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Found 9 results

  1. Lai

    Sunday Family Picture

    A big family, we have. 🏘️A peaceful community, we made. 👼A long living party, we create. 🤝A never ending bond, we unite. 💓

    © Limit Ragnarok Online

  2. Lai

    Family Picture in Brasilis

    Last day of September 2017, Never will this day arrive again, But we will remember the moment, Moment we took this picture.

    © Limit Ragnarok Online

  3. Hello and good evening once again. Whenever i press the printscreen button, my antivirus would detect a trojan somehow. This never happened before. I tried adding it to the exemption list but nothing happened. Any help would be highly appreciated. Nevermind issue has been resolved :))
  4. Lai

    Weekend Family Picture

    It's weekend, and let's relax abit ~~

    © Limit Ragnarok Online

  5. Account : anthonyvk Char name : Deadly Falconeye Description :Blurry image when screenshot was captured. This issue happens only sometimes meaning , 1 out of 3 captures. Testing : I have installed LimitRO in two of my laptops , I still get the blurry image. Additional Info : LimitRO client was run in the following environment : Specification : Windows 10 , 16GB RAM , AMD HD Radeon. Intel i5 Client was run in the following settings : 1366 x 768 Resolution Direct 3D HL Windowed mode. Fog off Effects on Antivirus Off
  6. 2016 Fashion Contest #1 Intro Beauty is something we all seek within. It's time to show everyone that you have the right taste and trend of 2016! Event Time Submit before 2016.06.12 (Sunday) ends. Vote starts 2016.06.13 (Monday) Event ends on 2016.06.26 Qualification Requirements Each member can upload 1 image. Each member must be alone in the image. (No groupie) Image material screenshot must be taken in LimitRO. Do not cover your mouse over your character. Make sure to press F11 before taking the screenshot. Image size must be 600pixels x 400pixels LimitRO Tag must be added to the image: Image must be suitable to following themes: Pink Forest Lava Sky Anger Note: The applications that does not fit the requirements will be deleted w/o warning. (Please re submit if your reply is deleted.) Reward Player's will vote for the qualified images ingame. Poll Lady in Asgard Top 5 winners will receive the following: 1x Event Box (Retro) 1x Event Point Scroll 1000x KvM Badges Application Form Character Name: Image: (Contestant image) Screenshot: (Material) Theme: (Which theme did you chooose) Comment: (Write something, how you thought, what this image is about, etc.) Example Form Character Name: <GM> Lai Image: Screenshot: Theme: Sky Comment: High in the sky A great view standing here, I promise to bring you up here one day Wish all best of luck in this contest! 加油!
  7. Everyone, it's ready to farm!!!

    © Limit Ragnarok Online

  8. A sunny day in Limit Ragnarok, we decided to take a moment to bond with each other in the loyal Sakura Yard inside the Amatsu Palace

    © Limit Ragnarok Online

  9. Christmas Special Ohooo ho ho ho ho ho!! 2014-12-23 to 2014-12-28 About This event is a weekly event held on LimitRO, for everyone to be able to share their findings in the our RO world. Be the most creative print taker, with the best angle or view ingame. This event runs every week. Total winner of : 3 Prize: 10/6/3 Cash Point Coins + Event Box(Deluxe) Winners screenshots will be published on Gallery on website! The attendants must write their character name ingame for prize will be sent to the mail box You can post up to 5 screenshots, and one of them might win oh! One post per player plx ^^ You can follow the theme to get better chances to win, or else just be like cute, funny, surprising, serious, secretive, sexy, i dont know what ever you know. We won't tell you WHY someone wins, GMs are the one deciding, no objections, so SURPRISE US <3 Theme This week's theme will be: Snow Red / Green Christmas Candy Many together and happy! Rules Must be taken and submit between the date in the post. Screenshots needs to show the date. Screenshots must be taken in LimitRO. You need to make a original screenshots without any photoshops. Don't forget your ingame name in your post. GM Team can choose less than 3 winners if there are less than 3 submitters. Note: Not following these, will be automaticlly be disqualified without warnings. Golden Tips When taking screenshot try press F11 Last This is such an easy contest, make it great and hope you win ^^