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Found 6 results

  1. Takudan

    20161016 Normal SE

    totally speechless when your enemies lost and still TTs you anyway and call it gutsy. well, i guess we lost the TT fight
  2. koreeyong

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    Played as Arch Bishop in Kit Kat guild, last night just full with lag. OTL Kit Kat (25) VS Eternal Playmates (36) The video of last night Silk SE WoE, good woe and hope incoming WoE will be intense WoE too. (Feel cheated for Normal SE just now when saw EP no come attack at first min while they have bulk in Saturday morning.)
  3. Happy New Year!!! As a celebration of my boredom, here's me wasting money on my GX...
  4. Level 101 GX vs Bijou Yolo yolo yo yolo yolo yo~~~ Made this video as an excuse to use one of my new fav songs~~~~~~~
  5. Terapeuta

    Digital Drugs

    [video] ] [vide] video] [video]
  6. Hello to my friends, I am a ragnarok player for years and a fan of the forum. I would like to present my Ragnarok speed art drawing for you to evaluate. From a character I like a lot and played a lot in the past, now I'm with Sniper. I hope you like my drawing was done with sketch, color and paper in January 2017. And if possible we start a debate about which is the best character to play in the game currently, because I am stopped for some time. Thank you friends Ragnarok Top Artwork- Jan 2017