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Found 1 result

  1. LimitRO WoE 2017

    War of Emperium Check castle owners here: Intro A war of conquering castles, a battle for honor between Guilds. This guide is the 2017 War of Emperium final setup for LimitRO. WoE Schedule (Based on Server Time) Wednesday 0600: Silk SE (Vidblainn) schg_cas03 1500: Silk FE (Fadgrinh & Neushwanstein) prtg_cas03 & aldeg_cas01 Thursday 0600: Normal FE(Repherion) gefg_cas01 1500: Normal SE (Mardol) arug_cas01 Saturday 0600: Silk FE (Fadgrinh & Neushwanstein) prtg_cas03 & aldeg_cas01 1500: Silk SE (Vidblainn) schg_cas03 Sunday 0600: Normal SE (Himinn) schg_cas01 1500: Normal FE (Bamboo Grove Hill) payg_cas05