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Found 1 result

  1. Axolotl

    Help Romeo to get laid!

    Letter from Romeo I took a day off and was preparing a special picnic to Juliet... I spent the morning picking different types of flowers To create a beautiful flower bouquet to gift my loved one, And whole afternoon travelling around Midgard to selecting fruits of all smells and flavours... But, unfortunately, when night falls, I was carrying too much things, My eyes were heavy and I decided to doze off. A few hours later I heard a fuss and woke up. A Yoyo bandit group stole all my items! And when I checked my inventory, alarmed said: "Oh , Lord! I can't believe I lost everything!" It was too late to do anything, my plans were ruined... Now Romeo is crying, because he realized he couldn't finish that alone. he needs your help to recover it all, and make the best picnic ever to Juliet. Between 14 and 29 february you must bring the following items to help him: Event Time 1st February to 29th February Cool-down period: 23 hours Farm duration: 20 minutes Flowers list... Beautiful Flower x200 Item ID# 6511 Elegant Flower x200 Item ID# 6510 Singing Flower x100 Item ID# 629 Mysterious Flower x100 Item ID# 6509 Valhalla's Flower x01 Item ID# 7510 Fruits list... Orange x100 Item ID# 582 Strawberry x50 Item ID# 578 Asai Fruit x50 Item ID# 11516 Beef Toast x20 Item ID# 11519 Coconut x10 Item ID# 11515 Rewards: » 1st time: x05 Fancy Fruit Baskets. » 2nd time: x10 Fancy Fruit Baskets. » 3rd time: x20 Fancy Fruit Baskets. » 4th time: x30 Fancy Fruit Baskets. » 5th time: x40 Fancy Fruit Baskets. » 6th time: x50 Fancy Fruit Baskets. » 7th time: x1 Costume 99 Love Balloons (Item ID# 31495): Location : Lower Weight : 20 Required Level : 1 Job : All » 8th time: x60 Fancy Fruit Baskets. » 9th time: x70 Fancy Fruit Baskets. » 10th time: x80 Fancy Fruit Baskets. » 11th time: x90 Fancy Fruit Baskets. » 12th time: x100 Fancy Fruit Baskets. » 13th time: x110 Fancy Fruit Baskets. » 14th time: x120 Fancy Fruit Baskets. Rewards Fried Octopus Legs/Takoyaki Sesame Pastry Bloody Branch Bloody Coin Convex Mirror Silvervine Fruit Death Bin High Weapon Box Mystical Card Album Spring Rabbit Egg Bok Choy Safe Refine +7 Armor Safe Refine +7 Weapon Cash Point Coin Cat Ear Cyber Headphone » Notes: You can help him a maximum of 14 times in each account. All rewards are nontransferable.