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Found 1 result

  1. Limit Raganrok Online Server Info About What is more important than correct information! I have summered up a little bit about LimitRO custom features, setups, npcs, commands and other useful information for you to know about, to make your gaming easier. Fore most... our Main Town is Asgard General Info Exp Rates: 100x100x Quest Exp: 10x MvP Exp: 1x Heal Exp: 1x Drop Rates: 25x Max Level: 175/60 (Applies to all Jobs) Max Stats: 130 Max ASPD: 193 Max Char Slot: 18 Max Hairstyle: 50 Hair color: 127 Cloth Color: 2000 Area Size: 22 Max Client: 2 Death Penalty: -5% EXP Max Guild Tax: 25% Emblem: Glory Skill Required Homun Friendly: 10x Homun Autoloot: Enabled Vending Tax: 2% Weapon Produce: 1.5x Potion Produce: 1.5x Autospell Stack: Enabled Autotrade Time: 24 Hours KS Protection: 100 Seconds Even Share Bonus: 5 Member +40% EXP Pet Friendly: 10x Pet Support/Attack/Skill: Enabled PvP Bone drop: Enabled Party Sharing: 75 Levels Party Sharing: Extra +25% Exp. Min Skill Delay: 200 Milliseconds. Abra MvP: Enabled Main Chat Fee: 10,000 Zeny Main Chat CD: 5 Minutes Maintenance Day: Monday 14:00 Server Time Balanced Donation System Custom NPC Healer Golden Warper Admiral LimitRO Job Changer Stat/Skill Reset Card Removal Rent Service Stylist PvP Arenas Battlegrounds Easy Refiner Vending Harbor Coin Shop Guild Base Keeper Mr. Wise Genie Event Master Event Assistance World Fishing Chat Lane Eden Teleport Officer Instance Bakonawa Lake Bangungot Hospital Buwaya Cave Culvert Eclage Interior Endless Tower Faceworm Nest [140+] Hazy Forest [99+] Horror Toy Factory [140+] Isle of Bios [160+] Labyrinth Forest Morse's Cave Nydhoggs Nest Octopus Cave Old Glast Heim Orcs Memory Saras Memory Sealed Shrine [75+] Wolfchevs Laboratory Ghost Palace [120+] Nightmarish Jitterbug Temple of Demon God Devil's Tower Charleston's Crisis Geffen Magic Tournament Commands @commands @autoloot/@alootid @time @duel/@accept/@reject/@invite/@leave @away @noask @auction @mail @jailtime @autobuylist @autobuy @who2 @whereis @ii @mi @whodrops @cm @ignore @unignore @request @autotrade/@at @rates @go @changegm @feelreset @me @hatch @party @storage @storeall @Storeall Usable, @storeall Etc, @Storeall Equipment @hominfo @homstats @main @whosells2 @die @pettalk @homtalk