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Found 4 results

  1. Cj

    kRO Welcome Corridor

    Welcome Corridor A limited-time Event “Welcome Corridor” will be introduced, with an upgraded version of the MVP monsters. These monsters are only available in the instance and are stronger. New skills will also be added to them. The corridor has 3 floors. You enter the instance as many times as you want as long as your “welcome seal” is valid. (You get 1 free seal every day which is valid for 1 hour). You can purchase additional seals by talking to the "Illusion Ghost" with zeny or silvervines (amount not yet defined). Paid seals will last for 4 hours. The Full list of MvPs on each floor can be found below: Unlike regular monsters, these MVPs do not drop any equipment or cards. However, they drop "welcome flowers". You need to collect these flowers and talk to the Illusion Ghost outside the instance and exchange for random rewards: Possible Rewards: More to come.... Thanks to All Source:
  2. Changelogs A relaxing week for us to bring you new content! Many new dailies and completed Episode 16.1 ~ 👳Banquet of Heroes Daily Quests Total Reward of 40 Tokens Washing 15 Dishes Griffin Barbeque Unexpected Sauce Clean Life To My Beloved Fellow Lowly Standards Supressing Darkness Bothersome Little Thing Finding Lights Refreshing Prison Life 🐛Bug Fixes Minor issue in Achievement "Master Job Level" giving OPB instead of LMP. Tomb of Honor Cards now give bonus damage. Fixed some Amulet's not disabled in Silk Mode. 👲NPC Added a PvP Room NPC in Malaya. 🃏New Cards Sarah's Memories Feature Brand new Refining window ~~ Easier to refine your equipments No need to equip the item to refine. Easier to refine and understand the rates etc. Improve the rates by 1%
  3. Cj

    Update Usable Items

    Topic Name: Usable Items Yggdrasil Dust Snow Flip Peony Mommy Slapping Herb Character Names: Ouma Shu I How long have you been playing LimitRO? since the RO get started How long have you been a Forum member? 2 years Is your Suggestion a duplicated one? No Have your suggestion been denied before: Yeah same suggestion it was closed, because not aware format Describe your suggestion What is this? Usable items can be used for surviving in WOE/PVP Why do we have to add it? for the sake of the players...xD Who will benefit this? Players who playing WOE/PVP Will this change the system drastic? Not really Room for improvement? 1st. Improve the BG,if they can still return the previous event they have x2 every weekends 2nd. if they can add event store Unripe Yggdrasilberry,Dried Yggdrasilberry and Fish Slice Box/Superb Fish Slice..... xD
  4. Eruda Devil Horns [1] Int+2, MAtk on Demihumans +5% If Refine=+7, Additional MAtk on Demihumans +5% Suggestion: Add to Crafting Options by Rusty Blackhand at Monastery. Item ID# 5765 Black Tail Ribbon [1] Dark neat black ribbon. MDEF + 5. Resistance to Neutral property attacks +5%. Resistance to Range attacks+ 5%. Item ID# 5766 Amistr Cap [0] Smooth fluffy cap inspired by Homunculus' Amistr. Vit + 5. When receiving physical attack, Autocast NPC_Stoneskin Level 6 at 2% Chance. Suggestion: HatMaker Red Manteau [1] Critical Damage +3% +Critical Ring, Critical Damage+5%, Crit +10 If Refine of Red Manteau is 5 or above, Critical Damage+3% If Refine of Red Manteau is 7 or above, Critical Damage+4% Suggestion: Peco Shop Ear Muffs [1] HP,SP Recovery+20% Base Luk Higher than 55, additional HP,SP Recovery +30% Horraku Crown [1] Chance to Drop Mystic Frozen Flame Heart Rough Wind and Great Nature when killing a monster. Skalmet [1] -TopMidLower Ranged Damage+2% Refine 5 and Above, Ranged Damage+3% Refine 7 and Above, Ranged Damage+5% Suggestion: Hatmaker Sazan Cross [1] Int+1 Ignore 5% of Boss Monster MDEF If Refine is 6 or Higher, Every refine Increases Boss Monster MDEF Ignoring effect. Sakura [1] Cast time cannot be interrupted. Increases Var. Cast TIme by 35%. Little Feather Hat [1] Dex+2. Critical Damage+10% +Sharp Arrow, Critical Damage+5%, If refine of Hat is 7 and above, additional Crit Damage +5%. When used with +10Falken Blitz [2], Sharp Shooting Cast time-50% Benevolent Guardian [1] A headdress worn by high level members of warrior clergy members. Increases the effect of received healing by 5%. Increases the effectiveness of your own healing skills by 2%. If refined to +7 or higher, increases the effectiveness of your healing skills by an additional 3%. If equipped in combination with a Healing Staff[0], the effectiveness of your healing skills is increased by 1% per refine level of the staff. If equipped in combination with a Holy Stick[1], the effectiveness of your healing skills is increased by 3% per refine level of the staff. Suggestion: Hat Maker. Secret Society Hat [1] MaxHP+500 Curse Immunity Tonbo Monocle [1] -Mid Agi+2 Autocast Steal Lv1 when attacking. Suggestion: Hatmaker Drooping Flir [0] Reflect 1% of Melee Physical Damage back to enemy. Suggestion: Hatmaker Red Marching Hat [1] A marching hat with holy angel wings affixed to the sides made famous by a righteous Rune Midgardian band. Str+2 Autocast Level 2 Apersio when attacking Dark Snake Lord Hat [0] Int, Agi+2, Dex-2 Chance of reduce Casting Time by 50% for 5 seconds and FLEE Rate + 30 when performing a Magical attack. Scooter Helmet [1] Unbreakable Captain Pipe [0] -Lower Increases Ranged Damage based on refine of ship Captain Hat Suggestion: Peco Shop Kindergarden Cap [1] Max HP+500 Fire Resist+5% Refine 6 and above, Fire Resist+5% [+Sandals of Hope] Heal Skills +5% Item Healing+5% Base Level 79 and lower, Increases Movement Speed Sandals of Hope [1] Max HP,SP+5% Refine 6 and Above, additional MaxHP,SP+5% [+Kindergarden Cap] Heal Skills +5% Item Healing+5% Base Level 79 and lower, Increases Movement Speed Suggestion: Hat Maker Kindergarden Cap -Super Novice Hat [1] -Academy Graduation Cap Sandals of Hope -Sandal [1] -Vidar Boot -Angel Reincarnation [1] -Super Novice Shoes [1] -Valkyrie Shoes [1] [Not related to jRO Headgears but hoping to be Implemented] Item ID# 5469 (Noble_Hat) "One for all and all for one" hat is inscribed as an experience of the Musketeers. STR + 2 When the user receives a Physical Attack, low chance to auto-spell Level 1 Adrenaline Rush.