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Found 3 results

  1. Trolling Vending Spot

    I've read the rules, even there's no rule about vending troll, but earlier GM said its not allowed to reserved vending spot by selling random item at high price.
  2. The Vending Harbor need's an overhaul!

    Hey together Limitians, today I would like to address a topic which is simply annoying, the Vending Harbor. The only official turnaround for items of all kind by players for players is absolutely the worst thing I have seen in a MMO so far. From the bit of space, which is really often not enough are 70-80% of all shops absolute crappy garbage shops. Players open the shops and sell only one item in it. But they have 15 accounts at the same time on the vending harbor. Players who block the place meaninglessly with a shop because they may sometime want to sell something, which is often never the case and the shop then stands there until the next server maintenance. Players who steal one with the intention of the place by glitching at the position of your character and then quickly make the above mentioned. I want to say ... clears up times and ensures that you get quality sellers and no click bait stores with garbage in the offer. I know you can not determine what a player should sell and what not. You could try it with a time limit of 2 days per shop to ensure a rotation of the offer. You could also set a minimum number of items to avoid shops selling only one item at the same time. What do you think? Since you have an opinion or do you think differently? Greetings, Skillhunter
  3. Hi, I only joined a couple of days ago, so forgive me if I'm not understanding how @whosells is supposed to work, or if I'm running into some weird restriction. What I've assumed "@whosells orange", for example, will return all locations for shops that are selling "orange". I've also done @whosells 582 (src: renewal item db) I've read up on the bugs associated (why shop names are not in the output, which I completely understand. This is not the issue.) What I see happening In the vending area, I see shops with 'orange' for 13k or other prices. They aren't appearing in @whosells output. The above green text is after doing: @whosells orange @whosells2 582 @whosells 582 @whosells orange (again.. just in case. right?) Furthermore, I have my own merchant vending, and I tested whosells on an item I'm selling. It did not turn up. Is this just me somehow? Let me know if I can help in any way