It's just like cheating cause look the 1st 2nd and 3rd Cades/Gates still haven't been vanished and you can already go to the Emperium and Break it and Win In short You can Bypass the Gates/Cades in WoE/BG using Lope when the 1st and 2nd Stones are Vanished Once again I'm not sure if you meant to do that
  2. LimitRO WoE 2017

    War of Emperium Check castle owners here: Intro A war of conquering castles, a battle for honor between Guilds. This guide is the 2017 War of Emperium final setup for LimitRO. WoE Schedule (Based on Server Time) Wednesday 0600: Silk SE (Vidblainn) schg_cas03 1500: Silk FE (Fadgrinh & Neushwanstein) prtg_cas03 & aldeg_cas01 Thursday 0600: Normal FE(Repherion) gefg_cas01 1500: Normal SE (Mardol) arug_cas01 Saturday 0600: Silk FE (Fadgrinh & Neushwanstein) prtg_cas03 & aldeg_cas01 1500: Silk SE (Vidblainn) schg_cas03 Sunday 0600: Normal SE (Himinn) schg_cas01 1500: Normal FE (Bamboo Grove Hill) payg_cas05
  3. Final Strike

    Skill Name: Final Strike When you use this skill, which statuses are you in? Soul When you use this skill, which equipments/ammos/accessaries do you wear? Naked When you use this skill, are you mounted/do you have push cart/do you have falcon? No When you use this skill, what requirements do you think you need to meet? Should not make me run toward my target in WoE Settings (Like Sura Skill: Knuckle Arrow) When you use this skill, do you meet the requirements you think you need to meet? No What effects/behaviors do you expect the skill to have while it doesn't? Should not make me run toward my target in WoE Settings (Like Sura Skill: Knuckle Arrow) How you draw the conclusion that it doesn't have the effects you expect it to have? Makes me run toward my target in WoE Settings. Source :
  4. Abyss Gate Investment About The Gate is what it is named after, a door. A dimensional passageway that connects here to there. The Abyss Gate was created as a very unstable path from beyond the dimensional gap, therefore traveling through the Gate will need an artificial dimension connection. Investment Schedule During the following time, members of guild owning a castle and other will be able to invest and obtain Thanks Invest Tickets. Sunday 00:00 to Sunday 23:00 Investment Calculation Monday 01:00 to 02:00 Dungeon Opening Time If the goal of 20,000,000 Zeny invest is reached. During the following time, you will be able to enter the selected Guild Dungeon and hunt! Monday 02:00 to Saturday 23:00 Investment Method Zeny To invest with Zeny into the castle realm speak with the Cat Paw Merchant in the Realm you wish to invest in. Select I want to invest in this area. After this, select Invest with Zeny. You will then be given the option of 1, 10 or 50 units. Each unit represents 10,000 Zeny. There is another option to choose an amount. By choosing that option you can select a number anywhere from 1-200 units. For every 10,000 Zeny invested you will be given a Thanks for Invest ticket. These tickets can be redeemed for items later on. Materials To invest items into the castle realm you must speak with Namis in Malangdo 218/213. Tell him you wish to invest and select the items you wish to invest. The conversion chart for items to tickets is below. The item received for this investment is Cats Invest Certificate. Each of these tickets can be given to the Cat Paw Merchant in the realm in exchange for 10 Thanks Invest Ticket. This gives each Cats Invest Ticket a value of 100,000 Zeny for investing. Usable materials: Piece of Queen's Wing x2 Broken Crown x2 Fire Dragon Scale x2 Mother's Nightmare x3 Gemstone x5 Heroic Emblem x5 Ba Gua x3 Broken Pharaoh Emblem & Masque of Tutankhamen x3 Pocket Watch x2 Young Twig x3 Fragment of Rossata Stone x5 Fang of Hatii x5 Baphomet Doll x3 Tiger's Footskin x1 & Tiger Skin x5 Piece of Shield & Shining Spear Blade x3 Osiris Doll x3 Ice Scale x1 Skeletal Armor Piece x1 Darkred Scale Piece x1 Will of Red Darkness x2 Foolishness of the Blind x2 NPC Feature Location: Prontera, Payon, Aldebaran & Geffen Guild Castle Realm. Cat Paw Merchant Gives you more details about the whole Abyss Gate Investment feature. Allows your to invest! Gate Manager - Outside Castle Allows you to enter the connected dungeon thru Abyss Gate. Each time you enter Guild Dungeon Level 1, also the Fee zeny counts as Guild Dungeon Level 2 investment. Fee: 10,000 zeny. Gate Manager - Inside Castle Member owning the castle only! Allows you to invest for gate connection. Allows you to enter Guild Dungeon Level 1/2 of current connected Realm Dungeon. Allows you to enter the Hall of the Abyss of connected Realm Dungeon. Investment Status Board Shows the current status of Investment process and result. Namis (Malangdo 218,213) Able to turn Materials into Cat Invest Tickets, more info above. Thanks Ticket Machine (Malangdo 215 119) Purchase following items using your Thanks Invest Tickets WoE Arrow Quiver A WoE Arrow Quiver S White Potion White Slim Potion Water Of Darkness Woe Violet Potion Resist Water Resist Wind Resist Earth Resist Fire Elemental Converter[Fire] Elemental Converter[Water] Elemental Converter[Wind] Elemental Converter[Earth] Open a Red Paw Jelly Bag using 5x Thanks Invest Tickets to randomly obtain an item. Open a Black Paw Jelly Bag using 50x Thanks Invest Tickets to randomly obtain an item and chance to obtain: WoE Greave WoE Boots WoE Shoes WoE Manteau WoE Muffler WoE Plate WoE Suits Monster in Guild Dungeons Prontera Guild Dungeon level 1 Caterpillar (1300) Creamy Fear (1293) Baphomet (1039) Prontera Guild Dungeon level 2 Dark Axe Kobold (2284) Dark Hammer Kobold (2285) Dark Mace Kobold (2286) Dark Kobold Archer (2287) Kobold Leader (1296) Atroce (1785) Payon Guild Dungeon level 1 Gullinbursti (1311) Leib Olmai (1306) Cat O' Nine Tails (1307) Moonlight Flower (1150) Payon Guild Dungeon level 2 Skeleton General (1290) Am Mut (1301) Gajomart (1309) Eddga (1115) Geffen Guild Dungeon level 1 Giant Hornet (1303) Ancient Worm (1305) Giant Spider (1304) Mistress (1059) Geffen Guild Dungeon level 2 Killer Mantis (1294) Angra Mantis (2133) Maya Purple (1289) Maya (1147) Aldebaran Guild Dungeon level 1 Mini Demon (1292) Zombie Master (1298) Wraith Dead (1291) Ghostring (1120) Doppelganger (1046) Aldebaran Guild Dungeon level 2 Dark Frame (2282) Dark Priest (2283) Dark Shadow (2281) Dark Illusion (1302) Dark Lord (1272) Monster in Hall of the Abyss Prontera Dark Axe Kobold (2284) Dark Hammer Kobold (2285) Dark Mace Kobold (2286) Dark Kobold Archer (2287) Angry Student Pyuriel (2249) Warrior Laura (2250) Treasure Chest (2288) Payon Skeleton General (1290) Am Mut (1301) Gajomart (1309) General Daehyun (2253) Samurai Soheon (2254) Treasure Chest (2288) Geffen Dark Frame (2282) Dark Priest (2283) Dark Shadow (2281) Dark Illusion (1302) Dark Guardian Kades (2255) Rudo (2256) Treasure Chest (2288) Aldebaran Killer Mantis (1294) Angra Mantis (2133) Maya Purple (1289) Gioia (2251) Elvira (2252) Treasure Chest (2288)
  5. Your Char Name Quenthor, but why does this matter What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug?(you went open your freezer? that counts. yea that's what exactly means) Before WOE started, our guild leader ecalled us into castle to set up defense Describe the bug as much as possible. Reproduction steps: 1. Enter castle (you have to be castle owner) before WOE starts 2. WOE starts > wait 2 minutes or more (for WPS token interval) Result: As long as you're in castle, you dont get WPS token no matter how long time passed. our leader stayed in castle whole woe, did not get single token Leader's ecall resets the timer [ok?*], but not himself [nok] because warping only happened to the guildmates [not 100% sure, can double check*] going out of the map and coming back in resets the timer [ok] Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) No source since this is custom, more like a scenario not catered. My suggestion on fix: on woe start, recheck WPS token timer+amount, just like how you limit player from getting more once they have 20wps token for that WOE session. Have you tested? Yes during WOE
  6. Your Char Name: Yuna Yoruichi What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug? Uh, I was participating in WoE right inside the castle... Describe the bug as much as possible: Two things.. 1. The Emperium can be healed with healing skills such as Sanctuary, Highness Heal 2. The Emperium HP either remained or has been reduced to 100 (even though there has a been changelog indicating that it should be 500 by now) Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?): Official WoE game mechanics will reveal that the Emperium cannot be affected by most skills, which includes healing skills. Have you tested? Yes.
  7. Item Name / Item ID: Token of Siegfried Describe the bug - We have seen that some players were able to resurrect themselves right after dying (even though they should have been quickly teleported back to their save point) with this token. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) - Token of Siegfried use is not allowed in WoE since time immemorial. It's the only item that can do this, so the token has must have been somewhat enabled inside the castle.
  8. Item Name / Item ID: All cards classified as miniboss Describe the bug - how you tested? I tried wearing an armor with a Ghostring card, and it didn't get stripped when I entered a silk castle. The miniboss card should not have been allowed inside. I don't recall any announcement repealing the miniboss card rule in silk woe. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) AFAIK, last time we reached a consensus wherein the all-miniboss-cards-allowed rule was only applicable in normal WoE (FE/SE) Your Char Name: Yuna Yoruichi Issue solved. Thanks!
  9. [WoE] silk/normal messed up

    Source: Silk WoE SE Schedule & Castle Thu 06:00-07:00 (don't know, didn't attend) Hljod (Yuno, schg_cas04) Treasure Chest 1 Treasure Chest 2 Sat 14:00-15:00 <--- currently normal woe Bandis (Rachel, arug_cas05) Treasure Chest 1 Treasure Chest 2 Silk WoE FE Schedule & Castle Thu 14:00-15:00 (don't know, didn't attend) Mersetzdeitz (Geffen, gefg_cas05) Treasure Chest 1 Treasure Chest 2 Sat 06:00-07:00 <--- currently normal woe Rothenburg (Aldebaran, aldeg_cas05) Treasure Chest 1 Treasure Chest 2
  10. Shadow Chaser "Shadow Chaser WoE Guide for newbies and bad old players." Quote from the anonymous author. Shadow Chaser as a job Stat builds Skills and Skill Builds Gears Important Buffs Consumables Strategy Good quality SC videos from iRO Prologue First off, this is a WoE guide. So whatever that works in PvP may or may not work here. This guide has been compiled by the author after playing SC for a time and also seeing what other SC are doing on official servers and whatnot. This guide is in no ways complete or comprehensive. Just a start guide since all popular forums are lacking a detailed SC guide. Some of the SC on this server are quite bad and a lot of people are following them in a way so if anyone wants to play the job as to how it is being played should read this guide in detail and try to follow it as much as you possibly can. Shadow Chaser as a job Shadow Chaser or hereby ‘SC’ is the most annoying job to play against. The job has skills which makes you as good as a Poring if they proc on you. Also their chasing potential against enemy ecallers as well has hard disable is quite high. If played well, a single SC can debuff and dispel an entire guild who is waiting to attack the pre cast. And they can do it without any MVP cards (Totally Awesome!!). A lot of people believe that SC are broken in the current patch and I think they are. More details will come to light one we go ahead into the guide. Stat Build To understand the SC stat build, you will need to understand the skill Masquerade first. Masquerade has the following formula: (updated EP 14.1 patch) Success Chance={{Caster Base level/10+ random number between [Caster DEX/12) or (Caster DEX/4)]+(Caster Job level)+(Skill level x10) - < (Target Base level/10)+[Random number between [(Target AGI/6) or (Target AGI/3)]+(Target LUK/10)+[(Target Maximum Weight-current weight)/100%]>] Base Success rate: (Skill level+ DEX/20)% From this you can infer: High DEX to successfully Masq people Max Job level and Base level Decent amounts of STR, AGI, LUK to be having some resistance to Masq (Some SC play with low STR AGI LUK builds so they become food for other SC which is pointless because if the guild loses an SC early on there is nobody to tank and debuff and disturb people anymore and the opposing guild gets a free reign to stomp. Now, the second most important part before we go to the stat build for SC. Instacast, Instacast, Instacast. SC needs to have instacast on his/her spells because you need to debuff people fast and move on to the next target. It will be funny if you take forever to debuff one guy while the other wipes your guild. All the SC who don’t follow this, please do so or else there is no point playing this job. You are a burden to your guild and the job as well. Instacast is obtained in Renewal by the following formula: DEX*2+INT=530 This means total DEX that you have from foods, gears and base stats and INT from gears, foods and base stats should be substituted in that formula to get the magic number of 530. It’s very necessary that you have instacast to be effective in WoE. In the videos that will follow this guide you will see a few SC jumping and disabling one person with instacast and moving on to the next target and so on. So a detailed stat build isn’t possible to be shared or given because the consumables that you will use are varied from player to player. Check the consumables section for more info on this Skills and Skill Builds: Shadow chasers important skills: Chase Walk: 2nd Job Skill. Very very useful with Soul Link as it increases your movement speed. Masquerade Weakness, Gloomy, Ignorance: 3rd Job Skill. The only 3 masquerades that you should ever bother levelling as the other effects are just a weaker version of these. Goes through FCP. Weakness removes HP, weapon and shield. Makes RG a walking punching bag since it removes all shield buffs an RG generally has (reduces 40% redux on support characters, easy life for your killers) Gloomy removes mounts from RK/RG and also Homunculus. No dragon or gryphon on RK/RG means 25% less damage from spear type weapons and no Dragon Breath. Ignorance: Silence the target for 15 seconds. Goes through GTB. Perfect for any job that anyone plays. Silence actually screws them and they just stand there humbled ready to die. Intimidate: Very useful again as it lets you copy FSK or Flying Side Kick which is your mobility skill (Kinda like Blink dagger from Dota2. It can also pass status from equipped status arrow like Sleep, Frozen, etc) Preserve: Preserves the last learned skill from Intimidate for 10 minutes and under Soul Link makes you immune to Dispel without a GTB ( Sick right?) Reject Sword: Reduces sword and dagger damage and reflects damage from that source at 75% chance. (Main reason why killers in server don’t use Dagger or Sword type weapons. The reflect will kill them) Reproduce: This skill allows you to copy 3rd job skills. Best options are Earth Drive or Crazy Weed. Allows you to remove ground targeted spells like Vacuum, GX Poisons, Land Protector, Thorn Traps, Killing Cloud, etc. Earth Drive also allows you to reduce Aspd of the breaker who is trying to break your emperium. Full Strip: The old school disable that all Stalkers used. Removes Weapon, HG, Armor and Shield. Blocked by FCP, so isn’t kinda useful. Strip Accessory: Divests the accessories that are being equipped. Kinda good against chars whose accessories are very vital for their build. (100 Hard Mdef Chars start freezing without their very important Black Roasry[1] Bloody Lust: AoE Circle on the ground which puts al enemies in a Berserk State. Use this while breaking the Emperium to avoid the enemy from casting any spells around you like Cursed Circle of Sura, Suicidal Destruction of Mechanic,etc Manhole: Hardest disable that an SC can get. Makes a hole on the ground which holds the player (ally and enemy inclusive) for the duration. Man-holed player becomes invulnerable to anything except Shadow Form. Shadow Form: Its an SC version of Crescent Elbow and Deathbound but it’s highly dangerous. You can’t use items and skills during its duration and if anyone uses revealing skills on you, it gets removed. Kinda tough to pull off and you don’t define your build around that anyways. Body Paint: The SC revealing skill. Copied Skills: From Intimidate its FSK. Mobility for an SC is highly important. From Reproduce its usually a ground skill remover like Earth Drive or Crazy Weed. ( Crazy weed has point target and Earth Drive is no target AoE. It depends on player to player on what to use) Gears and Cards First of all Maya Purple is the best card and the most important card that an SC can and should have all the time. BoS has a cooldown time and as a Shadow Chaser, you need to see the ones blacked up. Without this card in your HG, you really should quit this game and play Pinball because if you don’t understand the importance of this card, you don’t understand this game and WoE. Listing good choices for gears and their cards: Any items which don’t give buff on refine should never be refined. Period. Headgear TOP: +12 Cat Ear Beret [1] with Bungisingis card 16% redux at +12 so why not? +0 Gigantic Majestic Goat (Def) No slot, 12% Def +0 Abysmal Knight Helm [1] 10% Redux and a slot for your Maya Purple card. Best for those who don’t have Donation Costume Headgear I Love China Dex+3 10% Redux is also a good choice Headgear Mid: Blush of Gloom 3% Redux Headgear Low: Gentleman Pipe 2% Redux or Handkerchief in mouth 3% redux(whenever it gets implemented) Armor: +6 or +9 WoE suit [1] with Marc card. (Evil Druid is also an option but since most of the RK are using fire convertors/endows it is slightly suicidal) +0 WoE Boots [1] with Matyr/Green Ferus card. (You don’t need the +9 Boot with Firelock since an SC has abysmal SP pools and 10% of less is still less. And you take less damage from Tiger Cannon of Sura with a Matyr/Green Ferus so that’s a win-win from a mathematical sense) +0 WoE Manteau [1] with Flamel/Noxious card (Flamel for the Soul Link buff. With ranked White potions it’s possible to heal to full in 4-5 pots. Haven’t tested with regeneration potion from event shop but it will be full HP in 3-4 pots. The Noxious card is kinda unnecessary because the potting helps you to survive more. And even without Noxious its highly unlikely that you die one hit so Flamel is win-win) Garment with Randel Card for swap. Kinda unnecessary but if the Guard procs it will save you from a lot of damage. Weapon is Combat Knife. 10% extra redux makes you to tank a lot of damage from enemies. Best if enchanted with INT or DEX from Malangdo for easier instacast or more masquerade chances Accessories are dependent on player to player. It’s better to use 2 slotted accessories which give DEX or HP. Eg: Upgrade Clip, Orleans Necklace/Glove. Card choices are Erendee Ebecee + Alligator or 2x Alligator or Zerom. Another option is the Evil Spirit Silk Glove which allows an SC to cast Cobweb, the sage spell for another hard disable. That is the best endgame SC Accessory as of now imo. Other options to all this is Glorious Set with 2x Glorious Rings Another build is using a GR card but unless you become freeze immune with 100 hard mdef somehow, there is no point because a frozen SC is a dead SC. Important Buffs Admiral Buffs Soul Link (If an SC is playing without Soul Link, he isn’t playing as an SC) Immunity to dispel, faster movement under chase walk and more healing from ranked white pots, who wouldn’t want that? SC don’t need Sacrament. All of the 3rd job important skills don’t have any fixed cast time which is halved by Sacrament. If you waste the time of your AB to get Sacra you aren’t doing it right because CW and ED are also VCT based skills. The only FCT on the SC skill tree is chase walk, but its cast isn’t high at all to think about reducing it. SC don’t need Odin and Striking. You are a disabler and not a killer. You want to reduce a player to a Poring and not kill him. The humiliation that you do is more important than kill. Dead men tell no tales. Consumables SC is a highly consumable based job. Without eating foods you aren’t amounting to anything on WoE. Listing the following foods to be used on WoE at all times: Siroma Ice Tea (Dex+20) Green Salad (Dex+5) Dropped from plant monsters using Lunakligo Warg Blood Cocktail (Int+20) Honey Herbal Tea (Int+3) Dropped by Dragon Monsters using Draco Egg card Minor Brisket (Vit+20) Immortal Stew (Vit+10) Dropped by Hydrolancer HP Increase Potion Large Undead/Holy Elemental Scroll Redux Potions (Physical and Magical) Speed Potion to chase people who dodge your precast and also to run faster to reach a precast or Emp for breaking. Ranked Slim White potions (Heals at a very high rate, which makes them very useful) Strategy You are the main disabler for your guild. You need to target the following classes: RK: Probably the most easiest class to masq due to them being overweight all the time. And also having moderately low agi and luk. Use Gloomy to equate them to a poring. DB RK fail miserably and so do the SB/IB/HS RK due to spear weapon that they used has 75% damage on medium monsters, and with you running 75% redux that’s even lower damage then you would usually take. RG: Support RG who don’t run a Sacra build are also easy to disable. But its always better to Manhole an RG to prevent him from potting while you kill the players that have been Devoed by the RG Killer RG are tough to masq due to them having high luk if EB type and high str so they don’t usually be overweight. Sorc: Sorc cant dispel SC. (Soul Link Bitch!!) You need to Igno and Weak them to prevent them from dispelling your allies and weak will make them food by removing the default CK and Cranial Valk. Avoid the Arullo and Diamond dust as those statuses make life really bad for you. Geneticist: With the level of redux that you have you won’t die to AD, very easily. A well geared Gene will probably remove like 80% of your HP tops. Ranked slims for the win right? Another tough class to masq due to their high weight. You can dodge AD by shadow forming sometimes and that might not work due to them being Devoed all the time. Sura: Unless its an Asura Strike Sura, you can play around a Sura and his skill delays and to be honest a pure TC sura cant kill you easily, The thing were we loose is the SP drain, but it can be sorted with Royal Jelly. You need to be fast. A sura will use FC after TC to kill. Just keep on potting and you can disable the Sura easily. Again low agi and low luk builds. Pure TC Sura don’t have high strength either so easy target. SC: The SC v/s SC matchup depends on who is faster to Masq. A lot of times I have lost to better SC out there because they had a higher APM then me. You also need to be careful of the SC breaking your emp since its tough to kill that guy since he will cast the Berserk status around the emp to drain your SP. Kagerou/Oboro: Kage removes you from hiding and Oboro can remove your Soul Link(Yes, without Soul Link you become weak then normal) The ninja spells are also kinda irritating due to the mass status spreads all around. There wont be an AB to Lauda you always. Minstrel/Wanderer/Mechanics are kinda easy to masq due to their stat builds focusing on one side of the stat pool on a general basis. When you FSK, you also remove the Soul Link buff from Wanderers and Minstrels. Warlock: Kinda a difficult job to deal with, but also the most easiest class to disable. Shadow Form that class too to reflect the damage and kill them and the Devo as well. These are a few WoE videos from iRO of good SC. This guy is probably the best SC I have seen on all the videos I have seen. Overall, its about the experience from playing WoE day in day out. I learn a lot of new stuff every time I play. Play around my gears a bit here and there. By Anonymous Author