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Found 5 results

  1. War of Emperium Schedule 📆Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 🕐01:00 to 02:00 🕑14:00 to 15:00 📆Friday 🕖19:00 to 20:00 🕖07:00 to 08:00 Castle Region 🏰Payon Castles Wednesday 01:00 to 02:00 🏰Gloria Castles (Transcendent) Wednesday 14:00 to 15:00 🏯Kafragarten Castles (Transcendent) Friday 07:00 to 08:00 🏯Aldebaran Castles Friday 19:00 to 20:00 🏰Yuno Castles Saturday 01:00 to 02:00 🏰Prontera Castles Saturday 14:00 to 15:00 🏯Geffen Castles Sunday 01:00 to 02:00 🏯Rachel Castles Sunday 14:00 to 15:00 🏰 = Normal WoE 🏯 = Silk WoE Godly Castle The following castle's has Godly material drop chance in their treasures and the flags are standing in Asgard. 🌟Geffen Region Repherion - gefg_cas01 God Material Box 🌟Payon Region - Bright Arbor - payg_cas01 God Material Box 🌟Aldebaran Region Neuschwanstein - aldeg_cas01 God Material Box 🌟Prontera Region: Fadhgridh - prtg_cas03 God Material Box 🌟Rachel Region Cyr - arug_cas02 God Material Box II 🌟Yuno Region Andlangr - schg_cas02 God Material Box II 🌟Glorioa Region TE Richard - te_prtcas02 God Material Box III 🌟Kafragarten Region TE Pavianne - te_aldecas2 God Material Box III Treasures List of all possible treasures, different castles contains different treasures. List of which castle drops which treasure Aldebaran Region Neuschwanstein (aldeg_cas01) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Hohenschwangau (aldeg_cas02) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Geffen Region Repherion (gefg_cas01) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Eeyolbriggar (gefg_cas02) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Payon Region Bright Arbor (payg_cas01) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Scarlet Palace (payg_cas02) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Prontera Region Swanhild (prtg_cas02) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Fadhgridh (prtg_cas03) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Yuno Region Himinn (schg_cas01) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Andlangr (schg_cas02) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Rachel Region Mardol (arug_cas01) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Cyr (arug_cas02) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Treasure 2 Kafragarten Region Glaris (te_aldecas1) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Defolty (te_aldecas2) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Glorioa Region Gaebolg (te_prtcas01) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Richard (te_prtcas02) Treasure 1 Treasure 2 Normal WoE vs Silk WoE Normal WoE Max 36 members of a guild can can enter a WoE active castle. 1 Boss Card only in WoE (excluding Mini Boss cards). Yggdrasil Berries/Seeds have 3 minutes reuse delay. Damage Adjustment Reduction Short Attack Damage Rate: 0% Long Attack Damage Rate: -15% Weapon Skill Damage Rate: -60% Magic Skill Damage Rate: -40% Misc Skill Damage Rate: -50% Silk WoE Max 24 members of a guild can enter a WoE active castle. Yggdrasil Berries/Seeds have 3 minutes reuse delay. Damage Adjustment Reduction Short Attack Damage Rate: 0% Long Attack Damage Rate: -15% Weapon Skill Damage Rate: -60% Magic Skill Damage Rate: -40% Misc Skill Damage Rate: -50% Max Refine allowed +7 No MvP Cards No Cash items No BG Items No Deepsea Items No Applause Sandal No Biolab Items No Shadow gears No Lottery Fairy Garments. List of disabled items WoE Point System WPS During WoE: Everyone inside the WoE active castle will receive WPS Points 1 WPS Point will be given every 90 seconds During the 90 seconds, each 15 seconds will be a save point. Max obtainable WPS is 20 points for each WoE. NPC Farrah - The WPS Token Shop Asgard - coord 228/262 Consumeable: Yggdrasil Berry 15 Box Yggdrasil Seed 30 Box Royal Jelly 100 Box Steamed Tongue Box Steamed Desert Scorpion Box Dragon Breath Cocktail Box Hwengelmir's Tonic Box Cooked Nine Tail Box Immortal Stew Box Big Defense Potion Box Big Magic Defense Potion Box WoE White Potion Box WoE Blue Potion Box WoE Violet Potion Box Assist Item: Enriched Elunium Enriched Oridecon HD Carnium HD Bradium Flashy Enchant Reset Ticket Token of Siegfried WoE Teleport Scroll Siege Map Teleport Scroll II Equipment: Flashy Ring (Can be enchanted) Flashy Pendant (Can be enchanted) WoE Weapon Supply Box Check castle owners here:
  2. Caphleo

    kRO 2018 Siege Update

    This was posted more than a week ago in kRO's devnotes, but might as well share it. This is what has been discussed when kRO devs held a meeting with WoE players and Guild Masters (imagine being invited to a developer's meeting just because you play the game!!!!! So awesome!!!) The meeting took place back in Sept 23-24. 1. Siege/WoE Q1. When are the improvements update gonna be implemented? A1. Around 2018. It will be implemented when various opinions have been gathered and testing done. Q2. In WoE, it's becoming impossible to fight (like getting killed instantly). Is there an alternative to this? A2. At the moment, some characters can be instantly killed due to high damage of some skills. It is normal due to stats, gears, and so on. However, due to this problem, there's a part where the fun in Siege is reduced, so there's an option to reduce powerful skills (Arrow Storm, Cross Ripper Slasher, Ignition Break, Exceed Break, Tetra Vortex, Comet, Self Destruction, etc). Is it anticipated that you prepare equipment to counter expected skills from your enemies to fight against them. Q3. Is it improvement through an item and not in a skill balance patch? A3. It is difficult to make skills behave in various situations (normal mode, siege mode). That's why we are balancing siege through various methods, and new siege-only items are one of them. Various discussions and reviews will be conducted so we can enjoy siege. Q4. What's the purpose of using siege-only items in siege? A4. (The answer is just a bunch of BS about there being different sets of PVM and PVP gears. They really didn't give much of an answer.) Q5. Is it possible to remove the no-SP recovery penalty of Asura Strike? For example, can you add a skill cool down instead of the no-SP recovery penalty so the character can use another skill. A5. We have been discussing this internally. However, since this is a low priority content. We will resume discussion soon. Q6. We need a reorganization of potions A6. (Something about selling Siege Potions in a kRO in-game market but in limited quantity, they are thinking of increasing the limit people can buy). Genetics will be able to make new items such as Siege Potions, recovery items from the new statuses (like freezing, ignition etc), and potions that increases tolerance to said statuses. In the case of Mechanics, they want Mechanics to be able to create items like "Reinforced Parts" and "Ability Supplementary Device". Genetics will be focused on making defensive consumables while Mechanics will focus on making offensive consumables. In addition to the Alchemist and Blacksmith rankings, we are also planning to make a new ranking system for Genetics and Mechanics. (This made me boned up lol. I am really excited for this update. But I'm guessing this will be for the Awakening Classes. They have to give Mechanics extra skills to craft those items.) Q7. (Something about magic users being hard to play in siege because of all the counters.) A7. (Basically they said it's part of the game lol. But they will discuss it) Q8. Do you plan to enhance access to Siege? A8. (Basically an improvement to the current Siege Quests. Like you can get PVP equipment from the TE Siege Quests. They will also supposed new Siege equipment that are easy to make for new users, and specialized Siege gears for veterans. Q9. (The question is about a certain Guild Castle being favored because of the location of its agit flags) A9. We have discussed about making agit flags available for alliance guilds as well. Adding storage NPCs outside castles, and HP/SP Recovery NPCs (with a higher fee than the inn) are also being discussed. We are also trying to develop new Guild Skills. Q10. If you've improved skills such as BS Sacramenti, Angelus, and return the previous Assumptio (straight up damage reduction rather than double the Def) effect, won't it increase ABs in Siege? A10. It seems like a good opinion. We will consider improvements for Arch Bishop skills. However, considering other damage reduction skills such as Energy Coat, we will have to be careful about the damage reduction effects of Assumptio. Q11. We think that Siege improvements should be constant and not just once. A11. (It's a roundabout way of saying they are gathering opinions not only from kRO, but from also other official servers for Siege improvements.) Q12. (Question about Siege Time) A12. (Answer about possibly adding more days/times to Siege.) Q13. What will happen to Hall of Abyss when Siege times changes? A13. The investment system for Hall of Abyss will be removed due to the change of Guild Dungeon usage. We will disclose details on the change on a later update. Q14. Please tell us more details about how Guild Leaders can manage the Guild Dungeons. A14. The Guild Leader can invest through the investment NPC inside the castle. It is made up to 10 levels. You can increase the investment up to level 9 to add things such as increasing the monster type, number of monsters, and hunting quests. The Guild Leader can choose one of the 3 options below for the Level 10 investment. 1. Spawn monsters that drop special special equipment. 2. Gain buffs to gain bonus EXP from the monster inside the Guild Dungeon. 3. Gain buffs to gain special materials from the monsters inside the Guild Dungeon. Guild Leaders can set the Dungeon to be opened to the public or keep it private. In a public settings, Admission Tickets can be bought with Zeny through an NPC. The existing Hall of Abyss will be shared by all Castle Holders in the area without special investment, it will also be a PVP area, and will be re-organized to be a high level dungeon. In the Hall of Abyss, you can acquire new Siege equipment and new enchantments for Siege equipment. Q15. We need to improve Siege rewards. Is it possible to add boxes that only drops materials from that area? (I'm assuming making a specific box for god item materials) A15. There will certainly be a change in the treasure boxes. In the new treasure boxes, you can acquire the highest level of enchant for the new Siege equipment, Siege Potions, and castle treasure chests. We will also add material box for each area like you've proposed. Q16. (Question about the new Siege equipment) A16. (Explains loosely about how to enchant the new Siege equips. Mentioned 2 types of enchant, 1 for defensive and 1 for offensive. Enchantments can be upgraded.) Q17. What are the new Siege Equipment? A17. Basic Siege equipment are gonna be sold for Zeny. It can then be upgraded and enchanted to fit each class with the enchants you can get from Guild Dungeons. Q18. How about support for Doram equipment that can reduce/increase damage? A18. Yes, new equipment will be added to the Siege equipment for Dorams. Q19. Are there any direct change to Siege mode? A19. We are discussing various resistance (players, attributes, conditions, races, etc.). We are also considering to make the maximum resistance be 100%, and the aspects of ranged physical damage penalty, skill damage penalty, etc. Q20. We would like for the new Siege equipment to be available on the test server. A20. We will roll out the update in Sakray first before the main servers. 2. Battlegrounds Q1. There is Siege improvement, but it is also necessary to improve Battleground content. A1. We are in the process of restructuring Battlegrounds separate from Siege. We are also considering a concept where only Battleground equipment and items, and various systems where support classes can participate more. Q2. Will the new battlegrounds be added? A2. The addition of the new battlegrounds and the matching system improvement is finished. Q3. What are the rewards for the new battlegrounds? A3. The full list has not been confirmed, but new battleground equipment will be added. 3. Others Q1. (Question about the new Jitterbug instance, which we don't have) A1. (Well not really important since we don't have it yet. But they did talk about new Jitterbug enchants and equips.) Q2. You need to improve the skills of Minstrels and Wanderers. A2. We would like to add some magic damage to instruments and whips. As for the skills of Minstrels and Wanderers, we have discussed to make them available with a Bow. These contents will be reviewed so the can be added to the future improvement of these classes. We would also like to review instruments and whips so we can add equipment with magic damage later. Q3. How did you develop the Taekwon 3rd Jobs? A3. We are advanced in our development. We are trying to meet as much this year. Q4. What is a Star Emperor? I wish it has cool physical skills. A4. Star Emperors are a physical class. Q5. The last images for Star Emperor and Soul Reaper have not been published. When will it be released? And Star Emperors are a bit better than Soul Reapers (design-wise?). A5. Images are still in development yet, and may change. Once we finalize the image, we will disclose it. Q6. There are many questions about the Awakening system. Is it going to be level 175 to level 100? A6. When a level 175 character Awakens, it returns to level 100. Base level will be increased to 185 and job level will be increased to 70. Q7. Won't there be too many status points for a level 185 character? A7. There will be a new status system for Awakened Classes. Aside from Status Points, there will be Character Points. Character Points can be directly applied to Accuracy, Flee, Critical rate, Attack, Ranged Attack, Magic Attack, Defense, Magic Defense, HP and SP. When you reset to level 100, you will have an additional Status points of 1 to 100 (I'm guessing it's random), and 1 Character Point. You will receive Status points until level 175, and won't gain points at 176 to 185. You will gain 1 Character point for each 1 level from level 100. This will make a difference in level growth and you will feel the difference with Awakened and non-Awakened classes. Once the final outline is done, we will release it in a dev note. Q8. The HP/SP differences between classes are big enough as it is with level 175. Can this difference decrease with the Awakening system? A8. We will review this content thoroughly. Q9. (Idk something about receiving items via RODEX.) A9. (Idk really, must be an exclusive kRO thing. I'm missing context.) Q10. (Something about paying for a permanent support box, again a kRO thing.) A10. (Nothing really important.) Q11. Do developers play the game too? A11. Yes, out developers also play the game. They nurture their characters well. Most of the times they play at home, but sometimes they play at PC Rooms. Q12. Can you release the rest of the Enchantment Stones for the rest of the classes? A12. We have received a lot of complaints at the launch of several job classes. The number of materials in one box is limited, so this time we released Ranger, Sura, and Sorcerer Stone, and we will add more classes in the future. Q13. Why not sell the Japanese items and costumes from jRO to kRO? Are you selling items to jRO? A13. We support all items that's produced in Ragnarok. However due to the unique characteristics of each culture, some changes might take time. Specially since Japanese Ragnarok equipment are made with the jRO formula. Well, there you guys go. More things to look forward to.
  3. Lord Kei

    Best Woe People

    My lists hehe: RK: Blackknight RG: Devourment Sorc: - Wl: Cheessy Lobster Sura: Massive Monkey AB: - Ranger: Lady Miura Wanderer: - Mechanic: - Genetic: Katie Mcuen GX: Texnyc SC: Corazon X Sorry for if i spells the name wrong, will edit it and the miss jobs.
  4. Takudan

    Kit Kat's WoE videos

    > Kit Kat Playlists mine -
  5. The Kiss

    Of War and Unused classes.

    This is very simple: i have been receiving requests from peopel unwilling to come to the forums for a variety of reasons. Here are teir requests: Baby WoE - People seem interested in wanting to see a WoE that allowes baby jobs only to enter the maps. These classes are generally unpopular in regular WoE because they are designed to be weaker than regular third jobs, which can also go transcendent. Second Class WoE - This is basically a request to implement WoE: Training Edition from Official kRO that only allow classes that have max level of 99. Third Job, Kagerou and Oboro are unable to enter into these castles, and their skills are disabled in the castles and the maps that lead to them.