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Found 9 results

  1. Sven Mq

    Recruiting for Silk WoE!

    > JABBAWOCKEEZ < JABBAWOCKEEZ IS RECRUITING! We're looking for Silk WoE players. You gotta have Discord, be good bois and gals no TT-ing about. PM me here, in-game or Discord for a brief interview. You can find me from Limit's Discord. I go by "Sven Mq" everywhere. More info on our guild here:
  2. experimental

    RGM> T MAGMA Guild :D

    Let's go and join the battle! Relive the fun and excitement of WoE Come and play with us T MAGMA (Silk WoE) Newbies and Old Players are welcome! Look for IGN: Jack Castle for more info. Thank you and Happy Gaming, LimitRO!
  3. Trouble


    Full HD animals porn
  4. Trouble


  5. Members Salary Commoners: 30M-45M /week Good Performance: 50M-90M/ week Loyal: 100M-180M / Week FOR NEW PLAYERS GL choice player of the week: 1 VIP Top 6-10 player of the month: 2 VIP Top 2-5 players of the month: 5VIP Top 1 player of the month: 10VIP And more Special VIP Bonus / Rewards after WoE event. Number of VIP Bonys will be depends on the WoE result New players are encouraged and mostly welcome Contacts: Lagnalok; Bibo; Angela; Rygartz Currently needed job: (2) AB Support; (1) Warper; (2) Ministrel; (2) Wanderer; (1) GX; (3) SC
  6. Topic Item Report Item Name / Item ID Panda balloon / 31498 Describe the bug - how you tested wear the hat enter silk castle hat is taken off [NOK]. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) see highlighted below Your Char Name / Your Char Stats
  7. Kai


    -Not Recruiting as of this moment- General Information: WolvesReign is a friendly guild that aims towards having fun and not taking woe too seriously, we like having competition and we welcome anyone with open arms. We only participate in Silk WoE because some of us prefer not to attend Normal WoE due to time-zone issues or woeing in another guild. Our guild also does guild exclusive instance runs and Abracadabra (Bio, Glast Heim, ET, Nidhoggur, etc) to help everyone in the guild gear up, level up and have fun in the process! Guild Leader: Oda Hanzo Co-Leader: Lexi V / Kakurai / Instinctx Save Point: Dewata (@go 28) Expectations; Active in WoE Level 150+ Geared Not a Spy --------------------------------------------------- Classes we need: FULL SUPPORT Sorcerer FULL SUPPORT Arch Bishop Rune Knights Full Support Minstrel Genetic Kagerou / Oborou Sura --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why should you join us? Even though you're new to the server, and/or WoE, we'll guide you and teach you~ We don't expect full loyalty from you, but we want you to stay in our guild~ What are you waiting for? Be part of the Wolf Pack Family! Drop by at Dewata (@go 28) or PM me in the forums! You can also ask these guys for invite: IGNs: Rozen Lynn, Kakurai, Instinctx, Requiem of Minstrel, Lexi V -Not Recruiting as of this moment-////DISBANDED