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Found 2 results

  1. Introduction After the re-emergence and blooming popularity of Critical Rune Knight build. I've decided to share some of the information that newbies keep asking me about. I do not claim myself as the most knowledgeable on this build but I'll do the best I can to pass on the things that I do know. This guide will only encompasses the PvM aspect of the build. I'll be using only two-handed sword EXCLUSIVELY since I never really liked shield, but I may touch upon one-handed weapon + shield builds a bit. Update: After nearly 3 years, I am finally updating the guide with the current the newest META and upgrades. Especially after the most recent updates, the Ignition Break Build has become the go to build for Crit/Physical RK. The guide will have differentiation between builds on certain parts, which include: Ignition Break Build, Auto-Attack Build and other builds. WARNING: THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. THE GUIDE IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED. HENCE THE MIX OF OLD AND NEW CONTENTS. Builds Overview Stats Status: AGI - Mainly for ASPD VIT - Raises your Max HP and HP recovery, a 100 total VIT will provide immunity to stun status effect. INT - Max SP, Faster Cast time for Ignition Break and bonus damage to Enchant Blade buff. DEX - Hit Rate and Faster Cast Time for Ignition Break. LUK - Raises CRIT rate and provides other misc attributes like sATK, sMATK, Flee, Hit and Perfect Dodge. Allocation suggestion (General): After the 200/70 level cap update, classes has more flexibility on allocating status points. This is just a basic guideline. You can freely fine-tune the stats to your preferences based on the equipment and buffs that you have. However, it is not recommended to raise Max status value over 120 as it would be would cost a fair bit of status points. Ignition Break, Auto-Attack STR - 120 AGI - 1~70* VIT - 100 INT - 100+ ** DEX - 100+ ** LUK - 120 *** *RK have an easier time reaching 193 ASPD than most classes due to various buffs at it's disposal. With additional AGI Buffs/Foods, Delay After Attack % bonus, and flat ASPD bonus it's pretty easy to reach top speed. However, for One-handed Spear+Shield builds a slightly higher AGI might be necessary to reach the same ASPD outside of zerking. **For faster cast time with Ignition Break Build. Also the extra INT and MATK will help boost your Enchant Blade damage for Auto-Attack Build. ***Fixed value for Temporal LUK Boots, Skills The skills mentioned below are ones that I feel relevant to physical RK build, divided by their uses such as: General, Situational, Ignition Break, Auto-Attack and others. Skill Setup Example Equipment Only the most optimal and closely viable equipment and cards are listed. (Does not include the Spear+Shield crit build) The equipment/weapon/card are classified as follows: General - Suited for most builds/skills, which includes below. Ignition Break - Suited for Ignition Break Auto-Attack - Suited for Auto-Attack (Includes Autocast and Zerking) Wind Cutter - Suited for Wind Cutter Sonic Wave - Suited for Sonic Wave Situational - Example: Farming, Tanking and HP/SP leech Weapons Headgears ( Upper, Middle and Lower) Armor Garment Footgear Accessory Essence of Evil Donation Costumes Costumes Headgears Aura Amulet & Costume Garment Shadow Gears Ignition Shadow Set Ignition Shadow Weapon + Rune Knight Shadow Shield Set Class Specific Shadow Set Pets Your Rune Knight won't be complete without these adorable and practical pets. A pet is like another extra equipment slot with effects. More info on this page. Consumables Runestones HP/SP Recovery Status Boost Elemental Properties Guides Starter to Endgame Equipment Progression (TBA) Tips Future updates & equipments Videos Bios Island - Reaper Ankou FAQ/ DISCUSSION (WIP) Credits/Links My good friend @S e n t i m e n t a L a.k.a Grandmaster of DD GX a.k.a Yowai and his astonishingly detailed and LONG guide (which I shamelessly copied some of the info from. ). He inspired me to write this guide despite me being quite lazy. Another good friend @Caphleo just for being an awesome chap. A shout out to @kingtristan for updating the guide in my absence. Also to @Theodosia and @Gwenhwyfar for helping me keeping up to date with the changes. Much appreciated. A very big thank you to @Bibo that has been helping me out after I came back. You are MVP my man! This dude's channel. He is partly responsible for me to go crazy over this build all over again. blackCROSS's guide on warpportal forum. I'm not sure if he is flattered but, he influences me as well. Artwork (NSFW site) by Tsukimori Hiro and edited by @Skillhunter. Artwork by Garuku.
  2. The effects were missing from the previous fix below: