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Found 6 results

  1. When I have no Frost Nova the damage was this: When I learned Lvl 10 Frost Nova, 50% of Target's MDEF was not bypassed. The damage remained on the same range as having no Frost Nova:
  2. Currently, no graphic is showing for White Imprison Target as shown below: Without this, it's difficult to visually determine if the skill has worn off.
  3. Wrong Spell Book Mind Slots

    With the stats above, I should have 175/10 + 201/10 = 17 + 20 = 37 Mind Slots With that, I should be able to read at most 3 Earth Strain spells following this table Spell Book Rank Spell Book Mind Slots Beginner Spell Book (Cold Bolt) 7 Spell Book (Fire Bolt) 7 Spell Book (Lightning Bolt) 7 Intermediate Spell Book (Earth Spike) 8 Spell Book (Heaven's Drive) 9 Spell Book (Jupitel Thunder) 9 Spell Book (Thunder Storm) 9 Spell Book (Lord of Vermilion) 10 Spell Book (Meteor Storm) 10 Spell Book (Storm Gust) 10 Spell Book (Water Ball) 9 Superior Spell Book (Chain Lightning) 12 Spell Book (Crimson Rock) 12 Spell Book (Drain Life) 8 Spell Book (Earth Strain) 12 Ultimate Spell Book (Comet) 22 Spell Book (Tetra Vortex) 22 Earth Strain takes 12 slots; thus, 37 mind slots is enough to store 3 Earth Strain. Few Investigation Result: ES/CR/CL consume around12.5 slots LOV/MS/SG consume around 10.5 slots DrainLife consumes around 8.5 slots WB consumes around 9.5 slots Source: iRO Wiki Reading Spell Book LimitRO Wiki Reading Spell Book
  4. I just reset my Warlock skill and try to put skill point on fire skill. When I try to pick Meteor Storm, it always failed (when I click apply button, skill points doesn't spend on those skills). I try to spend my skill point to other skill and it work. Only 3 skill (Sightrasher, Meteor Storm, and Fire Pillar) can't picked. Thank you.
  5. Account : anthonyvk Character name : Deadly Sorcerer. Job : Warlock. Issue :When the Warlock uses 'Summon Fire/Water/Earth/Lightning ball' Skill , It shows only one b all on top , even after summoning many. Other than the current user other players can see many balls. I checked with other players , even they are facing it (they can see only 1 , but I can see their many summoned balls).
  6. The description of the Warlock skill Intense Telekinesis is it has a 3 minute duration, but in reality it only lasts 1 minute. I did some digging and found out that iRO has the same problem. The skill is originally intended to last for a minute but the description says different. I don't know if they have fixed the problem or not, but it seems that the duration of the skill really is only 1 minute. I suggest fixing the description and implementing it on the next maintenance. I've already seen a couple of posts here asking about the skill. And really, anything more than 1 minute is too OP. I MPVed Evil Snake Lord wearing only normal equips with this skill. This skill can also kill Mistress. Although not as OP as No Limits.